Capricorn and Revenge

I quote:
"Capricorn can refrigerate the exterior emotions like no other sign. There will be no communication, no postmortems, no recriminations, no let's-talk'it-through, no teary discplays. But. . .
It may take twenty yeas, it may take thirty years, but paying you back will never be erased from their agenda. They don't believe life is fair and that you will get the comeuppance you so richly deserve. They believe the scales must be balanced. They're not prepared to leave it to karma.
Unlike Scorpio, Capricorns find it unnatural to go around plotting theatrical methods of revenge. It offends their sense of dignity. However, as Capricorns know, the world turns; and if an opportunity to exact revenge should present itself--months,years,or even decades later--then they will quietly do some small invisible thing that turns the life of the Judas from heaven to purgatory..." unquote.
It is almost 100% true in my case . I relate strongly to the above; it is as if the writer has been reading my mind all through these years, when I thought I was being 'discretely' plotting my revenge.
Hey, where did you find that?

Was it a website? I'm very interrested in what else it says. It sounds really good (very accurate=)!
I have many Capricorns in my life and NONE of them are anything like that! If anything, they are the ones that get screwed and would rather just wash their hands and be done with it! My sister is 1/5/58 brother is 12/25/58, you can see my mom was very busy that year!!!!
I don't see it that way. I have always told every other Capricorn I know that we don't need to do anything to hurt someone who has hurt us. If you wait it will happen on it's own. Like the old saying....."What goes around comes around".

Now how the hell is that possible? Your mother had a baby one day, and then had another about 10 days later? That's kind of rare, don't you think?

....oh wait, oh wait, LOL! I see now. My bad!
Humor is great and laughing is very healthy....thanks for the funny

Looks like we have a detective in our midst....
193, here comes the rest . .
Quote. . . " Remember the 1987 office Christmas party when you humiliated your Capricorn girlfriend by racing off with one of the very junior secretaries? Ms. Capricorn just turned to ice and never spoke one word of recrimination. Okay, maybe she's never given you the time of the day since, but she's never attacked you either. This Capricorn woman somehow worked her way to a position above yours. The company is now restructuring -- and you'll never know that it was Ms. Lucreta Capricorn Borgia who dropped a comment in the right ear at the wrong time and got you vocationally redirected to the unemployment lines.
So now you've been warned. Do not betray or humiliate a Capricorn's trust.
To break up with a Capricorn, be honest, be open, don't recriminate, keep your nose clean, and if you haven't done anything cruel or underhanded, they may well remain a reliable friend for the rest of your life." unquote

An Excerpt from "Seduction By the Stars, An Astrological Guide to love, trust, and intimate relationships" By Ren Lexander and Geraldine Rose
Oh, I am like that! I recall an instance where one guy mistreated me so badly (a Pisces-ugh!)that I arranged one come-back on him. Gee, it felt good for the moment getting that upperhand. I apologized later and he sure was mad as heck! But y'know what? I sensed he needed to feel how I felt. (Well, maybe he did or didn't, who knows? We no longer speak of course).
I suppose it has something to do with that 'control' aspect they say we Caps have. We like to have the 'last word' perhaps? I don't know, but I have a Scorp rising so....he-he. Seriously though, we aren't as cruel..we can be cool and aloof, but cruel? Naaah!

That quote was retrieved from a book I also happen to have called "Seduction By The Stars- an astrological guide to love, lust and intimate relationships". (yes, we Caps are forever reading). I bought it on It's great reading I must tell you. It discusses the Lure of the sign, how to Interest that sign and how to Seduce that sign...examples and techniques included. Excellent for bedtime reading!!
LOL..Too funny! 213... You and I happened to be typing at that very moment with the book title. Geez...
Dear 213...How did someone hurt you so bad that you will plot against them?
24, not exactly plotting openly. I would just keep on rewinding the events in my mind and 'wish' the person who hurt me then would get the taste of his own medicine. Some of these people were in my life, as mentioned in the excerpt some 30 years ago. It is just that I 'visualize' how that person could be doing now, and wish he feels AS hurt, now, as I did then, or now, as a result of his 'mistreating' me. I don't usually take actual steps toward hurting them really, but I sure don't wish they are happy and contented especially if I feel that they are/were responsible for my misery at any particular time. One pisces, used me when I didn't think so, until I realized years later , and sent some 'evil' thoughts toward him. Needless, something very bad happened to him, a while later thereafter. I got my 'equal' revenge. And this goes on with almost everyone who hurt me at any time in my past. It work EVERYTIME.
Do you know what I am talking about?
I would usually play fair, having thought the pros and cons, and decided if the person REALLY intended to hurt me when he/she did or it was in fact me....!
I guess enough years would have passed to weigh the 'situation' for sure, lol, taking into consideration how the person may physically look now and thus 'visualize him/her, accordingly, and send a thought.
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