I want a tattoo. Ive decided. I want it to say "Love me for who i am. Fragile but strong. Little but fierce" Font ideas and designs are welcome guys :)
Just ran into this brand while browsing and liked some of there things. Anybody have an opinion on them? There's not much online.
I'm having such a difficult time deciding what color to dye my hair. I have medium brown curly hair. It's medium length. I've had golden highlights for about 4 years. It was beautiful! I loved my golden hair so much. But I'm so tired of blonde hair,it's v
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Need Followers on my Youtube Account I've started a makeup Tutorial and i need some great ideas feedback and support My youtube channel is TheVixenn Face
Ladies, I need your assistance with my ultra sensitive, clog prone skin. We have crazy winters in Canada and I need a moisturizer that will not clog me. My skin used to be combination but with age it's become dehydrated to dry. I've tried many mois
Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried differen
press play. do it. you know you want to. https://youtu.be/kb-4bdNl4Gw
Im of south east asian descendent so my lashes are mostly straight, thin and not full. I detest wearing fake lashes so is there anything (preferably natural) that I can do to enhance them? Ive been using argan and olive oil alternatively and they do seem
I love summer whole bunches and I'm so happy it's here, and one of the reasons besides the fantastic hot weather is hav
Forget the mascara! I want the earrings! Anyone know where I can buy them?
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Sorry this is going to be long but in short... So this pisces (gem moon) and me have been friends for almost a year and a half now. I always caught him watching me and about 6 months ago he started acting jealous sometimes, befriended my friends and
I had a dream about a huge frog. LOL In real life I don't like frogs but in this dream I wasn't afraid and the frog was HUGE.
Not sure it's the same as stalking. Guess I'll go with Scorpio, Scorpio rising and yes if you got any Pluto placements like me for example. But it's not always necessarily a bad thing cus sometimes you have to creep in order not to be seen. I would
Do you guys ever go back to an ex? Do you all get over the relationship quickly? If you broke up with someone but still loved them do you think that it's harder to get over them? How would an ex know that you still wanted them? Also, how do you kno
Hey my mysterious scorpions! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Hey my talkative twins! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Guy Fieri is my new spirit animal since we both so theatrical 😂😂😂 https://media.giphy.com/media/pXJksds5tRAic/giphy.gif Who’s y’alls?
I've never posted on a message board like this, and I know this is long, but I'm looking for some help in analyzing this situation. I'd really appreciate advice or insight. My first experience with a Cancer guy (I'm Pisces)...We really hit it off but
So my ex broke up with me in early October saying she was just exhausted from all the arguing. She tried to get back with me a week later and I told her no. I admit I messed up and sent her a lot of messages the next and the days that followed after I rej
Hey my quirky water bearers! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Anyone have a newer one that knows what's up with that whole emissions scandal that happened a little while back? I'm looking at buying one but when I pulled the carfax it said that it was 1 owner California owned then at one point was registered in M
BUT!!!!! Holy butter! *My pay plan at work got changed. Its not a good thing. *Text messages not going through... AT ALL. * Lots of confusion, cancelled plans and apprehension on a new relationship that is actually pretty cool. * Water pipe bursts and
I had a conversation with my Leo guy friend about how long you date before getting into a committed relationship. The leo actually said why the need for a title. Yet felt a year is much too long before making it official. And personally I felt like my
My relationship with an Aquarius man is so confusing. It’s literally taking me on the biggest emotional roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. I need help to restore the relationship back to what it was. The thing is, I don’t know what went wrong. The
I want this to be a topic, pls watch terrace house boys and girls in the city and aloha state and then we can wait for new season of terrace house together Notice how the cancers from terrace house were super emotional and always cried Misaki and Tais
1. INTJ Girlhood The female INTJ’s childhood might appear harsh and difficult. Despite a complete lack of interest in empathy or “girly” activities, it is at times necessary for the INTJ girl-child to pretend to be “normal” in order to please her paren