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The Cancer made me a scrap book as a gift and I’m extremely impressed
i originally wanted to post this in the art forum but i changed my mind she literally hit me full on in the feels with this book she made for me and i wanted to share it with you all it s made with stock photos and our head cutouts and as well as her q
what u doin
Should I reach back out? Or let him come to me?
hey guys i need your advice i m a gemini women 29 and my cancer man is 32 we met online and live in different states my cancer man just starting ignoring me about a week ago we ve been talking for about 4 months long distance so we haven t met each
Should I give Cancer woman space after breakup? And how can I get her back.
cancer woman broke up with me scorpio man after we had many disagreements amp arguments in our somewhat brief few weeks but very intimate amp intense relationship normally when wed argue and she was mad upset shed act very cold and ghost me
Please help!! Told cancer friend I love him
so ive known this cancer man for about 4 years he lives out of town and comes in multiple times a year we had become friends but the past 2 years he has tried hitting on me multiple times both times he had a girlfriend but he was persistent with me i
i had been dating my cancer man since august of 2018 typical shit an aquarius cancer combo would go through but we had an amazing relationship he is my best friend however everything i ve read about cancer men is true very emotional whiny sneak
I always go through breakups in september :(
anyone else have a month its been a magical ride but like fuck what is it about this month well not just breakups are the pattern september is a very hard month for me with bad memories in general and i am always so depressed beyond seasonal depress
Cancer ex
would a cancer woman go back to their ex or have they moved on permanently and are they really all about feelings like getting back together because she feels its the best thing to do
He didn't last very long - Literally
so i have been on 5 dates with this cancer guy not going to lie at first he gave me the cute vibes and all i wanted was his attention and i felt like all of our dates we had so much fun until now on friday last week he went out with his friends and go
Cancer man behaviour...HELP!
hi guys i was seeing a cancer guy for a few months things were great but he d push me away and then pull me back in which made me insecure about things he was planning a weekend away and talking about the future but i said i was afraid he d leave again