cancerian man's pov

Would love to hear the cancerian man's pov. Do cancerian men make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly

Would love to hear the cancerian man's pov.

Do cancerian men make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved. Are they secretive and liers when it comes to their ex girl friends? Does it take them many years before he becomes serious and settle down.Does a cancerian man carry a torch for many years even after his ex have separated and will he at any point be willing to jeopradize his current relationship? Does he take commitment seriously ?

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I think I put silent expectations on my g/f's which gets me into trouble. When I'm in a relationship with someone that I really care about, I give it 150 percent and I expect it back. However, I shouldn't and thats where the silent expectation come in. I don't need the reassurance of constantly being loved, but its nice to hear it sometimes. I never talk about my exes unless the person asks me about past relationships. There is no reason to lye about past relationships, you'll only get into trouble. I don't know about the other guys, but if I'm in love with someone, especially an ex (still am), I won't jump into another relationship. Its not fair to other person. I'll just wait till I'm over it or get through it. Again, If I'm truly in love with someone, then I'm committed to them. I'm very loyal and passionate. If I'm not in love with someone then I'll tell them and there is no reason to continue the relationship. I've never had a problem committing to someone if I'm in love with the person and I do take it seriously. Sorry If I'm all over the place, still a little to early....
That was a quick one,Thanks Dieselcancer, you've given me a tremendous insight with your povI appreciate it!
I 've seen a close friend of mine who is dating cancerian man go through emotional roller coaster,which has finally ended in a deadlock and now since past few months both of them are in touch through Silent online communication with emoticons .I just want to know if and when a cancerian makes up his mind,does he stick with what he does, seeing it through to the end or just back out.. Do they make false promises ? Do they mislead their women in matters of Love without being honest and resort to manipulation when the going gets tough & will they ever come out open with their fears and insecurities.

will they ever let go or comeout with a solution to resolve the matter.
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I don't know if this is my accurate birth chart info I didn't use my birth time
I've been involved with two cancer men in my life. I was involved with 3 but one is more a friend then anything. The first one I got involved with I met through my cousin and we were friends for about a year. At the time I had boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. We both ended up breaking up with the people we were with and we got sexually involved. A month later he told me him and his girlfriend were back together and asked me if I cared. I honestly didn't care at the time. I was tired of being hurt and figured that I would take the relationship for what it was. We stayed involved for a long time but, we saw a lot of eachother. We hung out all the time with his friends and my friends. We spent weekends together. His girlfriend was never around because she went to school about 20 minutes away and seemed to never have time for him. At a point I started dating other people because our relationship was a dead end. It also helped me to keep my feelings in check. My problem was that I was so open and honest with him about everything in our relationship. He knew when I dated other people. He was very jealous and would get mad at me when I couldn't make plans with him because I already had previous plans with someone else. One day when I went a way for a week with my bestfriend he called me and told me that he loved me and that he wanted it to be just me and him and wanted us to be in a relationship. I didn't take him seriously but he kept pushing the issue and I eventually started to believe him by the things he would do to show me. As soon as I let my feelings go and let myself love him he started playing games. It was like he didn't know what he wanted. I believe he loved me but, he loved her to. They were together for years so how could he not love her. We went back and forth so much that I wounded up being the one to really get hurt in the end. I never did anything to hurt him. I moved away and we stayed in contact for a long time off and on. I even went to him when my last relationship was in shambles just for someone to talk to and we talked about our relationship. He said he didn't know what he wanted so he chose to have his cake and eat it to. He regrets everything we went through, loves me and wishes he had me now. He keeps askin me to be his girl till this day. If I ever need anything he's right there. I can say out of all the bad things we went through came a really good friendship in the end.
39 years old female from Boston, MA
I don't know if this is my accurate birth chart info I didn't use my birth time
You all know what happend in my second relationship if you've read my post.

So on this topic I just think it depends. I mean it seems that they do lie and they do cheat but, sometimes their feeling are genuine but, they are self centered. It's all about what they want and they sacrifice other peoples feelings for their own gratification. My other cancer friend is married and he's very commited to his wife. She cheated on him twice before they were married. He is a really good guy. I've known him for 6 years or more. He's so commited to this woman that after they were married she decided she wanted to be with other woman and he allows her to freely have relationships with other woman. Of course she brings the fun in the bed with them sometimes but, he says he doesn't think he can spend his whole life like that that it's going to get old so he'll just let her have her own fun with other woman. It's weird but, that's what people do when they want something to work.

In my last relationship I don't think the man loved me at all he tried to show me he loved me with material things. I feel if he loved me and valued our relationship he wouldn't have been trying to sleep with my friend and so on. Everything is what I did to him. Self Centered!! If I hadn't had previous relationships with other cancer men then I would have nothing but bad things to say about them. I don't know why but, the only men I've ever loved in my life are Cancer men... hmmmmm!!!!
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sunny, all of the questions that you are asking are possible in any cancer, but rarely will he have 100% of those attributes...and the degree to which he has any of them will vary widely from person to person. Got anything more...specific?
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DieselCancer sounds much like me...
male from Los Angeles, CA

usual when a cancer is not straight forward he does not feel he is with "the one" he may be very minded and/or capricious and cover it up with untruths.....if a cancer is playing games with you leave him alone---not just because of the games--but because he j ust isn't that into you.

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