Capricorn moon man

By ariesun666November 15, 2019 4:59am — 2 replies
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what does capricorn moons dislike??
hii so i want to know what capricorns moon dislike hate or just scares them away ive looked around but i havent found a thing about it - and im new here sorry if this has been answered couldnt find anything about in here
Capricorn moon
how do you act with a crush in love how would you express it etc
Capricorn moon almost broke my heart!
it was this customer from work id see maybe once a month for a year he was a pretty looking guy sorta goth and he always had a snobby disinterested expression i dont think i ever saw him smile two weeks ago i ran into him at a bar and i stared back
Best match for Capricorn moon?
what other moon sign is the best fit
Great video for my fellow Cap mooners!!!
https www youtube com watch v x0wvpmab3zc
Is there a remedy for the Capricorn moon?
first of all i might be a special case in this but this placement is the only thing that fucks my whole chart up ever since i remember most of my time is filled with depression darkness and empty heart its something i would cry about but i cant
Cap moon burn out
cap moon friends do you get burned out on always being there do you get tired of the people you spoil and take care of not appreciating you or failing to show their appreciation do you get annoyed that the people who care about you give others attenti
wild cap moon
so a month and a half ago i broke up with my sagittarius sun capricorn moon scorpio venus boyfriend at the time we broke up because he moved to virginia and i live in california and i told him long distance just want going to work for me so before h