Does anyone shop online? What's your fave online shop? I always find clothes I like online.. but am too scared to get anything in case it doesnt fit. I know you can send it back and get another size, but it seems like such a hassle. Thoughts??
Hey guys, I run an engraveable items store, and one thing I do are monogrammed clutches and women's leather wallets. However, I'm a dude, so I'd like some more feminine input on it: Like, what can I do better, colors, is it priced too high, and so on.
So I stayed up till 7 in the morning on the MAC cosmetics website trying to buy foundation that I didn't end up buying (ended up spending $30 on glitter) and I bought a paint pot eye primer.. But for the majority I was on YouTube trying to define my skin
I just got some, its one by MYM, this week. It says it has 30% Copper-3-Peptide, 14% Apple Stem Cells and 5% Argireline. So far I have used it 2 times and was doing further research and came across this thing saying it can give you the uglies. :/ I don't
I'm offering handmade Horoscope themed watches and I thought you guys might be interested. If you have any questions please let me know. She took two inches off, added highlights, moisturized and straightened it, and I'm feeling FABULOUS! :D I need to treat myself to the salon more often. I'm going to try to make it an every three mo
Not happy with the face you're born with? Not to worry! Your face is just an option. Get it fixed. I got really sick reading the following article:
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Do you think he time traveled to give us technology? It might explain why he was never romantically involved with anyone....maybe he had a love interest in a different time period.
I read this somewhere once. I agree with it, in general Taurus women seem to be quintessential wife material. The ones I know irl are great mom's and homemakers. I dated a Taurus man once, he was very easy to please and would have made a great husband and
I indirectly know a Cap woman who is so loud, always talking, laughing, singing(!), making random noises, etc. I was wondering if this is a typical Cap trait or if there are some particular placements that would make her like this. Capricorn is often
i notice some people do, and i wonder if it's a healthy thing to do.
Ok so I need advice. I have been dating a cap man with a moon in taurus and venus in cap for 9 months now. We met as he was my yoga student for two years prior to us starting anything I noticed he would slowly open up more and more and eventually we h
Honest question. I'm kind of obsessed with my skin these days. My sister gave me a gift of some Aesop products and it kind of got me hooked. Is it possible to over do it? Facial cleaning + scrubs.. That's pretty much 95% of what I do anyway. An
Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho
Well...being obsessed with a Scorpio for years and praying for dreams about him was fruitless. Like one and between... Last night I was waking up from a dream of being next to him and he had not noticed me though I was in his face - like I had not exis
Pretty simple. Who is your favorite celebrity that share your same birthday? Mine: Willie Nelson April 29th Anyone who smokes a joint on the White House is alright in my book.
Because the majority of the introverts i know say that they feel inferior and has no advantage of bein a introvert, not implying that is true but, in the society/nature they have any advantage?
cap on cap
hey all. so my libra man and I have been together 3.5 years now and we are now expecting a child in late April 😄 but, despite this, i’m having a hard time convincing him that he is the only one i want. So, this is what happened. he had a Taurus best fr
Greetings alien crabs. I have come to learn your ways. So how do you put yourselves out there? How do you summon up the courage and grab hold of your object of affection without being afraid of rejection? How do you so fearlessly express your flood of e
I'm sorry, I'm posting this from my phone and hoping the post goes to the right place. It may be a silly question, as, all signs can get addicted to anything, but, I guess I'm looking for any insight as to why an Aquarian man would get addicted to drugs.
I've always thought based on appearances and research, water signs seem to have the most trouble with weight. Cancers and pisces are either fat or just bloated looking/round faces and bodies. Scorpios I feel just fluctuate between muscular and stocky/stou
Maybe not so astrology related but why someone keeps falling for someone really out of their league, like in some cases even for famous people? I feel so heart broken because I found out my favourite local singer is not single anymore. I was already mak
What do you think about this pairing? I keep reading everywhere and anywhere that it's just a mediocre pairing. pretty frustrating for me to read that, i'm very drawn to capricorn women. it's always a very strong attraction for me. is it like th
She’s a Pisces (15.3.1987), singing about Pisces, representing the duality, being herself. Jinjer-Pisces (lyrics in the comments section) Total truth, total art. I love it.