• This is one of the most inactive board , POST YOUR CAT PICS

    I wanna see , I’d post mine but I don’t know how
  • Sofi

    I just found out today that my 13 year old cat is in the late stages of Kidney disease. Couldn't stop crying. She's at the vet getting IV right now and food. but the dr said that she won't last the year.
  • Sofi

    I just found out today that my 13 year old cat is in the late stages of Kidney disease. Couldn't stop crying. She's at the vet getting IV right now and food. but the dr said that she won't last the year.
  • Kitten Academy Live Stream

    I just found this - live 24/7 footage of kittens living and being cared for by kitten fosters in Illinois, USA. From the description on Youtube: If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action. Brief FAQ:
  • Cat Gifs

  • A Poem For kittycats

    The Adventures of Smog Poor dowdy Smog was an underrated mog, Much maligned by the neighbourhood yobs By men walking by in shiny shoes and shirts Too busy to notice, checking their Facebook alerts Trailing dogs all well coiffured and smug chickener-P
  • Searching for my mother Shadowcat

    For many years, I have searched for my mother. When I was but a small kitten, she left for a pack a cigarettes and never returned. I have been alone under the bright sun ever since. Even though I was young, my memories of shadowcat have never faded. I sea
  • Adopting cats like kids sounds a ncool ce thought especially good sign Scorpio

    Has ever adopted a kid this sign damn they said I can't cause the kid chooses u but I think 19 nov should b fine.
  • Missing my kids tonight

  • Kitty cat ❤️ loo loo

  • My ass hole cat!

    Might be getting a special guest tomorrow(keep your fingers crossed) soooo..I clean up the place a little...not much cause I did some spring cleaning last weekend so it's not very messy. Anyhoo...I clean out my cats litter box...spray it down with clorox,
  • Food Puzzles

    I've been trying to get my cat started on food puzzles so it'll stop him from running amuck when i'm asleep. Until now he's uncooperative and refuses to get food from the puzzle. Anyone got tips on encouraging cats to use the food puzzle? Its a simpl
  • My cat has licked her so much the fur?

    so my cat has licked her arm to the point of no more hair! she has other patches on her like that,smells like frittos and is more...windy these days.. what could be happening to my cat?
  • Allergies

    All the guys I have met latly have been allergic to cats.......which sucks cause I have one. Of course they never say anything until they come over and start sneezing. I have never lived a day in my life with out a cat around so I take it as a bad sign i
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  • How do you make small talk?

    I say like five words a day irl unless it’s an interesting topic but I’m talking about filler conversations
  • Stalking ?

    How would a Tauras react to someone lowkey stalking them ? I've been doing that for a while. And I wonder how it'd be if he realises that I had been stalking him all along.
  • Cappies///Jealousy!!!!!

    do cap men get jealous? If so, what are some ways to know when a cap man is jealous?
  • How do you handle being ignored?

    Honesty please State your sun and mercury sign
  • Rock thread ⚡️

    Another one. Post any type of rock music
  • Intuition League Season 4 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • What zodiac element would you like to have...

    if you were given a chance to change your current one? Please state your reason and Sun sign. :)
  • I find Scorpios in my life...

    To be intimidating. Anyone else who feels the same?
  • Taurus + Leo what do you think?

    What does it take to make you guys freak out or are you kinda chill with the crazy? Also, are you cool with awkward because I can bring awkward in excess lol 😂
  • Scorpio Stalker🤔

    Okay if you read my previous post about the Scorpio I met a few months back and had a brief thing with (pump and dump) he slowly did the fade to black thing but still likes and looks at my IG pics. So today I was driving home from work talking to a fri
  • Pisces how do you view...

    Falling in love long distance (by accident or w/e is relative). Can you guys handle it emotionally?
  • Ugh.... So.... Cappies....

    Haha, lol. Yeah... So... Ya girl has somehow found myself yearning for this Capricorn guy. Ugh. I knew something was up with him. We talked before, but apparently, I didn't remember him and on top of that I apparently just stopped talking to him w
  • What's the oldest and the youngest you'd date?

    And will the age range change if it's marriage? For me. I wouldn't want to date a guy that I didn't see as marriage material for me, to me they go hand in hand. But right now since Im in my early 20's I can't see myself dating a younger guy. The yo
  • A whole new level of confused

    So the aqua man and I are done after 5 years off and on. We have no future, he doesn't want to commit. It sucks, but such is life. Except, he still thinks we can hang out and like "date". This makes zero sense to me. Thoughts? Theories?
  • Music for Unrequited Love & Longing from Afar

    Sigh...what else is there to say? My favorites: When a man came at me like this, I was undone.