• After +12hrs span, these are the scenes I can still remember: No particular order as the scenes were mixed up in the time frame, kept jumping from one to another: Many scenes but few I rest in my memory. 1. Holding the keys to doors and a gate of
  • ....don't remember exactly how the dream started, but the sun consciously, voluntarily left.... We all panicked...then we realised it was hiding behind the moon, it couldnt leave, but it tried to trick us... ... They don't have that in the dream interp
  • I don't normally recall my dreams, however the one from this morning remains so fresh. I have read about dreaming of rabbits but hoping others can give me a little more insight regard the whole dream.. I was in what can only be described as a tropic
  • I've been dying for my married Scorpio for 8 years. My Mom told me she saw me last night coming home with huge flowers in a flowery dress being so happy though she didn't see my face but she felt I was so happy like never before...and I went to her room.
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