• I have a lot of dreams about tidal waves in my dream bank, usually they are scary and traumatic but my last one wasn't a case. Well it kind of was and then it wasn't. I was in a shopping centre buying a free chicken at the counter then the lady said it
  • Just had a dream I owned a space ship that had a crew of robots on it that looked like people and I had some guests that were actually human, one of the robots was Jared butler and swapped one one of my guests for someone else thinking I wouldn't notice,
  • Daddy's Home 2

    Dusty and Brad finally have this thing down. That is, until their dads come to town, putting their newfound partnership to the ultimate test.
  • Okay first thing first....shout out to all my water sun/mars signs I swear if we can relate about nothing else we all had premonition dreams. I love all the stories. Okay so when it comes to dreams have you ever dreamed of something....love, loss, or
  • I had this weird dream where there was a big yellow floating bridge over a big city, almost what appeared to be New York, and a bunch of different people were sliding down it. It was very full. I nearly fell off of it but I managed to grab the sides of it
  • Had a dream that my little brother was driving me home, the weird part is that he's only 16 & we were in the car but in the back seat Driving ( nobody was in the front ) & he was driving from one of those video game steering wheels. He's driving and we we