• symbolic dream (i think???)

    I had a dream last night that a lion came up to me and embraced me for lack of a better word, it was very peaceful and i felt very connected to the lion, the lion was purring and rubbing its face on me. It almost felt as if i was another lion or something
  • Dreams of an ex

    So for the past 2 days I've been having multiple dreams of getting back together with an ex gf. They were all positive and I woke up smiling after each one; the way she acted in the dreams would've been how she would in real life too. It's been almost
  • Dreams of a Man called Rafael

    It's been a while reoccurring dream of a man called Rafael Who in my dream was my first crush in elementary. I don't think it's him but symbol? Archangel Rafael This last one started with me taking grass but in essense I was harvesting piles peas. Tons
  • Subconscious of the insane aka me

    I used to have really bizarre dreams that were strange or morbid...even a little terrifying. A prime example would be...I don't remember WHEN this dream occurred but it was definitely within the last 5 years, but I had a dream that everything was pitch
  • dreams about the same guy -

    I have had reoccuring dreams from time to time of the same person throughout the last year. I hardly ever dream of people in real life so it's weird to me that this person who I barely know have such an impact on my dreams. What gets me is that every t