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I hope DXPers from the scorpio forum dont see this lol but ive been a lil obsessed by this..My sun and moon are supposed to be opposites, but my sun and moon dont form an aspect..I tried to google some info on this and I found nothing..Anyone else out the My birth chart!
My question is since we have some kind of sun/moon conjunction, Is that enough to make us an ideal couple? Recently we had a little bit of an argument and he told me that lately we barely agree on anything and that we are somehow opposites. Even though I
You can find a summary of my predicament and the composite/synastry charts here: Any help is appreciated
I've noticed pulling charts that some people have maybe 10 major planet aspects, while others have double that. Is there any significance to the amount, or just the aspects themselves?! I hope this isn't a dumb question. Hahaha
[IMG][/IMG] I don't know how to read them like this, it looks like gibberish .. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out
How to interpret when a planet is in "2" different houses. Example: 12> 17> 8 [IMG][/IMG]
My natal chart doesn't look like the other ones I've seen. Why does it look like this? What does it mean?
Hi All, If someone could kindly help me decipher this information, I would be greatly appreciative! Thank you ahead of time! Ok so I am lost when I hear people saying rising sign or moon or house... What are my main things I should reference or s
I'm the girl and my details are : Capricorn rising Aries sun 2 degree Leo moon 5 degree Pisces mercury 5 degree Aries Venus 18 degree Pisces mars 12 degree & His details : Capricorn rising 19 degree Cancer sun 24 degree Aries moo
These are my houses: House 1 4°20' Scorpio House 2 5°19' Sagittarius House 3 28°35' Sagittarius House 4 20°27' Capricorn House 5 15°28' Aquarius House 6 19°05' Pisces House 7 4°20' Taurus House 8 5°19' Gemini House 9 28°35' Gemini House 10 20°27
I have Saturn conjunct Sun in Pisces in the 5th house. I've been trying to understand this damn aspect for sooooo long, but I'm getting a million and one DIFFERENT descriptions. Whoever has this aspect AND/OR knows something about it, share a little of yo
Could someone please give an overall opinion on the overall success of this relationship? Our compatibility and sexual compatibility. Thank you. Sun 28°27' Virgo Moon 24°31' Pisces Mercury 11°06' Virgo Venus 14°01' Leo Mars 03°49' Leo Jupiter 25°5
My birthtime may is spot on, her birthtime may be a bit off but the moon and ascendant are the same no matter the time of day, here are the charts as is, we're very drawn to each other and I'm thinking: wife, and she's thinking: kids. The relationship is
I’ve been looking up asteroids, to see some of the aspects in my natal chart. (Note: I only have been using the asteroid that are on that additional list of I know they don’t normally play a big part, but it’s new to my research. Anyways, the a How will I be professionally? Thanks I want to know what astrology got for me and my scorpio boi
I am a Libra sun, leo moon and scorpio ascendant i dont knw how to predict my partner's charecteristics. I have sun and venus and north node in my 7th house. and my 7th house is a libra. What all can i predict about my married life or my partner
I am having a very rough Saturn Return. My career and my love has been turned upside down. Currently i am facing the fear of losing my long love girlfriend of 10 years. Please guide. Sun in 23° Taurus Moon in 11° Sagittarius Mercury in 2° Gemini
ME: Sun in 17° Cancer Moon in 10° Capricorn Mercury in 8° Cancer (r) Venus in 5° Cancer Mars in 2° Leo Jupiter in 27° Aries Saturn in 15° Sagittarius (r) Uranus in 23° Sagittarius (r) Neptune in 6° Capricor
Hi everyone :) I was hoping someone could give me some additional insight into this connection I feel exists between a Capricorn and I. 10/27/1987 12:00 Julian day 2447096.00 Timezone -0.00 ST 14.21 Lat 0.00 Long 0.00 01/02/1985 14:01 Julian If the link doesn't work I'll type below: PLANETARY POSITIONS Sun - 28.48* Pisces - 4th house Moon - 4.14* Libra - 11th house Mercury - 11* Aries Retrograde - 5th hosue Venus - 6.23* Pisces - 4th house
Hey everyone! Hope this post finds you well =) So, here's the story. I met this Sag guy almost a year ago. We have not gotten physical (due to me). Not sure what to make of him. Sometimes I feel he really likes me, other times not so much. When I want
Hi Folks! I don't know how to read charts therefor no clue what it means. Any help is greatly appreciated! Would love to know all about it. Cheers • Sun: 26°50' Aquarius • Moon: 05°03' Scorpio • Ascendant: 24°30' Taurus • MC: 06°23'

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