• How Long Would You Leave A Dog Alone?

    I wonder about people's opinions on this. My boyfriend's temporary Roomate has left his two medium sized dogs. He leaves them for 13 hours or more alone in his room with only a water bowl and turns the lights off. You hear them whining and barking the w
  • My dog died today.

    My mother bought a little chihuahua a month after my sister passed. Of course Piñon wasn’t a replacement, but a little companion. Maybe she thought he would help her adjust to her new reality. Over time he became the whole family’s dog. He was so cute and
  • Dog GIFs and pics

    away 🙌
  • London

    I may have to put a best friend sleep... she's a terrier mix. Her name is London. I don't have enough energy right now. If you are into prayer please, they would be helpful. thank you..
  • Pup talk!

    This is your pooch appreciation thread, where any and everything pertaining to pup greatness counts! Drop those funny name-day stories, pics if you want! Explain quirks of all kinds :) How do you guys train your pooches? Anyone in doggy daycare? What
  • The butter they do

    Whether it's current dog or an old one (RIP). Other animals included. Weird butter. Adorable butter. Funny butter. Most importantly, what is it they do that makes you go "WTF?!", maybe it gives you  a headache, maybe you often wonder what life would be li
  • The New Moon & your Dog..

    Asking this here because Google has nothing to support what I have been experiencing with my boy and I'm hoping he's not just a freak and that others may have experienced this too.. haha So as we all know the Full Moon has a noticeable effect on both hum
  • Getting aggressive

    My dog is starting to display aggressive behavior towards bigger dogs No we can be at restaurant with out him getting aggressive with passing dog I try to stop him But read it is just reinforcing How do I nip this in the bud
  • What can you tell me about myself?

    Hi everyone, I am new to astrology. May someone please tell me about myself? Sun in Cancer Moon in Libra Venus in Gemini If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you for responding!
  • chihuahua experience

    in july i will be dog-sitting a chihuahua male pup (3 months old) for about three to four weeks while it's owner is on rehab. i am not familiar with this breed ...not one i would pick for myself. sooo i think i will treat it like any big dog i've h
  • Dealing with dog poop

    So I have rented the place and pay quit much money for it. I have neighbors from the next house who have a big dog. They don't have a yard so they let their dog to butter in mine. When I moved I told them I don't wanna deal with that and they have to find s
  • PUPPY LOVE!!! :D

    My boyfriend just called me to tell me that his family is getting a new puppy, and they want me to join them in picking one out! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I am going to jump in the adoption pen and roll around in the puppies!!! 😭😂☺️😍 OH MY GOD!! I A
  • I'm up because

    My dog snores loud af!!