• Gunshot Wounds/Deceased Husband

    Hi everyone I'm new here. Just looking for some insight as to the significance of this dream I had this morning. I'm open to any opinions, thoughts, and ideas. I was on vacation at a beach, it was somewhere tropical, that had a beach & jungle. I was on
  • Dream of insecurity, time manipulation, and other weird stuff.

    My best friend and I were sitting on some steps in a place I never seen before and I remember having on leather gloves that were missing the finger part. I remember thinking how badass I felt and looked and said to my friend, "Don't I look cool?" He said,
  • dreams about the same guy -

    I have had reoccuring dreams from time to time of the same person throughout the last year. I hardly ever dream of people in real life so it's weird to me that this person who I barely know have such an impact on my dreams. What gets me is that every t
  • interesting - dream of closure?

    so I had a dream last night that I was still in San Jose... or maybe Chicago. it was definitely a city. probably Chicago because the outdoor restaurant I walked by was more of a Chicago setup. so I'm walking with my friends to this restaurant, and I saw t
  • Weird dream

    So had the weirdest dream last night. Not sure if it's casue I watched AHS just before falling asleep or what... I'm driving around in Seattle but dealing with the flash flooding Vegas gets. As I'm driving Across one of the bridges (freemont style but
  • symbolic dream (i think???)

    I had a dream last night that a lion came up to me and embraced me for lack of a better word, it was very peaceful and i felt very connected to the lion, the lion was purring and rubbing its face on me. It almost felt as if i was another lion or something
  • Dreams of an ex

    So for the past 2 days I've been having multiple dreams of getting back together with an ex gf. They were all positive and I woke up smiling after each one; the way she acted in the dreams would've been how she would in real life too. It's been almost
  • Dreams of a Man called Rafael

    It's been a while reoccurring dream of a man called Rafael Who in my dream was my first crush in elementary. I don't think it's him but symbol? Archangel Rafael This last one started with me taking grass but in essense I was harvesting piles peas. Tons
  • Subconscious of the insane aka me

    I used to have really bizarre dreams that were strange or morbid...even a little terrifying. A prime example would be...I don't remember WHEN this dream occurred but it was definitely within the last 5 years, but I had a dream that everything was pitch
  • Dream of final answers

    I dreamt I skipped a family camping trip because of a tv n character. As I TiVo back I realized the topic involved past lives, reincarnation souls. I kept rewinding but could not get to the start. But each rewind I got a hit of answers until I saw the fin
  • I keep dreaming about parties...

    Like one night I dreamed I was at this pool party. A couple nights later, I dreamed I was at this house party/kickback type thing. My latest dream was this rave kind of party, like Project X or something. Nothing in particular happens at these parties, ju
  • Can you predict the future from dreams?

    On Friday night I had a unnerving dream about being in my home and thugs were hiding in cupboards and beating everyone up. We were hiding and so scared, then I woke up. I normally stay under the covers until I fall back to sleep, but it was such a vivid d
  • nightmare becoming real ?

    I had about a year ago, a nightmare in which I was home and saw my front door wide open with a creepy guy staring at me evilish but didn't try to come in, I got scared and I closed the door immediately but he was stil there, then I minded my own business
  • Dream about food

    Well actually it start with dreaming while at the movies with boss n coworkers a client pulls a gun to my neck n threats
  • Astral Plane/Astral Projection

    Do any of you believe in Astral Plane? Do we really travel out of our body while we dream into another world or dimensi
  • Out of control

    I've had dreams of spinning around being upside down and being out of control. What does this mean?
  • Dream of pregnancy

    Son in had this dream last.night of I being pregnant . And it was a kind of pain in my stomach that I can feel in the dr
  • :( Scared ®retful

    Okay so I just lost my virginity a few days ago and it was unprotected sex (irresponsible I know)... I was cool about t