• 1 Sketch A Day

    Let's sketch (draw/paint) one piece a day and then share here :)
  • Nightmare: Living with The Grudge/Ju-On

    Okay, I'm going to hurry and post this before I forget about it. I tend to lose memory of my dreams the longer I wait to record them. ...It's currently 04:27 before sun rise. I rarely have nightmares but for some reason when ever I over indulge in sw
  • Weird reoccuring dream

    I keep on having this dream where I'm in my dad's 2 story house he used to own. Its always me there alone trying to turn on lights. It starts either the upstairs bedroom or downstairs in the bathroom. The first light I try to turn on flashes and goes out.
  • Shadow thing watches me

    Since my teens I randomly see this black shadow thingy watching me in my dreams. The dream I'll be in would always be as if I'm awake. It just watches me then I'll wake out of it. Last year I would see it often and it would always move closer but just s
  • I Killed his girlfriend

    I had a dream that I killed the girl whom my baby's father has a child with and chose to be with. Don't know what this could mean. Yes I have resentment towards both of them ... but to kill them?! I would never!!