I'm thinking about getting fake ones. Just scared of the health risk? What do you guys think about them?
Which color should I Choose
Any suggestions or recommendations for a college student looking to build a business wardrobe? What is considered an acceptable business attire for women these days? Where do you normally shop? I live in the US and it appears that Banana Republic
Ok, so I LOVE makeup! I don't wear it everyday but when I do, I like to really look made up. For some reason I can never get my makeup to look like I have on much of it. I know some women like their make up to look natural, and if that's you this ques
&&& so... my favorite nude shoes have mega scuffs on em... I went to Dr.Google & as suggested I tried the toothpaste, shaving cream, alcohol, eraser, vegetable oil, petroleum... nothing is working.... any other ideas anyone?
I'm always looking at natural anti aging secrets! Do y'all know any that you'd like to share?
I'm looking for merchants. Need help? I'm here on dxp usually so I thought I'd ask. Thanks
Meet Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vietnam's first female self-made billionaire. Much of her net worth comes from her company VietJet Air, which on its website calls itself a "dynamic, innovative airline." But some might have other words for what it is her comp
be all heart eyes @ an outfit you've already planned what to wear -from head to toe- with it you search for it then have a look at the price suddenly you go from heart eyes to this COLOR IS TOO FLASHY FOR A VIRGO LIKE ME ANYWAY
Anyone shopping the Sephora sale next week? I'm still trying to decide what I want...
Has anyone ever taped their breast to wear a dress. I have a photo shoot tomorrow and they asked me if I could tape my boobs. Never had to do that does it hurt?
For my trip to the Longwood Gardens, I wore a vintage powder blue hat, with a beige cotton petticoat skirt and a brown seater. I had on dark brown tights with brown boots. I tied a floral scarf around my neck. For the finishing touch, I wanted a red cross
I think jumpsuits are really sexy to wear for party, but I think I'm too old to wear them. I'm in my 30s. What are your opinions? http://www.dear-fashion.com/Wholesale-Club-Jumpsuits/
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! So, I wanted to know what are some great first date outfits? I know that the most impo
I want a tattoo. Ive decided. I want it to say "Love me for who i am. Fragile but strong. Little but fierce" Font ideas and designs are welcome guys :)
Just ran into this brand while browsing and liked some of there things. Anybody have an opinion on them? There's not much online.
I'm having such a difficult time deciding what color to dye my hair. I have medium brown curly hair. It's medium length. I've had golden highlights for about 4 years. It was beautiful! I loved my golden hair so much. But I'm so tired of blonde hair,it's v
="http://tinypic.com?ref=6ely4x" target="_blank">_img src=
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What do you expect this person to be like in relationships?
i am sure this has been posted here before but, i can't seem to find what i am looking for? i have been interested in reading more about lilith & retrogrades. my lilith is 2degree taurus retrograde in the 2nd. any info i find on lilith seems scant and
I haven't posted on DXP in a very long time, but when I did I really valued the feedback I received from Scorpios. I need to know something about Scorpio jealousy. How jealous are you? How often do you think about whether or not your partner is being
I do some handicapping at local books as a hobby for over a decade now. one of the most evident signs of an athlete's decline is whether or not he drinks alcohol. i would actually say it's the single most critical aspect of an athlete in his 30's.
I know there are 'feelings' that you can get.. but how can you tell for sure? I know a Medium would be helpful, but I have yet to visit one.. Any other tell tale signs that you may be followed or watched by one? And what about Reincarnation? Does anyo
I m still friends with my ex. Does he want more than just being friends? Or its just friendship between him and me? I would appreciate if anyone can..
And why does a guy moan while kissing? He just enjoys the physical pleasure of kissing OR He is enjoying the Person he's with (emotionally) Share your experiences
Let's sexually degrade men in here https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/98/de/d5/98ded51cb3af1f19ba52e5d607cf7adc--sexy-guys-sexy-men.jpg http://cdn4.teen.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/max-george-embarrassed-gif.gif http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/p
I am a Scorp and I got to know a few months ago that my classfellow till 8th grade used to like me.He is a libra and I have read a lot about libra guys not being serious and being total flirts.And to be honest the last time he saw me was like 4 years ago.
Acceptable or not? Posted by 2Moontreetrunk no, get the treetrunk outta here. I'm not a cuck. I ain't raising yo trtrkin monster (kid) nigga. That kid never gonna respect you, he-she knows you are not his-her father. That trtrkin nigga busy trtrkin other thot
For an extremly outgoing and loud sign, it's odd how almost if not all sag moons i know have an introvert personality
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g6-J7khBVo&gl=PT where there is something in the photo? or have you ever heard of it? http://www.therichest.com/shocking/15-normal-pictures-that-accidentally-captured-something-terrifying/ what do you thi
Hi, Can anyone help me?or give me an advice? I am a Libra woman and really like a Libra man actually can say I am in love with him. We work together and spoke 6months 24/7 non stop texting,callings...we ve met 4 times..on our 3 meeting we kissed and al
My bf did it twice. We were kissing and he told me to look at him, there was an urgency in his voice. And we kissed passionately locking each other's eyes. I liked it but isn't it unusual to stare at each other while kissing? To those who did kiss like th
Hello everyone, and back for another mafia game shall we? The rules are simple, there are two major clans, called the townies and mafia. The mafia must kill all the townies while the townies must protect themselves and kill the mafia through lynching or b
Yall know i don't cook for butter So please give me really great chicken recipes for grilling I'm having a little gathering for my brother And it's got to get a little fancier than just burgers Oh and what kind of meat should i get...thighs w
What was the most passionate, special, emotionally and phisically sex you've ever had or have? What sun sign sexually satisfied/satisfy you the most? Sun or Moon? Mine was a Scorpio sun sign. Very into sex, very passionate and unselfish. So, spit it ou
I have always been into spirituality and the occult. I remember my teen years when my dad began to teach me. So many interesting elements of the hidden world such as shamanism, astral projection, lucid dreaming, magic and more. Also we would talk of alien
I would like to know before I delete my account because I sent someone on here a message and I wanted to make sure he sees it before I leave :( but he hasnt been on. So I wanna know if I delete my account will he still be able to see the message I sent hi