Not happy with the face you're born with? Not to worry! Your face is just an option. Get it fixed. I got really sick reading the following article:
I'm sitting here at this little outside Taco place waiting for my order and this kid walks up with a leapord print neck pillow around his this some new fashion trend? Or is he just mentally challenged?
How do they work? Do you need shaving cream for either method? Any suggestions? Know of any good brands? Thanks!!
Hello everyone! 'Tis that time of the year again and that means many a family gatherings. Since I have a boyfriend, that means double of everything: two thanksgivings and two Christmases (and double the food and presents, WOOT! WOOT!) Haha, but serious
And im in my undies. Womens undies and a bra, I dont know if I should feel weird for doing it, Thoughts?
for me, I love the colours, brown, black and some red/oranges to a lesser degree. my man likes red/black. those are his fave. then I saw that astrology links to what you are dominant signs, or what you love to wear. this is a cool vid on lipstick, a
Black Leather Jackets [IMG][/IMG] Denim Jeggings [IMG][/IMG] Combat Boots [IMG][/ What's Yours?
Does anyone know where I can find regularly priced Korean beauty products? Sehpora, Ulta, and SokoGlam are taking advantage of Korean Skin Care Routine Hype. But if you actually do your research, you'll find that in Korea, this 10 step beauty routin
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It's like a bad signal Earth's receiving from Mercury because it's moving so slow. The most easiest and simplest things have been a chore dis past week, even some things I enjoy.. I hope y'all CAN'T relate. Some of the butter that livid me would triggered
How is it affecting my fellow Taurean? It’s day one and Its already affecting me pretty bad n normally I’m good with mercury retrograde! T_T
The Buddha told us that "Life is Suffering". Some say let's plan the life. The others say let's just explore it. Can't
Sag guy blocked me off of everything. This is the 2nd time he does this. It's not like I am very clingy. He was the one that was on my ass all the time. Just wanted to know if this is something that most of you tend to do and why?
So this guy caught my eye. We seem to have a spark. I don't have much birth info but I was able to calculate that he is an Aquarius with an Aries moon. Does anyone have any Scorpio/Aquarius experience? My moon is in Aries as well.
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
Hey my big hearted lions! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It helps with voting. Thanks!
I'm in Stockholm right now.. buttertiest of connection experiences (airports). I'd love a private jet. I'm heading to Germany to finish up some work. Coincidentally most everything (financial) has gone to shot for me in the US and serious talks have bee
I read that a few years back and it didnt make sense until now. Pluto in Virgo was a time of segregation and all out racism. Police brutality, alot of bad things going on. Virgo also represents detail, information and most of all service. The service Crown alleges after Laura Babchicken was killed, her body was burned in July 2012 Shannon Martin - CBC News The ex-girlfriend of accused killer Mark Smich told jury members at the Laura Babchicken murd
Do you find yourself being overly sensitive. How long does it take for you to realize your over reacting or do you just think you are right? Are you generally passive aggressive or how do you handle anger? How long does it take for your anger to pass?
I was wondering if there are any Libras who are dating and/or involved with a Taurus. According to everything I read and find, we are not supposed to be compatible. While I try NOT to let this be the focus of my relationship, I am curious to know if the
So.. This is apart from mr sag I bumped in with my dog into a gemini I knew with his dog..... He is wayyyyyy younger then me We didn't even knew it was us.... Until we untangled ourselves from our dogs leashes... No it's not a bad movie... This rea
For example, earth ( Taurus, Virgo Capricorn) which one would you choose and why? And water , fire and air...
......or singing :) @WarAngel1 came up with this idea and asked me to create a thread Vocaroo a poem, passage from a book, a song, a quote, Christmas carols etc Everyone welcome ... Don't be shy :P. Will be back later to post something your pisces ex gf, if anything, bein a taurus is like having a game genie for pisces we're reliable fuuuckable etc. basically pisces exes r like immature kids n u gotta put training wheels on em b4 they move on soo, how do you even begin put trainin
I want to gift my aqua man something for Christmas! He is a single father of little kids, in late 30s. Poor kids tire him out! He’s the best dad ever! Kids are great also. Former pro baseball player, loves sports and love the water. He has a boat. He’s a
I do chinese chart readings for years, currently giving out 5 chart readings to people in this forums.