Capricorn Men?

What about a cap who achieves his goals early in life...what are they like once they're older?

Very attentive, emotionally available, POSSESSIVE, controlling, a very passionate, passionate lover and the overall PERFECT mate as long as he isn't tired. He will be a homebody and pretty stable.
How to keep it burning? By being interest in YOU and your life. That is practically the ONLY way you are going to keep the relationship burning. You are going to have to have other outside activities that YOU like to enjoy and alot of times they will be by yourself. Cap men are very home, house oriented so if you like to go out then be prepared to go out on your own. HE will make plans to do initimate, romantic things at times with you though but let it be his idea.

What should I do about this situation? Live your life and just don't worry about spending ALL your time with him. Cap men are very self suffient and he will more than likely appreciate you more and do more with and for you when he is financially stable. Work basically comes first for him and your activities should basically come first for you. Cap men are very slow moving as far as relationships. Let him move everything forward and don't try to do too many things in the process to try and speed him up.

I really don't think it is just a Cap man thing but Cap women ALL are very cautious and they are not going to just "give" you their hearts unless they are VERY for sure you are the special person for them. You are not going to get alot of affection from him right away either. Just don't let him run completely over you.

all time I was trying to figure out what is wrong that we aint in a relationship and I finally came with a problem that I'm facing and that needs to be solved.

Well you two aren't in a relationship and again AS I STATED before in one of my previous post UNLESS the man has said too you, hey, you are the one for ME, I want you and only you, I see no other woman being in my life etc. Then SAVE your energy and don't lay nothing out on the table. That is a bad move.

Yes, I agree with TIKKI about being the heart of the relationship WHEN AND ONLY WHEN a relationship has been established and HE says that he wants one with you. You can express your feelings but don't give up your heart. I wouldn't keep locked feelings inside. Express those feelings but I wouldn't tell him I want more from him.

I dont wanna come out with too strong emotions, but how to sparkle it up? Talk in feelings. I feel like this, I feel like that, this makes me feel like this or I feel like that. However, I don't care with ANY ONE says don't give over your emotions to ANY man who has not clearly stated that you are the one and only one he wants to spend his time and his life with. I wouldn't go by ANY words it will all have to be demonstated with actions. Cap men are very ACTION packed men with the woman they want to spend time with. If he is ready and into you, you will not have to worry about anything because he is going to pursue and push everything forward in the relationship. He will show you will his actions.

Should I call him sometimes? UM, try to picture this, I am a Leo myself and I have been with a Cap man for in a few months it will be twelve years. If someone was calling you, doing this for you, overcompensating themselves for YOU and you didn't do ANYTHING you would lose your attraction for the other person. Let the man make the moves. Call him BACK if he calls you or answer your phone if he calls you but men like to initiate most things. You are not a man, you are a woman and I don't care what any woman says about times are different now, men are different. The cold hard facts are if a man is not putting in work for YOU, then he is not going to feel that you are a valuable possession for him to have. Period.

Ask about his family? If he really likes you introduce you to his family just don't float on cloud nine until he is arranging marriage plans.

Ask about particular things to show him im concerned? You will show him you are concerned about YOU when he is not the center of your universe and he is aware that he is not the center of your universe. Cap men are pretty strong men and personally he doesn't want you to be wrapped up into him and his every thought or every move. You want him to walk around saying to you (and he will) that I love you, I can never see myself with another woman, you are my heart my soul, I cannot live with out you. He will do ANY and EVERY thing you wish and desire as long as he is in his right frame of mind. LOL!

Because I feel talking about a relationship is too early......Let him talk about the relationship to you. If you are not in a relationship with him, then I wouldn't talk about anything or lay nothing out on the table. I would just let him know how I feel in the moment.

"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
Oh just broke that completely it!!! d:

If you can't even get a conversation going for more than ten minutes with this guy, seems like you don't have much going. "He's not a phone person," you might say but if a guy's interested, he'll keep the conversation going.

I would go with Tiki's and Krobe's advice. I think that a lot women tend to make excuses for their guy under the guise that "cap males are different."
"i contain multitudes: Ascendant in Aries With this position you are like
"You want him to walk around saying to you (and he will) that I love you, I can never see myself with another woman, you are my heart my soul, I cannot live with out you."

what? this is preposterous and very idealistic. two things capricorns resent. at least this one. (but we may be thinking it)
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
patience is your friend, slow and steady will win the race, if a man isn't professing in some way verbally that you are his MS.IT for him then he's not telling you ANYTHING and in no way is it beneficial to a woman to ASSUME he's her man.

Men even a Cap man can confess his need to have you in his life, they are very capable of expressing a NEED/DESIRE to have you in his life if he feels it and wants it like the air he breathes.

Don't assume CHEMISTRY means relationship or even the chemistry will MAKE a man want a relationship, I hear many women bet on chemistry as if its going to solidify her place in his life but to a man it is what it is, don't assume because he's physical ie having sex with you, flirting with you, spending quality time with you, emailing you, texting you etc that this is a relationship, thats why its important for him to respect you enough to discuss which direction he wants to go with you relationship wise, it has to be something he SAYS to you that makes it clear its okay for you to feel safe with him as a boyfriend, many women get hurt over this b/c they feel that the attention a man gives them equates to a relationship, if you aren't BONDING with him on an emotional level then you are not going to be seen as a potential longterm girlfriend, the more you can bond with his heart he will feel as if he cannot live without you, if he can call you and disappear, if he's just small talking and not ever pushing forward for a strong union then he's wasting your time, as long as a man doesn't have to FEEL for any one woman he can date MULTIPLE women at a time, if you can't get to his core then you are just another girl that he likes to hang around, the JUST FOR NOW GIRL until the ONE shows up, you can feel a guy and he may even be feeling you but this doesn't mean he has the emotional capacity to give you a great relationship experience.

