Cancer man issues, from hot sex and dating to friends???

By Indigo1974November 12, 2021 3:29am — 27 replies
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hi everyone totally new story here hooray its a bit long i met a cancer guy 3yrs ago at his workplace a cafe i go to regularly nothing happened except gazing at each other smiling and chit-chat about how our day is going and eventually on to
Damn, I’m here again.
pisces guy here 35 and had been with cancer female 28 for 5 years last month we lived together with roommates for 2 years then in our own apartment the last year and a half the last two weeks i had to work out of state but was to come home both frid
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hey guys looking at my music library on youtube i noticed half of my music collection are dark depressing classical and vintage it just reeks darkness but i cant help but love it it comforts me i am sure other cancerians share this quality pl
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i ve been dating a cancer man for a few weeks now and i think it s going well the first week was incredibly intense chemistry off the charts strong emotional connection incredible sex nonstop texting sexting all day every day just for reference we
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my boyfriend cancer has been showing me a lot of passive aggression lately and also tried to make me jealous a few times which i did not fall for now when i said he was being mean to me he started showering me with affection and love also asking
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hello i have my sun in aries and moon in cancer last week i met this cancer guy through mutual friends and from the moment we met we just clicked it was instant chemistry and i don t get that a lot we talked and joked all night he asked a lot of
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hello i am an aries sun and cancer moon so i met this cancer guy last week through mutual friends and from the moment we met we clicked he started talking with me and only me the entire night asked me a lot of questions some personal we were jokin
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hello everyone ive heard a lot about the cancer men testing the women theyre interested in ive seen many interesting posts here as well ive read stories about it in other websites i even read a woman talking about her husband and how he put her t
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so i met my cancer man online not dating apps almost 4 weeks ago and we are living in different countries he just told me that he wanted a relationship with me after 3 weeks of texting and one phone call briefly hes checking on me because i was sad
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ok guys so straight up - ive been fwb with a cancer man for some time now after my breakup that happened at the beginning of the year with a leo man at first - i was not invested at all im a scorp woman told him i didnt want a relationship but fwb