received it as a gift and I have never tried this color.. first when I opened it & saw the color..I was not impressed l
this is a cold season..and I have this dry, chapped lips problem sometimes they're soft & okay but other times they
This is probably the right place of this, but I was wondering if you guys & girls know any good ones? I have my own (ht
Best things or best days of life are best celebrated with dear ones and their wishes transferred through gifts. What if
What are your views of laser hair removal? Did you get the results you wanted? I have had a good experience with the tre
there's alot of women that love this show, and i found Michelle Phan's Daenery's version. I thought it looked awes
Has anyone tried this yet? I love it. It is a wonderful skin moisterizer. Great for diaper rashes and ezyema too I
For this forum I think it would be nice for us (both males and females) to post photos of ourselves and ask questions li
What do woman look for in t-shirts? Reason for me asking is I help my buddy out with his t-shirt line and plenty of w
After my big chop a year ago, im taking a break from weaves , which i used to do alot! I wanna do pick & drop braids,
Hey i would like to share my lates wardrode collection from Sleeveless Adorable Colored Pattern Prin
guys, girls even, do you prefer the heavy makeup look or the natural look on a girl. i do not have the skills of applyin
What are your current top 3 fragrances, and what comments do you get from people when you wear them? Your thoughts?
I myself is a health obssesed virgo. Im always on the look out for the next beauty secret, Whether its homemade like
Hi, Am new to this and would like some help. African American woman here wanting to know what others of medium to da
I've been considering cutting my hair short and had a friend photoshop me with the length I was considering. What do you Your thoughts?
If your dark sista and color seems to get lost on your skin, ive used the color eyeshadow tattoo and it keeps a bright c
overjoyed! i just found this topic :) and i just started using blue mascara instead of black :)
Whenever I wear mascara it always ends up forming black rings under my eyes i wear water proof. And suggestions on wha
take your look from everyone else to polished and wow!
I've filed, shaped, buffed, and 'base coated' my fingernails. Now only if I could choose a design! Choices for ideas:
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FEMA is on high alert for an impending asteroid strike.
Because I loved you It might not makes sense to you today But I promise with time it will And you'll appreciate that I left I leave today and I say my goodbyes Because I can't give you what you dresserve I can't give you what you need or want Me
Hi Everyone! This is my first time (and we're in the very beginning stages, only the 3rd date) with a Capricorn male. Just was curious if anyone had an advice with dealing/understanding them. I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising, Leo 5th hous
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
What are the common traits of a cancer man with a Sagittarius moon..? Do they leave a woman he trusted (who was equally loyal) and never look back?
What would Venus opposite Lilith mean? And what about Moon square Lilith?
Scorpios, on who do you think, you made the biggest impression? Was it a cancer, another scorpio...and was it romance/work/just friendship? Which aspect you think is to blame for that? Sun, moon, venus...anything else? Thanks for the answers! ;)
Do you think the saying once a cheater always a cheater is valid, or do you think it's a circumstance to each individual relationship the 'cheater' has ?
What would @hydora say this place is full of crazy people (i made this up) and geniuses from eastern europe (clearly a sarcasm :P), what is going on?
Sun leo Moo aries Venus virgo Asc Gemini Any insights?
My aqua guy always has me wondering whether we are coming or going. Our friendship started a year ago, relationship bloomed 9 months ago. One week he's very attentive and affectionate, gives me an abundance of security in regards to our relationship, he
im a 36 year old Aries. i tell ya, im now a firm beilever in my sign due to my experience. ive lost loved ones and seen death in front view. im having a horrible time copeing. in search of answers i discoverd the zodiac. Aries fears- losing a loved
Me (32) and compromised african cancer with moon virgo (29) 5 months ago in africa, since some of you were curious.
Hi All, Going on a date tonight with a guy I've been chatting with. Just wondering - Does this match look like a yay or nay? Planet: Me/ Him Sun: Virgo / Virgo Moon: Taurus / Scorpio Mercury: Virgo / Virgo Venus: Libra / Libra Mars: Sag /
Happy Birthday to a genuinely good, sweet, outspoken, and especially Scorpionic Taurean. :D Enjoy your special day, @rekt !
Do you think it's important to have the same taste in music ? Or at least having a genre that you both really like Coule you date someone that doesnt have the same taste in music at all?
Is this a sensitive guy and does he appreciate a sensitive woman? What kind of lady would he like?
I'm surprised to see that's what her booty and thighs look like, because I expect her to be so smooth and whatever. Yeah, I get it, it's a little shocking but I still don't think she deserves backlash. We live in a world full of photoshop and filters. Eve