• If you dream about someone who your no longer involved with does it mean they're thinking of you. I hardly see this person and after our break up I've had several real feeling dreams about him.I try not to think about him and even started dating again bu
  • I know this is really weird but its legit. I've had Deja Vu mildly throughout my life. I use to considered it a curse at first I had a dream something very bad would happen that would've been fatal for my younger brother. I don't want to go into much deta
  • Is your phone making you sick?

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  • I had a dream jumping into very clean ,calm yet deep water. In the water there were fish coloured half pink and half blue. For me to even end up in this water , I was from a place where I was moving out of a dirty place with all my belongings, some th
  • I just want to post this here, because I find it ironic and quite sad that I obviously have an unconscious hangup on this guy. I basically started 2016 with closure w this guy that I was definitely obsessed with (lol). Still partially am if I want to b
  • I took a nap earlier and had a dream earlier that I was going to have dinner with a guy from the past. I remember holding hands and as we approached the table somehow I remember I knew someone else was going to be joining us. I think he may have text t