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everyone keeps saying i have a bad Im prepared to all kind of explanations. Its a very bad time for me especially for the love and jobs.
Will the relationship really be doomed regardless of other more positive aspects?
Hi, This is my solar return chart for 2017. If you are able to analyze and give any insight on what 2017 will be like, I would kindly appreciate it. My moon appears to be in good shape. [IMG][/IMG]
Hey, I think I posted in the wrong section so I'm going to post my topic in here. Hi, so I'm extremely confused about myself and who I am and it's an ongoing issue with me and has been for my whole life especially recently in the past year or two. I si
According to Pullen's interpretation of my chart, I have: an 8th house stellium with Ven: 13Aqu51'14" and Sat: 15Aqu12'46" and Cer: 16Aqu28'12" and two T-squares: T-Square from Moo: 18Sco32'53" to Cer: 16Aqu28'12" and For: 25Leo24'12" T-
I'm a Female Capricorn with mercury in Capricorn,scorpio in mars,Pisces in Venus,Taurus moon,Virgo ascendant,Pisces descendant,& Gemini mid heaven.I also have some Aquarius & Sagittarius in my chart
am i the devil? [img][/img]
Hi guys! I'm in love with a taurus woman and I have her astral map. What can you tell me about a person with this astral map? Thank you! Asc: Leo Sun: Taurus Moon: Virgo Venus: Taurus Mars: Pisces Mercury: Taurus Jupiter: Aquarius Saturn: Gemini
Hi could anyone please help me read this chart. It's sun in scorpio, leo rising and moon in libra. Sun Scorpio 27°10' Moon Libra 25°18' Mercury Sagittarius 4°02' Venus Capricorn 5°57' Mars Scorpio 28°51' Jupiter
Sun Cancer 18°56' Moon Capricorn 8°24' Mercury Cancer 1°41' Venus Cancer 7°53' Mars Virgo 24°23' Jupiter Sagittarius 6°16' R Saturn Pisces 24°43' R Uranus Capricorn 28°53' R Neptune Capricorn 24°19' R Pluto Scorpio 2
Oh I thought I could upload a pic of my chart. I know I have a Gemini moon and I'm a 3rd decan Aries. But I need to get the rest or upload a pic. I'll be back.
Hi everyone! I'm new to astrology (4 months into it now) and was wondering if anyone can take a look at my natal birth chart (it's my profile pic/avatar pic). I have Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus in Pisces and all in the 1st House. I'm learning how to read c
[IMG][/IMG] so.... my planets are in 12th house (sagittarius) territory but in the signs of 11th house (scorpio) i am confused so which house are they at and what signs should they be in? Sun in Aquarius Moon in Aquarius Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Sagittarius Mars in Leo Jupiter in Sagittarius Saturn in Pisces Uranus in Capricorn Neptune in Capricorn Pluto in Sagittarius Lilith in Gemini
Sun Aries 20 degrees 34' Moon Libra 6 degrees 32' Mercury Aries 13 degrees 37' Venus Pisces 4 degrees 38 Mars Aries 28 13' Jupiter Pisces 15 21' Saturn Aries 22 59' Uranus Aquarius 12 12' Neptune Aquarius 2 02' Pluto Sagittarius 7 49' Lilith Lib
Im really new about this can someone explain to me?? Me: Sun Libra 12°23' Moon Pisces 29°03' Mercury Scorpio 7°49' Venus Libra 24°10' Mars Virgo 28°19' Jupiter Aries 26°20' Saturn Sagitta
Sun Pisces 13°10' Ascendant Cancer 15°59' Moon Leo 21°12' II Leo 3°24' Mercury Aquarius 23°38' III Leo 23°48' Venus Aries 27°03' IV Virgo 20°25' Mars Pisces 13°25' V Libra 26°49' Jupiter Capricorn 12°09' VI S
I had a synastry chart made for myself and a gentleman in my life. I don't know how to read it, but I've been dying to know what our charts say about our personalities, our relationship and our future. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Myself: Su
my first most dominant planet is jupiter then my sun then my moon what does this mean
After googling I found out a month ago I am a Cancer/Leo cusp but when I put my info in the birth chart I'm guessing because I was born 1 minute from July 23rd my Sun is in Leo, Moon Virgo & Asc Aries I've been claiming Leo because the Cancer descripti
I'm fairly new to astrology, I was wondering what is everyone's interpretation of this synastry chart? Thanks a mil! :) [img][/img]
My DOB is 21 March 1975 and Time of birth 5:45 PM place Nainital,India My both houses and 5 and 9 are empty. I am very stressed.
So my venus in Scorpio never let me free for a moment because he was jealous and insecure and then I told him we need to let eachother free, because I haven't been going out for more then a halve year to not hurt his feelings. The moment I let him free a

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Go on I need something silly She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
'Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities.' I have this.
This taurus girl i know and has a crush on keeps ignoring my message since new year i dont know why and i dont want to judge her either,she just see my message then doesnt write back,when i go online she goes offline in a matter of minutes i dont know wha
So last night I text him about 3am then I fell asleep didn't reply until 10am by then I had missed 4 of his messages then he decided not to reply. You would think a libra wouldn't get so butt hurt and play little games !! Are all you libras like
I'd like to mention first this is very personal and I was contemplating posting this. I would really appreciate kindness and seriousness in your replies. I haven't opened up to anyone but I figured some unbiased and anonymity could be helpful. Anyways
Hi! So as of a few days ago, a Libra male messages me and is intrigued in wanting to get to know me. After a day or two of talking through private messages, he gives me his number and then gave him mine. He messages me a few hours later and we have be
Like these dudes. I mean at the very least, any woman can get laid whenever she wants right?
After several months, ive gotten to know a very lovely aries girl. She is so composed and sweet. She is very straightforward but not harsh on people like i've seen with other Aries before. We laugh, we jokea and goof around at work. Never a dull momen
Do you think it's sexy? skanky? romantic? What? And why does it have to be Versace? @_@
It's nuts! I do not remove my topics! It's mistake and we can continue... Or mods please un-tight it! Tjanks
I have Fortune, Lilith, Uranus, Neptune, Juno and North Node in this house.
and why does ands block her every time he signs in? i'm quite perplexed. @_@
Just finiahed, Cinder. Like a mis of terminator meets Cinderella. Loving it!