Random chat- all welcomed...

By SureShotCapFebruary 14, 2016 5:14am — 64 replies
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the ones that get away......
Hi, Who knows a lot about horoscopes and who can help me to get a prediction based on zodiac and ascendent compatability? I am female with zodiac sign Capricorn, ascendent gemini and Chinese sign snake and the man that I love it zodiac Virgo, ascen
Would you choose career or personal happiness?
I'm facing a situation probably only other Cappies will understand. I had a job that I really loved. Wonderful culture, comfortable, proud to represent the company. But there was no room for me to climb up, so I left and started a new job. The new
last resort
hi firstly before i post the story i want to say i really appreciate this place cos what I'm bout to post i cannot tell anyone and will affect my life. its cos none of my friends no i am not a virgin as they will talk and gossip and I'm very scared to tel
Share your experience with a Capricorn
I have always attracted Capricorns. My first boy friend was a Capricorn. And my last fling was one 2. He could have been a bf but I found out he had 5 other girlfriends. People say Capricorns are emotionless. I find them too emotional. I love the
Do cappies always mean what they say?
sometimes i get confused if the cappy is just being sarcastic or brutally honest. thanks
hw u gonna solve ds cappies?
Crushes on ppl easily happens in my case n dey also get drawn towards me..bt as soon as my crush starts to get serius abt me,god knws y i starts to get nervous in dere presence n feel lyk hiding frm dm...funny in a way! Guide me frnds if ds happn