• i had a dream earlier this week where i was in a black church and out of no where a voodoo doll appears in my hands and its wearing a black dress with really black hair. As i look up this lady dressed in all black comes to me and tells me that this doll h
  • Had a dream that a guy I'm talking to went on a trip with my whole family and when he came back we was leaving and I looked into the sky & noticed that the sky was cloudy & it was a full moon but it was a helicopter with a flashlight peeking through so I
  • Like P Diddy in his I'll Be Missing You video except there was no singing on top of a hill... What does it mean?
  • Had a dream that my I texted my ex and then he called me but I didn't pick up, then he texted me and was saying how he wanted to meet up with me and talk and we could go wherever I wanna go and we should get a cocktail, the the dream switched to I had a v
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