Cap woman

By Dolphin25September 1, 2018 9:25am — 1 replies
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first of all i would like to say ladies i understand your pain capricorn men are a handful and basically i have a perfect story to illustrate that my cap libra moon guy friend is being so annoying so about a month ago we went out to a club togeth
Capricorn Man/ Aries Girl CONFUSION!
i known this cap for over 2 decades 21 years we only been talking on and off for 4 years you know how caps are indecisive and go dissappears alot so finally he says he wants to make us a couple and we started a relationship 10 days ago one day we wa
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i m a gemini woman seeing a capricorn man i already know that our signs are heavily incompatible but we have a lot of the same beliefs and values so i ve been seeing this capricorn for a number of months and everything was going really well the other
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so i have a capricorn friend whom i thought is close enough to me ive known her since college and we were friends since then for over 7 years now after college ofcourse many of us got busy with life but we meet whenever it is possible because both o
It's so hard being a Capricorn.
always being the rock and the steady presence when other signs come to you for support being amazing and unparalleled with our stamina in bed showing decisiveness when others can make decisions getting better with age
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random question of the day do caps after they have loved someone actually ever truly let go of that person all the cappys in my life seem to have some residual feelings left there for exs its like they cant completely walk away from them very cu
Saturn transiting sun.. does it suck balls?
so for many caps saturn is now transiting your sun sign and i couldnt be more scared i experienced the saturn return and was floored by it like a landslid an earthquake everything i didnt see coming so many things changed and i do not like c
Capricorn Man: How to decipher their actions/feelings?
i need the capricorn aficionados to break it down for me ive been seeing a capricorn man for almost a year now he doesnt text me often usually its so that i can come over we see each other about 1-2 times a week he has been plenty hurt in the pa
He texted me.
what to do when he texts you after disappearing for 1 month to make him stay pls guys suggest me pls pls pls pls