i thought it would be cool to have a thread where people could post their product reviews. like, this foundation reall
Tomorrow (in 30 minutes to be exact lol) will be the day I turn 19. Am I celebrating? Not quit. It's just not happening.
Anyone got unique/creative ideas for christmas gifts for loved ones but that doesnt hit pocket too much? Lol Yes im very
Just wondering if anyone knows of a brand that makes leggings that kind of hold you in place instead of letting every th
Youtube is a GREAT place to get tips/help on makeup, hair, etc. For those who are looking to find BETTER ways to: -
So there???s an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is dating a girl and she???s always wearing the same outfit every time h
I spelled her name right no?... Anyways, something about her features, her face, it's so... gross. But why? I reall
Hey All, So, I'm in the middle of launching a brand new fashion label, aimed at bringing the most exquisite designer
How do I describe my love and passion for makeup? I just love it! It's artsy and creative, and the way you feel as a wom
Okay... so I've always wondered what I'd look like blonde. And always having really dark hair it sounds scary. But at ti
If someone told you that you had beauty that goes against the grain how would you take it?
Was watching the pre-oscar thing with barbara walters and although i was told previously that monique didn't shave her l
Do you ladies wear MAC cosmetics? I think MAC (and Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Lancome)is awesome and wanted to
Okay so... I'm having a bit of a hard time here. I want to make my own. What's really bothering me is the fact that almo
Okay have you ever watched those long advertisments about jewelery and clothing and shoes and all these beauty feminen s
I can't believe I have the guts to come out and talk about this problem. But 'do you shave your...' post made just think
I desided to use baby wipes to remove my makeup the other night. Worked great. Skin was clean and clear. Honestly I'm j
Okay this is my most favorite holiday EVERRR! All the dressing up, the creative and weird things you can wear! I never
How would you best describe your personal fashion style? Who is your influence when it comes to fashion? How much of you
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo... Scared, nervous... what if my mom sees it?! I've always wanted one on each
How do you shorter ladies pull this look off? Without looking like a hooker? Without looking like a little torso with hu
Hey all! I am looking for a good lotion that has a shimmer to it. Not glitter or anything to make me tan. Just some
I guess its because I have really dark hair but .... I've been trying to get rid of those dots that are left behind
I used to be on the extra chubby side. lol 'fat' haha I'm afraid to say the word XD I have stretch marks here and the
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https://sg.news.yahoo.com/texas-kindergarten-teacher-allegedly-had-162628459.html @_@
I'm in Japan with my mother. I think I lived there and somehow I'm going to the trip for free from my friend who's obsessed with Japan. I remember that I took one of the meat by accidents (because it kept for my birthday) since were planning to eat our o
without major surgery or facelifts etc... I feel like I have a droopy face, I want this taught look! GRRRR!
in pain, hurt, like you don't want to ever fall for it ever again. I've tried the whole " get out there and meet new men, date new men" and it ends up just feeling forced even with a nice guy. Void of all feelings. No spark nothing. And I'm talkin
I'm going to try to keep this simple. I have a great Virguy friend who I've recently started working with/for. He's been jokingly flirting a lot lately. However, after knowing him better (by working together), I find that he annoys me a lot, there are
How does your brain process a scenario such as that ? or have you ever gone back to an ex at all, why ? and did it work?
Hi all! Questions for those that have experienced the Cap silent retreat after a big fight: Did anything change when he came back? Did you take him back? Did YOU change anything and did your feelings change for him? For me, I haven't ta
Male and female responses please. If you also know their moons, or other placements, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!
I don't feel like I relate to my Moon sign [img]http://i.imgur.com/vS3AAsa.gif[/img]
I'm a Scorpio sun at 20°, 3rd decan pisces rising 24°, aries moon, capricorn: venus,mars,and neptune, Sagittarius mercury and medium coli, but with a virgo true node. Ok, so I have severe OCD combined with hypochondria, ADD, insomnia, body dysmorphia, and
seen this online was amused credit to (user oceanwitch) ARIES AS THE ROGUE COP He’s quick to anger, and he does what he wants. He breaks protocol, and isn’t opposed to beating suspects to get information. To cover his tracks, he also forges and thr
I know we gotta lot of them XD post a video that describe how you feel lately https://media2.giphy.com/media/ft2C2l1bBuXyo/giphy.gif
So (correct me if I'm wrong) it sounds like there are users here who aren't fans of dating, or prefer not to date. Why is this? I myself am not a serial/compulsive dater, but I see the benefits of the process. Sounds like a lot of relationship issues can
I think I've posted on here before but I've not seen it since so here I go. I saw a Capricorn a while back and he talked to me every day. Even at work he'd talk to me (tut tut). Then I confessed my feelings and he was like "woah- no". I felt upset but I g
I have a strong belief that when a person is born, he or she gets exposed to all the astral energies of that moment. These energies will, more or less, influence the person he or she is going to be. My grandmother was born on October 14 but officially
i want to disobey to mom but i can't