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  • Ladies, I had to share this awesome trick!!

    Ever have trouble putting on a bracelet by yourself?? It's so frustrating, right? Well I discovered the best trick ever! It actually works! I know because I just tried it and I'm beyond excited to show you! Enjoy!
  • Etiquette question about anonymous donations

    For websites like gofundme, etc. is it tacky to donate and not do it anonymously? I know of some folks who donote anonymously because they feel it's tacky to put their name on it but then tell everyone they donated rather than just put their name on t
  • How important is height to you? (Is 5 foot 10 medium height or small?

    Hi, Might be offtopic, but I dont know where else to put that thread. This is a question to the ladies. For some strange reason, all my friends tell me that I am too small (5 foot 10) I dont believe it, but to be honest, they make me feel insecure
  • Anyone had a nose job?

    Currently saving for one, how was it? Much pain? Did you like your results? Was it what you wanted? How much was it? How long did you save?
  • Should I get fake boobs?

    I'm thinking about getting fake ones. Just scared of the health risk? What do you guys think about them?
  • Thumbs Up, Dress Up

    Lately, I've been wearing more and more dresses. I have decided that I simply want to wear dresses and skirts all of the time until I decide that I don't want to. From here on out, anything I add to my wardrobe will be either a dress or a skirt, and accom
  • Help a Capricorn

    Which color should I Choose
  • Business suits for women??

    Any suggestions or recommendations for a college student looking to build a business wardrobe? What is considered an acceptable business attire for women these days? Where do you normally shop? I live in the US and it appears that Banana Republic
  • Question for the makeup gurus

    Ok, so I LOVE makeup! I don't wear it everyday but when I do, I like to really look made up. For some reason I can never get my makeup to look like I have on much of it. I know some women like their make up to look natural, and if that's you this ques
  • What do you guys think about Angelina Jolie?

    I think she's super hot and interesting.
  • Help my shoes are scuffed bad!

    &&& so... my favorite nude shoes have mega scuffs on em... I went to Dr.Google & as suggested I tried the toothpaste, shaving cream, alcohol, eraser, vegetable oil, petroleum... nothing is working.... any other ideas anyone?
  • Share your anti aging secrets!

    I'm always looking at natural anti aging secrets! Do y'all know any that you'd like to share?
  • Anybody here in Brazil?

    I'm looking for merchants. Need help? I'm here on dxp usually so I thought I'd ask. Thanks
  • Flight Attendants, Profitable Bikini line, making Billions.

    Meet Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vietnam's first female self-made billionaire. Much of her net worth comes from her company VietJet Air, which on its website calls itself a "dynamic, innovative airline." But some might have other words for what it is her comp
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  • How do you make a Capricorn Girl your BFF?

    I'm a Leo Sun and Sag Moon. I'm very friendly, free-spirited, and vibrant. I met a Capricorn girl at a little party a year ago, and she gave me her number, and we took a selfie together, and then she put the selfie of her and I as her profile picture. We
  • 2 bulls 1 opening

    For any of you that like dance. These girls are on the same college dance team(a very popular team, Beyonce actually copied a move from them during coachella), and most likely next season one of them will be chosen as the dance captain. I'm wonderin
  • Can someone tell me what my astroids/planet aspects are?

    What are my astroid/planet aspects are? What are my Greek mythology aspects? Are they good? For example, I have Ceres Pisces, Chiron Scorpio, Lilith Libra, Eros Virgo, but that's all I know. I can't figure out how to find the cupid, Hermes, aphrodit
  • Venus sign🤔

    It seems guys cant resist women strong on their venus sign😃 True or false?
  • Swiss cheese

    That’s what this guy should be looking like
  • confused cancer man

    hello, it's my first post here but I saw a few really good advice so I thought I should ask for some too as I'm going through some confusing stages. I'll clarify first that I'm a scorpio female and I'm a tad bit obsessive. This cancer guy I met a few mo
  • Crushing on a Taurus stranger

    Hey, first message on here! I'm Virgo and not prone to crushes in general but crushing really hard on my BUS driver.. I recognize him slightly from school, he's a couple of years older than me so I found him in an old year book and well, what do you k
  • Why is this cancer male reappearing in my life?

    A while back I was seeing a cancer man who I thought was very distant, emotionally unavailable, and inconsistent. He was very wish washy about whether he wanted to be in a relationship with me or not, therefore we mutually decided to end things and to not
  • Cancer girl meets a nice Taurus man

    Cancer girls are not good at chasing guys. I met a very nice Taurus man. After our first date we hung out every other day for a week. There was a ton of chemistry. He even started talking in future terms, which made me feel good but was a bit fast. After

    The preoccupation of Geminis believing they are mentally superior to Scorpios makes me giggle. Which sign is smarter?
  • How To

    How do you manage rejection? How does it affect your self-esteem?
  • Romance & Relationships With Capricorn (F&F) (M&M)

    I am a 21 yr old Capricorn Sun Gemini moon & rising female and Ive been totally enamoured with a 20 yr old Gemini female for 3 years and didnt confess until this year. How I did it was I went to her house to go bike riding with her, late at night as usual
  • You at your worst.

    Using the list of negative Sign & Planetary characteristics below: Which Sign and Planet do you identify the most with when you're at your worst? Which Sign are you, and what is your Dominant Planet? If there is a difference between what you Identify