How to Tell when it's Over with a Capricorn Man

Once again, from Astrotwins' Love Zodiac. A relationship with a Capricorn I like a chapter in an epic novel. Even if
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Once again, from Astrotwins' Love Zodiac.

A relationship with a Capricorn I like a chapter in an epic novel. Even if he leaves, he could return a year later to pen the sequel. To Capricorn everything in life is a deal, including your relationship.

Here a few of his deal breakers:

Are you lively, outgoing, even a little messed up? He can handle it. Do you hyperventilate, hurl accusations, and interfere with his productivity? Not worth the hassle. Adios, diva!

If anyone's going to be the "boring one" in the relationship, it will be him. Fail to keep him entertained, and he'll find a new showgirl to amuse him.

His worse nightmare is to have people observe your relationship and wonder "what's she doing with him?" If you're got a multi-platinum album and he's just starting a band, he'll never feel like a rock star. Being compared unfavorably to you is excruciating to a Capricorn.

Translation: He hasn't achieved 95% of the life goals he planned to reach by age 22 - and he's about to turn 30. He needs to focus on catching up, and he sees your relationship as a distraction.

The stubborn mountain goat is a creature of the wild. He doesn't take kindly to anyone trying to fence him in. If you turn the relationship into your personal petting zoo, he'll break for the hills.

Capricorn cleaves to old-fashioned values, like honor and fidelity. If he smells Eau de Rat on you, he'll drop you back into the woodpile.

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