I have to dye parts of my cosplay costume and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fabric dye. I read rite dye was bad for spandex, which I believe my leggings are, and my satchel is a brown leather but I want to dye it black. Also, any
Anyone of you suffer from hair loss due to any causes? If you have any tips that work or any products that you swear off, can you please share with me?
How to design clothes without any experience?
without major surgery or facelifts etc... I feel like I have a droopy face, I want this taught look! GRRRR!
Is there any product you absolutely must have and use daily to feel like you? I use vitamin C ester serum the enzymatic beauty treatment forula by serious skin care. It smooths out my complexion, eliminates imperfections in skin tone and makes me glow.
Spring is about to dawn on us, and im wondering... Do i keep letting my hair grow or cut it short again? Ill usually d
I need some tips. I usually just stick to mascara because I'm terrible at it. Last week there was a post your eyes thread and everyone looked so glamorous with their perfectly lined eyes and brows. My pic was no makeup and just waking up. It was kind of
What do you like to achieve when you're beating your mug? What do you tweak, conceal and emphasise when you're slapping a face on? As a guy I like to look handsome, I don't wear much makeup when I go to work I just wear mac concealer under my eyes
Clothes wise...if its not tight, it's not right!!!!
Hi ladies and gents. What are your favorite home made routines/ facial mask? I am really big on everything natural. M
Has anyone ever ordered from this site? Are you satisfied with your experience? My stepmother sent me the link to show me clothes she's buying, and since spring (?) and summer are around the corner, I thought to get myself a few things! ? I'm excit
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In the name of transit merc rx, I want to take this opportunity to read a few charts. I don't answer questions or PMs. No captions. You're welcome.
- don't surround myself much with libra men but I'm curious, what are some of the cons mainly ?
Guy Fieri is my new spirit animal since we both so theatrical 😂😂😂 https://media.giphy.com/media/pXJksds5tRAic/giphy.gif Who’s y’alls?
He broke up with me 3 months ago and expressed regret to mutual friends the next day and constantly post break up but never tried to get me back. Our mutual friends are always telling me he's always by himself at parties and isn't seeing anyone. Only cont
Hi i am libra girl. I met this pisces man on last wednesday at place where i had my friend's bday party at.but he was not in the party. I noticed him was sitting behind my friend.When i came back from toilet n wqs otw to the table he was on my way,he was
I've Been seeing him for a year He is still hugely eager to meet up with me etc and hang out etc BUT he has a family wedding in his home country. His 'friend' is a girl he met in a nightclub 2 years ago (before me) and had a kiss with but they ended u
my pisces man is all over the map. one day he loves me. next day he likes me and doesn't want me to leave. next day he d
So my ex broke up with me in early October saying she was just exhausted from all the arguing. She tried to get back with me a week later and I told her no. I admit I messed up and sent her a lot of messages the next and the days that followed after I rej
It's like a bad signal Earth's receiving from Mercury because it's moving so slow. The most easiest and simplest things have been a chore dis past week, even some things I enjoy.. I hope y'all CAN'T relate. Some of the butter that livid me would triggered
Hi guys, this time I have an unusual question... It's almost Christmas here, so we decided to organize a "Secret Santa" event in our office. I drew the name of a co-worker, an Aquarius man of 30yo that is married and has a toddler girl. The budget is 15
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Or sad? Or mad? Or happy? Even if you don’t interact with them a lot
Sun signs only Moon Cardinal feelings only Other 3: Mercury/venus/mars (lets here from you) Fixed/mutuable cardinal dominant energy ppl accepted Cardinal ascendants included. Mars dominant Saturn dominant Moon dominant Venus domina
do you know anyone who keeps dating just this one sign one after the other? like how all beyonce's boyfriends are always sagittarius does getting into relationships with one sign have some sort of karmic implications for the person?
Seeking knowledge in regards to my Leo Sun in 4th/5th(sun is conjunct the 5th house cusp but technically in/at the end of the 4th house - 3°4 Leo sun & 5th house cusp starts at 3°36 Leo) being conjunct my Leo North Node in 4th/5th(both are also conjunct P
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