Are Capricorn men affectionate?

I am asking because I notice that it???s not everyday my cappy man is affectionate. Like this weekend, on Friday, he wa
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
I am asking because I notice that it??s not everyday my cappy man is affectionate.
Like this weekend, on Friday, he was kissing me alot and touching etc, yet this Saturday night and Sunday, no kissing. Just light touches.
And if no one is around (not even my daughter) Lol, I just won??t go there. (No sex yet. And we did actually talk about it. He wants to, but says it??s been 4 yrs since so he needs a little time, so I??m patient, but anxious.)

When we are asleep it??s a diff story. He is such a friggin cuddler! And oh man do I love it. He wraps both of his arms around me, and I fall asleep like a baby. Not to mention he is naturally hot-blooded.

But then I noticed another thing . . He doesn??t do PDA too often lol.
He??s not into holding hands much, or the whole kissy we??re in love PDA action.
Like, when we were in the store, but he actually did kiss me, but it was quick lol. Other times than that, no kissing, just leaning on me or a one-arm hug around me.

Just wanted to gush . .He can be so perfect in one instance, then makes me wanna pull my hair out in the next.

But then I noticed another thing . . He doesn??t do PDA too often lol.

They're controlled by the strictest, harshest planet in the Solar Sytem, Saturn :- the cold planet of discipline, self-restrain & no affection

Just wanted to gush . .He can be so perfect in one instance, then makes me wanna pull my hair out in the next.

Folks forget that Caps are actually dual-natured--- Mer-Goats (half-fish, half-goat, ie, half-Earth (all solid & stable) half-Water (emotional, passionate, loving). Hence your man's different temperaments. But be truthful: isn't it his unpredictability that keeps you hooked? Wouldn't you be bored with a man who was all soft & constantly gushing & dripping with romance (like some Libras ). It might seem great at first but the novelty gets old soon & then you get bored.

"i contain multitudes: Ascendant in Aries With this position you are like
To answer your question: yes and no.
It's been 4 years and he needs more time? Interesting. My Cap guy pounced on me as soon as he realized I was ready and willing.

28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
Lol CapTaur, i wish i could say the same!
He seems very controlled and cautious.
im ready to blow!
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
4 years since "the deed"

he does all the other stuff
just not the 'ACTUAL' stuff
I wonder why he's so cautious ... It's really none of my business, so don't feel as if you have to respond to my curiosity, but I'm wondering why he's holding back ...

To answer your initial question: My Cap guy is affectionate when it's just the two of us in private. In public his affection is expressed by introducing me to his friends or just by being seen with me (I'm with her in public = I'm proud to be with her in public = the best compliment I could give her without having to express it). Behind closed doors he's okay with being close and being affectionate (touching, snuggling). And when it comes to gettin' down ... well. Damn.
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
Hmm . . I don't know the real reason as to why . . but I do know with each passing day that we spend together, he's becoming a bit more open about it and displaying that he is open about it.

That's the same thing with my cappy man. In private, he's fine with me kissing on him and snuggling him and holding on to him but in public, not so much the same thing. I guess it's the same. Being seen with me would merit a PDA move, and that's a big one for him.

I think i am falling in love with him . .oh boy . .
Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
Hi Shaiessence, I remember you
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.

Wow . . I still have your last message in my inbox too!

It's been quite a while . . How have you been? How is everything with you?
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
PDA = Public Display of Affection
28 years old from Dallas, Texas.
He said the sexiest thing last night

"Come get me, I need your touch"

Hmm hmm hmm. Sorry. just gushing.
Scorpio_chic: That's awesome. How long have you been together with you cap guy?
Wow -- scorpio_chic it sounds like we're dating the same man! I get teased by my guy when I'm "soft" and when we spend the night, he holds me so close. We also tangle our legs ... his toes search for mine under the covers. The only difference in our situation is that that we haven't exchanged spoken "I love you"'s just yet even though we've known each other for a year and have been dating for close to 6 mths. We've shown our love, but we haven't said it. I'm waiting for him to make that move.

I'm in an interesting place with my cap guy right now -- because of his crazy schedule, we haven't hung out together in close to two months. TWO months. We only live twenty minutes apart, so physical distance is not an issue.

Granted, this time apart is not easy for me, but I'm still in it because he means the world to me. We talk and exchange sweet text messages here and there, but we haven't spent time together ... it's weird. I miss him like crazy, but keep myself busy. He'll come to me when he's ready. I just hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

Patience ...

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