Cancer man's text confused.

So I met a cancer guy through a friend and we hit it off. He told my friend that he was really interested in me and he k

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uh yeah..... you're showing him that you're not that interested... like you could take it or leave it. Which as a libra you probably could and if you don't want to crush his ego [and his shell] you should probably just let this one go..... You already said at first you didn't like him then you did... that's too sketchy for a crab.

I don't think I will ever understand the women that come here and say they've rejected a crab and now they want him back but he's not biting...and they can't understand why.... of course I just plain don't understand why people go back and forth like that anyway.... you don't not like someone and then you suddenly do - they're the same person they were when you met them - so if you didn't like him then and you do now, it's just a chase thing......don't damage him by playing that game....

I know you're going to deny that's what you're doing, and that's fine... you'll say all the same things everyone else who does this says.... but if you're being honest with yourself you really are just after what you don't have.
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angelfish he did it again good job OPRAH! thats true libra that how i would have token it
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" " see the same story here over and over.... and a great deal of it from the same star signs [go ahead and tell me sign has nothing to do with it.....] women come here telling the same story of how they rejected a cancer man, and then when he lost interest in pursuing they changed their minds and suddenly [miraculously] realized he is the man of their dreams... awww... but now he's not interested, and they find themselves desperate to be the crab.....
And all the while those of us who truly appreciate these sensitive creatures pay the price for the damage these women do [There is a certain libra whose neck I would be most happy to wring at the moment.....]
I have to wonder why these women are wired this way?? it just seems cruel that they always want the poor shy crab and then end up hurting them over and over.... Why not look for someone more compatible and leave the poor things in their shells for someone more sensitive to come along and join them? [we bulls are MOST happy to stay put inside those shells along with the crabs - no need to go out and see what the rest of the world is up to when everything that matters is right inside that shell with us!]
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damn..angelfish u need to write a book and wats ur zodiac sign????
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I am a taurus - the problem with me writing a book is that exactly the people who should be reading it would be the same ones who don't want to listen because they want things to go the way they want them to.

When someone wants something, particularly forceful air and fire signs, they just aren't willing to listen when someone tells them they can't/shouldn't have it. I've certainly been guilty of it myself - but never in the contect of hurting someone else to get what I want. I've only ever hurt myself going after something that wasn't right for me.
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just tell him...listen I really like you lets get together tonight.....we like to the point.....
angelfish, I completely agree with what you're saying. I will add that when I had started to like him he was still flirting with me/showing interest. It wasn't that he lost interest and then I started liking him, it was just that he grew on me. I've never had interest in a guy when first meeting him. It has always taken awhile before I started to "like" him. However, I probably should have told him that when he mentioned that he was confused by it .
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you are again showing your nature.... he may still have been flirting, but I'd be willing to bet [and a bull NEVER bets] that his interest was waning at the time [of course I wouldn't take you word for it - so let's not throw any money down....]and I'm sure that's EXACTLY when you start to take an interest in someone - when you see, not necessarily that the intereest is comepletely gone, but once it's not as overt, when they start to give up. You have a very obvious "chaser" personality.... you NEVER like someone when you first meet them? Like I said..... they are the same people they were when you met.... but it wasn't until they starrted cutting their losses that you were in the game.
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and keep in mind there is a difference between flirting and pursuing... we flirt with people we like, even the ones who aren't interested; hey, it gives us something to do. If he likes you he'll flirt to enjoy the attention from someone he's interested in, but that doesn't mean he'll go after anything more - and that is the distinction that YOU see when you kick into chase mode - he's flirting, but not PURSUING.
l find u harsh sometimes , but your Bang on girl !!, and yes Libra! No good forget it , they like the flirt the chase, but come onto them, and they shut you out , too hurtful to Cancer , no one knows our pain , maybe only Taurus and Scorpio, thats why they know how to hurt us if we need a lesson in behaviour from time to time ,and we know that too. it put us in our place ,but LIBRA NO WAY! to superfical ,Head over Heart. never very good l know a Libra who walked away from a Taurus friend of mine who was totally mad about him he could do no wrong ,even thou we could see he was to cold for her. as soon as he got her pregnant , without a word walked away in June 08 and not as much as a text or Email , hes last words l want to do so much and and l never thought u to be the mother of my childern, l am still helping her now after the termination.
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I can be harsh - but only when the situation calls for it......
"I am truly a Cuspain birthday is 7/23/1975 but I was born in Taipe
Seriously, stop playing games with us poor shy crabs. We really don't appreciate it. We hate deception, we hate people pushing our buttons and we lose interest quickly when we think someone's pulling our strings.

xangelfishx hit it on the mark with her posts. they were 100% correct. i, myself, am a cancer male and i absolutely HATE it when people try to do this push-pull thing with me. if they like me, show me. if they don't, that's fine too. we can still be friends.

i never try to change people -- one great thing about us Cancer men is that we'll let you be who you are. BUT...we want to see the REAL you and once we've seen the REAL you...we'll decide for ourselves if you're right for us. the mature Cancers are looking for real connections with people who will not toy with our feelings or play immature games with us. we're just looking for someone who'll respect us, be sensitive with our feelings and let us feel emotionally safe with.

if you think you can provide that to a crab, i think you have a good shot at getting him.


35 years old female
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well *I* hate having to deal with the mess these chicks leave behind....

cancers are sensitive enough as it is - when chicks come along and play with their hearts and hurt them [because these women think it's all in fun...all part of the game of love] then women like me have to deal with all the insecurity and fear and runnning away.....

Have a heart - play with someone less emotionally fragile....
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