Cancer men testing - how worthy is it to pass the test?

By queenmyAugust 9, 2021 6:31pm — 41 replies
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so i met my cancer man online not dating apps almost 4 weeks ago and we are living in different countries he just told me that he wanted a relationship with me after 3 weeks of texting and one phone call briefly hes checking on me because i was sad
Wishing HBD to cancer man
will my cancer ex appreciate a happy birthday phone call and how would he see it we havent spoken for a couple of months and i want him back will wishing him that give him warm feeling towards me
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how come a cancer man will miss somebody so much and still not want to do anything about it is it his ego and pride passive aggressiveness and will he ever give in and text that girl and ask for another chance
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i met this cancer sun cancer mercury cancer venus man on tinder in december 2019 while in college and as the title implies we ve been fuck buddies since then we were never really friends and the only times we would get together was to have sex we hav
Cancer man testing me
so theres this cancer man we had a one night stand 4 years ago but we been in the same social circle about 10years so we knew of each other so after that situation he was cordial but didnt pursue me do we stopped talking but he still watches me so ba
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i will try to make this short i had been dating a cancer man now for about 3 months he lives out a ways and i have 50 50 custody of my son so i would only see him every other weekend he said how much he liked how we had a connection and laughed togeth
I know this is the million dollar question, Why do Cancer men ghost you?
i have just got out of a 5 year relationship and started hanging out with this cancer man i am an aries first of all the last thing that i wanted was to get involved with anyone as my previous relationship was unhealthy but i could not resist this
Chase or not chase a cancer man
so i read this on an article what do you guys think about it true false chase him if he shows interest you ve got to know how to make a cancer man want you back if he initiates flirtation or shows that he is interested in more than a friendship
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what are some obvious signs a cancer man is not in love with you anymore can a cancer man be honest about them loosing interest will a cancer man cheat before breaking up with you
The thing with cancer men..... they are simple
i was once under the cancer spell the pull forward and backward in my experience of being with one for about 6 years they aren t as mindplaying as you think the are so simple in that when they want you they want you you don t have to guess or p