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  • No love life chart

    I would like to know why I am 32 and I never went through a relationship with a I going to be single and thats just my fate? [IMG][/IMG]
  • sun/ moon venus mars

    dont want to copy and paste this so you'll just have to go to the site itself. it's very good stuff if you're into astrology also some good discussions.
  • Understanding my chart

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you šŸ˜„ I'm new here, and i've been interested by astrology for a few time, mainly to understand myself. I'm not able to understand well my chart, and so my life sometimes šŸ˜ especially now. I left my husband last year for many
  • Help Untangle My Romantic Knots ...

    Based on my chart below, what kind of ladies would I be better off with? As you can see, I'm an Air dominant Cap with a touch of Fire and no Water. Plus, Chiron's placement is ... well ... yeesh. Could be worse - the Virgo gal I crushed on had her Chiron
  • my 12th house has me so treetrunked up

    People describe me as (at first) intimidating, emotionless, cold, hard to approach. When they get to know me they find I'm actually really caring and sensitive. I had to grow up really early, and even now, as someone who is transgender, I'm going through
  • Anyone else have planets that are drunk when born?

    So Iā€™m 24 have always had a positive outlook on life, I know what I want, very intelligent, and lucky to be breathing. With that being said, were the astro gods/ planets trolling me when I was born. Am I always destined to feel like I got screwed over a
  • Dxpnet users chit chat over our birth charts!

    So hey! I signed up once again cause i am back into astrology haha.My Capricorn stellium probably makes it a bit difficult to stay focused and not doubt it. Anyway I thought i would create this topic and we share here our birth chart placements we would
  • Natal Chart

    Hello, Just joined but long time lurker, I was wondering if anyone had some time to explain my chart I read a lot but cannot combine everything together and would love someone else perspective. Also I would like to know if anything in my chart,
  • His Mars conjuncts my Pluto

    I'm very curious about this aspects. I have a guy who's Mars conjuncts my Pluto. How does it get triggered? I've known him only 3 months but I'm kinda obsessosed with him. And things are heading south but he doesn't know that I'm obsessed. I'm Capri moon
  • Composite or Davison?

    Do you prefer Davison or Composite charts for relationship readings and why? Or maybe you prefer one for certain aspects... I have been learning both lately, and both are similar in many ways, but also have some major differences. Have you found one that
  • Synastry Interpretation

    Anybody wanna help point out important things in this chart? I'm very new to reading them [IMG][/IMG]
  • Synastry charto

  • Davison Charts

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is good with reading davison charts? What would be the significance of having 5 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune) all in Capricorn? This seems like it would mean something but I'm not sure.. Thanks