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  • I met this Cancer guy about a year and a half ago on a dating website. He came on there saying that he only wanted to be 'friends'. Me being naive in the dating world thought nothing of it when he asked me to be his friend. Things got weird when he st
  • This is my chart: Gemini sun Cancer ascendant Taurus moon Taurus mercury Cancer Venus Leo mars Cancer jupiter Hers is Cancer sun Scorpio ascendant Taurus moon Cancer mercury Gemini venus Virgo mars Things are acutually clear between us.
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  • As a cancer do you ever feel like you're attracted to broken people? People with so much damage you just want to help them and fix them?
  • I honestly believe the film "Beetlejuice" was made exclusively for you, since the character randomly and weirdly vanishes and reappears in the lives of others. If I say, "Cancer, Cancer, Cancer," will you appear in my living room with a sharp knife?
  • I feel like women don't like me .all my life its been this way.ever since I was in high school it was like this. I feel utterly useless and alone.if I could fade away I would because life just isn't for me anymore. And that's not an over exaggeration. I d
  • And i met him today... Cancer Sun 12th House born july 20 Aries Moon 9th House Mercury Leo 1st House Venus Leo 1st House Mars Scorpio 4th House Leo Rising Sag Sun 5th Scorp Moon 5th Scorp Mercury 5th Venus Cap 7th Mars Virgo 4th Cance
  • He's definitely a cancer.
  • I've come up with: Sassycrabby Ladysoulsista Divacanleo Eatmevirgobytch Seattlesuxqueen Let's vote her a new user name!!
  • I met this cancer sun, moon in scorpio guy. He's freaking me out. He seems very attached to me. And when I don't give him enough attention - according to him- or hurt his feelings slightly by no answering his messages at the very instant he sends one to
  • So I need help with a cancer man because I haven't known him long but I found him attractive while I was dating my last boyfriend. After we broke up I told him I liked him. We texted but he made it seem like he didn't want to talk to me but in person he w
  • You can come throw eggs at me and my people here.
  • A little pricey but it's so cool:
  • cancer sun and cancer venus male. I.e: use other girls to trigger jealousy in a girl he likes? -possibly from fear of rejection etc im a pisces sun and venus aries, and have done this a thousand times
  • Hello, I am here for an advise. I am a 26 year old Taurus lady who met a wonderful down to earth 28 year old Cancer sign man at work. We became good friends in the start and he was seeing someone at that time. But she broke his heart around January th
  • Ive known a cancer for a few years now and he has problem with marijuana. He works full time but almost any time off he tries to spend getting high, or around people who are high. He does this in phases though, some months he doesn't do it to often, then
  • Sun in Cancer Moon in Virgo Mercury in Cancer Venus&Mars in Gemini Pls describe . Thank you
  • Seems like cancers are all different but there are definitely some generalities among cancers with similar moons. I definitely see moons signs coming through with cancers more so than other signs, does anyone else notice this?
  • Hello. I just want to share what I have observed being and sharing with other Cancers. The biggest thing that leads to a Cancer's fulfillment of life, is their expression. How they express themselves. Some cancers are vocally expressive, some are phys
  • Just spent almost all weekend with him but I wanna see him tomorrow again, he did mention I could come over after he's back from work but he said that before we spent the next 2-3ish days together and I don't know if we were high when he said it. Do you r
  • Cancers or anyone with the sun sign in the 4th house would do. Do you get a kick at taking care of someone when they are sick or physically hurt? Like if a loved one such as a husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, mother, father or kids get sick or in