Crab men why do you make women jealous

Why do you try to make other's jealous when you know
you can't handle the other's making u jealous?
"I'm the most emotional Aquarian you will ever meet. Take a look: Sun
EXCELLENT question. I think Cancer men like to stir the pot, instigate, and sit back and watch 2 women 'fight' over them...and then chase after a completely different woman, one that doesn't fall for that.
Melody, very well put. This dude at my gym, i know he's very attracted to me.
I like him too but i rarely show him any attention. (Atleast not directly).
He would come by where iam working out and DELIBERATELY stare at other women
when he knows iam watching. If he catches me even glancing other other hot dudes,
its like his world is falling apart. There's been a few times he tries to flirt with
other's infront of me but he rarely gets any reaction. Is he just trying to get
some kinda of emotion from me?
"I'm the most emotional Aquarian you will ever meet. Take a look: Sun
Could be....I don't know; maybe mr.cappy will answer and enlighten us all...
Inquiring minds want to know!
32 years old from Belgium, soon to be Flanders :)
"Rising sign: libra Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer)
I do the exact same thing with men.. It means he likes you (very much!!!!)
"I'm the most emotional Aquarian you will ever meet. Take a look: Sun
cancimini - i'm a bit confused ... "it means he likes you (very much!!!!)"
it me he likes who, the one(s)he's making jealous?
32 years old from Belgium, soon to be Flanders :)
"Rising sign: libra Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer)
Well it means he likes the one he's making jealous of course!

I tend to flirt with boys while the object of my interest is watching me. Cancers have egos and they might be afraid to make first contact. It can be a way for him to show he's capable of "handling", "pleasing" women combined with the fact that he's trying to find out what your feelings are towards him. As a cancergirl I can say that it's a trick to "pressure" the guy to take action, because he could be losing me to someone else (although that certainly isn't the case).. I think cancerboys aren't very different. He might be "scanning" your every moodswing in order to find out if you are interested. On the other hand.. when someone is making US jealous we get afraid and moody and insecure (I admit it!)
Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
*** cappys reading the replies to the original question ***

Oh brother ... cancers ... total opposites.
"I'm the most emotional Aquarian you will ever meet. Take a look: Sun
cancimini, you just gave me a world of insight into someone -- actually more than one person....thank you thank you!
32 years old from Belgium, soon to be Flanders :)
"Rising sign: libra Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer)
you're welcome, melody!!
37 years old female
"Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 23 to Novemb
I say aim the gun at the boy instead of the other girl...end of problems and hippocrits!

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