I'm not trying to discourage women but there are certain emotional tones you have to set up with a man so he can feel bonded to you quickly or its like an uphill battle, you will always be wondering and guessing about his intentions and interactions with you, if you go into it FIRST off establishing an emotional connection the odds are better that he will see you as an important person in his life that will enhance his life.
"You want him to walk around saying to you (and he will) that I love you, I can never see myself with another woman, you are my heart my soul, I cannot live with out you."

what? this is preposterous and very idealistic. two things capricorns resent. at least this one. (but we may be thinking it)

Well you must have not found the right partner to express your emotions to in that manner because I hear these words from my CAP man very, very often and he backs up ALL his words with consistent actions......So, I must have broken through his thinking cap huh?
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Rocking, I could be wrong but I think that he is testing you because he is interested in you. You don't have to spill your guts but it's okay to be nice to him, smile when he comes around, let him know when he makes you happy....that you enjoy his company. Open up a little bit or he may think that you're okay with just being physical...As far as conversation, talk to him about what's going on in your day, be yourself...let him make you laugh, I think that he keeps coming around for a reason and he is trying to get you to open up too...just my opinion.
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
Rocking why don't you INVITE him to open up to you verbally such as if he ask a question that seems to be geared towards a potential relationship, thats your que to be genuine, to be open and most importantly ask questions without pressure being put on it, since joking is your way of communicating then use that to your advantage and ask him a question in regards to his interest in you or what kind of woman he wants as a girlfriend, challenge him in a fun exciting way and just make sure the tone is fun and interesting and not probing.

No don't be sarcastic at his expense, Cap men are sensitive inside, its like your stomping on your own foot, he's obviously making a point to let you get close but instead of you using that opportunity to get close intimately you get immature and sarcastic, he's obviously wanting more emotional connection with you but you get scared and put off by his gestures (this is what most women want!!!).

Your sort of in your own way, your fear is unattractive thus he retreats, so be confident in yourself and he will want to be closer to you, just be open about what you want, he obviously wants to know or he WOULD NOT ask. The very fact that he's moving in on you is your que to balance that out.

I'm not saying get over excited about his interest in you but take it one step at a time and use that to your advantage. Your doing ok, just be more mindful of your approach with him and you may get more than you ever wanted to have.
Need Help,

I'm new of course so forgive me if I didn't post in right place. OK, I'll jump right in.
I'm a 34 year old scorpio female. Lately I have had at least 3 different capricorn men fiercly pursue me.. and when I say fierce I mean they want to pull me away from the croud, monopolize my time and profess very sincere sounding adorations my way. Very over the top things like "when I look in your eyes I get mesmorized" This has happened more than once with each of these men. The problem lies that when I give them an opportunity to date me they turn cold or even cancel or chicken out all together.
Last night I went out on a date with one cappy who I am very interested in and he went on and on about how I was making his heart beat so fast and his palms sweet. It was true because when I held his hand he was clammy as a schoolboy. After our very short date he sent me 3 txt messages of how wowed and enamored he was with me. As a scorpio, this worked on me and started to tear down my walls!!! When I woke up the next morning I had a sinking feeling in my gut and sure enough, I don't hear from him and when he reaches me it is if he has done a total 180. Everything I read looks like scorpio female and cap men and a great match so I'm very confused and these 3 men coming at me with such intensity and then retreating or even rejecting me. Help help help. I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong, putting off a bad vibe or do I just need to give up on cappy men...
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
Oh girl you scaring the bajeeeezes out of them LOL!!! Capricorn men pride themselves with being in CONTROL of themselves and their environment, your curse is that your able to make him feel a flood of emotions at one time and this makes him RETREAT, he doesn't like to feel OUT OF CONTROL, he's not rejecting you so please don't OWN that complex. Cap men can't live in that loving, lustful emotional place too long, way too draining. I guess you will have to be less available in some way, take it super super slow, feed him YOU in small baby doses, so you can give him time to simmer down and get comfortable with you, don't match his eagerness so it may have to be you that break a few dates, you may have to push away when he's professing his admiration or just avoid that kind of talk all together and another way you can do it is to find a way to kick yourself off that pedestal he put you on (not too much but just a bit so he can relax) by shifting your focus onto him. Stroke his ego but be genuine with it, If he's a great dresser, then give him a bit of praise, show appreciation in some area of his life, such as work. Find that common denominator, work, daning, hobby and shift focus on that so he can feel balanced with you, If he's trying to pull you off into a corner to profess, well you been down that road...don't do it LOL!

Slow down, don't allow him to monopolize your time, don't match his excitement, stay calm and IN CONTROL, if he's texting 3 or more times, just tell him your tired and to get back with you tomorrow, you have to sloooooooow him down and you will snag that Capricorn faster than you think.

baby steps
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
sorry..dancing *typo*
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"Rising Sign is in 17 Degrees Libra Very attractive and popular, your charm he
I wish I had that "curse" lol
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu

Me too

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