What’s purpose dxpers. How should I impact the world with

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Can anyone please help me with birth chart(s)?
Hi I'm Nise and new here. My birthday is: 11/15/75 11:41AM Walnut Creek, CA Bf Sal is: 4/10/80 he doesn't know time of birth but was born in Dayton, OH. So I am sorry as I am guessing knowing his birth time makes a big difference and might not say much
Please help tell me about these two charts :-)
https://i.imgur.com/TRjFhkk.png This Virgo and I have a history, I don't have their birth time for their chart, I am just curious of any of you can tell me about us please? Thank you in advance
Is your Chart more Basic or Universal and Evolved?
Mine: [img]https://i.ibb.co/M8pWDZs/20201028-064602.jpg[/img]
Any Suggestion for a career that suits me?
Just like the title says, I just need suggestions for future plans Heres my chart: https://imgur.com/undefined
Which one best for me?
Woman 24 yo Sun: gemini Moon: libra Mercury: gemini Venus: Taurus Mars: virgo 1st Male, 24 Sun: Pisces Moon: Gemini Mercury: Pisces Venus: aquarius Mars: aries 2nd Male,35 Sun: virgo Moon: gemini Mercury: virgo Venus: libra Mars: Sagittarius 3rd: Male
Sudden death in natal chart?
My son had a near death complication after surgery May 5th, 2018. I read that bc he has Aries Uranus in the 8th house, when it transits Mars that sudden death can occur.. so can someone look it up or tell me how to check that? Is there anything in his ch
Does he fall in and out of love quickly ?
Hello can someone help me interpret this guy’s personality ? Thank you Born on May 28th 1987 Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Mercury Gemini Venus Taurus Mars cancer Jupiter Aries Saturn Sagittarius Uranus Sagittarius Neptune Capricorn Pluto scorpio Lilith
Aries/ Scorpio compatibility
How compatible i am with a man with aries sun/ pisces moon/ aquarius venus/ pisces mars, if i am scorpio sun/ leo moon/ scorpio venus/ leo mars?
Mercury is more important than Sun...
They're often in the same sign as the Sun that's why Sun is considered the main sign. But here are some examples. Donald Trump is a Gemini but he's not clever, he talks like a baby, Cancer Merc, uses baby words, a simplistic and childish expression. Ryan
Are we compatible? Can someone explain this to me?
This is me & the guy that I’m interested in’s chart (Me) 05/02/1998 (him) 06/18/1998 Sun Square Uranus Venus Square Sun Venus Conjunction Jupiter Mars Square Uranus Jupiter Square Mars Saturn Sextile Sun Uranus Conjunction Uranus Nept