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  • Are costume statement earrings tacky?

    I love them, but I'm worried );
  • Huh?

    I'm sitting here at this little outside Taco place waiting for my order and this kid walks up with a leapord print neck pillow around his this some new fashion trend? Or is he just mentally challenged?
  • Wet/Dry Electric Razors

    How do they work? Do you need shaving cream for either method? Any suggestions? Know of any good brands? Thanks!!
  • ? Hatter

    Hello everyone! 'Tis that time of the year again and that means many a family gatherings. Since I have a boyfriend, that means double of everything: two thanksgivings and two Christmases (and double the food and presents, WOOT! WOOT!) Haha, but serious
  • I want to post a photo myself on instagram

    And im in my undies. Womens undies and a bra, I dont know if I should feel weird for doing it, Thoughts?
  • Colours and your Astrology

    for me, I love the colours, brown, black and some red/oranges to a lesser degree. my man likes red/black. those are his fave. then I saw that astrology links to what you are dominant signs, or what you love to wear. this is a cool vid on lipstick, a
  • My Style

    Black Leather Jackets [IMG][/IMG] Denim Jeggings [IMG][/IMG] Combat Boots [IMG][/ What's Yours?
  • Korean Skin Care

    Does anyone know where I can find regularly priced Korean beauty products? Sehpora, Ulta, and SokoGlam are taking advantage of Korean Skin Care Routine Hype. But if you actually do your research, you'll find that in Korea, this 10 step beauty routin
  • Ok where are my Dreamgirls!

    OK so I am in the show Dreamgirls coming up soon and dressing up in glam make up and wigs is going to be a ball! I have been looking at different Youtube videos on wigs and I want to add natural looking wigs to my look every now and then. Share some onli
  • Britney vs. Taylor Swift

    I suppose their fashon statements make them who they are... but who do you prefer?? Britney or Taylor Swift and why?? does one or the other annoy you? or do you listen to any of their music at all?
  • Would you hire me?

    I had a phone interview earlier this afternoon and they set me up to come in tomorrow morning but it's 1am and I'm realizing I don't really have anything to wear? ? Is this ok? [IMG][/IMG] It's admin. assist. for a
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  • International Music

    since I’m from the US no US music allowed!
  • Am i crazy???

    Soooo im a aries/taurus cusp...i have been knowing this libra for almost 12 yrs off and on...we dated but things ended but not in a bad way we just kinda went our separate ways...well we recently just got back in contact in may...only this time he moved o
  • Aquarius and their emotions

    I know I am annoying with my frequent Aqua threads but who cares. It's my feelings anyways.🤣🤣 Today, me and Aqua had some deep talks and he was telling me, before this..his heart was icy and cold but after we got together, he's feeling
  • Cards Against Humanity Online

    A group of us are playing right now, and a few more players would be great. The rounds only take about 30 minutes, so there is bo commitment like most dxpnet games. Just come play for a bit, then leave when you want. The game is simple, and is mostly
  • Cappi said "he can't do this, he's made his decision"

    To focus on achieving his career goals ... And I let him go.. :(
  • Music for the Ultimate, Immaculate Expression of Love & Devotion

    It's good to think abstractly of what love feels like to you. Music can help you envisage love intimately and personally for you. So, as a little girl my first understanding, utterance of this thing, "Love," was Stephanie Mills' "Never Knew Love
  • Is there difference in scorpio man behaviour when he is just interested and when he deeply likes you

    Is there a difference in scorpio man behaviour when he is just interested in you and when deeply likes you ?
  • Virgo stuck in an affair with Sagittarius

    Hello, I was hoping to get some insights on what this poor Virgo man would be feeling. I'm a Sagittarius woman in a relationship with a Taurus and sadly recently had/having an affair with a Virgo. Im obsessed and trying to figure what would be goi
  • Another dxp dating dilemma

    I had been with my Scorp for about 6 months and a few days ago we went on a “break”. We’d been biting each other’s heads off a lot for a few days and talking through things wasn’t really solving the issue because we’re just too heated to really take in
  • Cappies name some reasons why...

    You would go silent after someone expresses their feelings to you ?
  • Wittygem left ?????

    Really ????And y ????
  • Capricorn man and Aries woman

    Alright I posted this on the Astrology forum to get neutral point of view. Its basically about my sister she is an Aries married for three years with a Capricorn man, things seemed to be good at the beginning. They share a son together. Now my sister wa
  • What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back

    What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back?
  • Why can't you have a one-sided crush in people in peace?

    so i've got this sag sun-pisces moon pianist crush in rehearsal who knows for a fact that i have a bf but i guess he figured i have a crush on him coz i ask him a billion questions but then he started taking me seriously and i was expecting it'd be like m