signs of cancer man in love

Yes its possible. Im a Scorpio woman and I have feelings for the close Cancer male friend in my life.

Im usually very good at getting through to people but Cancer men are a whole different story. These are very smart, tactical men. They KNOW what theyre doing. So clever.

They take the indirect approach to everything. Like crabs - walk sideways.

He may be pushing you away due to a number of reasons;

Maybe youre probing too much. Cancer men dont like too much too soon. It takes TIME and PATIENCE with this man.

He may have been hurtin the past so doesnt want to get close to anyone (just yet).

Does he initiate contact with you first?

I need more details.

34 years old female
how does a cancer man act when in love? what are some signs he's falling for you? i take it he's not going to be open about it? or would they venture it if they were truly in love? how do you get them to initiate any sign of deep emotion without outright just pouring your emotions out? ok, show them you are understanding, that you listen to them, try to make them feel safe, what else? what if you can't break down the barrier, what if you feel that he is pushing you away? i am at a standstill with a cancer man and ANY advice on how to proceed would be helpful. i'm a defensive scorp who has been hurt before by him so pouring all of my feelings out would be a last resort, although i'm considering it but i would be more willing to do so if i could assume that he feels the same. i need clues. blunt and honest. i'm ready to give up and assume he doesn't care, but something tells me i need to get to the bottomw of this, the core of it, i need him to be completely honest before i can let it go. is this possible?
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