I like to draw a very hot bath, light scented candles and put something low and mellow on. Oil in the bath and just sin
i saw the Audrey Hepburn topic. well opposite of that, is messy hair and just sexy lips. No need for formal dresses,
comfy yet sexy.. :) I used to love high heels..but as I age (lol) I just kind of tend to look for something comfy (bu
Would ya, could ya, do ya wanna?
Hi everybody! Wich its your favourite perfume!!!???? I'm crazy about so many!! Uniq one its my favorite i think, b
What color shirt goes with dark blue jeans and camel colored boots? What color belt?
Hi everyone, im working on a project and i would like to know your opinion about daily fashion. Can you answer to thi
What was your outfit on your first date? Males/females Did one out dress the other? Can you remember to a tee wh
Feeling your day need a better luck? In oriental country has a wisdom about how color of your clothes is effect your
For as long as I've been having my periods (10years old) I've been breaking out everywhere. Of course, there was the fa
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My Taurus took a uber home the other night and the driver was obviously going through something with his daughter and her life challenges..... things that apparently my Taurus was relating to in some way or another and he asked him "when is your daughter
Let's talk about Mercury. "Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury’s action is to take thing
Hello to everyone here. This scorpio sun with a moon in libra likes me very much and I like him too. I've noticed his feelings are more intense than mine. (he vocalises this by saying 'i wish we were together' 'we should talk more because sometimes
People have been waiting for an update from me, and to be honest, I keep waiting to hear (better) news before I talk about it. This news doesn't come, and it been 6 and a half months since diagnosed and given a 12 month life span. I'll start with th
mostly aimed at heterosexual women. do you call your other straight female friends things like baby or sweetheart? something else affectionate? i'm gay and most of my friends are also gay women. and i don't call them these things. but i see on tv st
I am mad! Texting my daughter to find out if she is ok. She says yes. I am asking why am I always the first to text. She says sorry I am so busy! And we've been having this conversation for years. And I told her that one text takes a few seconds. And sh
Hi y'all! I'm meeting the sag I have been chatting with for almost a month tomorrow. He came in the country where I am today. He didnt come for me hahaha coincidence that he has a business and pleasure trip here. And how we met was through an online app w
Tell me a little about yourselves. I’m trying to understand my mothers Scorpio Venus as it’s the only thing in her chart I really don’t understand. Probably won’t get a lot of hits for this thread but I’m still gonna try. Also reading venus in Scorpio
Which synastry aspects indicate strong attachment? The aspects which gives a person a slight pang of insecurity, or irrational emotion, when a member of the same sex as him / her interacts with his / her partner. When researching for answers, Pluto asp
So i posted in the virgo section but no one cares so maybe my fellow leo's could give me your opinion and input. Long story short on two separate occasions i've caught my boyfriend trying to message a girl on snapchat, it wasn't super inappropriate but
After being a long time lurker I'm finally a member I was reunited with a Scorpio childhood friend of mine whom I haven't seen in over 20 years. We enjoyed each other's company. He was always after me as a girlfriend since grade school through colle
cause words are overrated :) i'll start with Bach
http://katsfm.com/files/2013/06/bobbyheenan.jpg http://katsfm.com/files/2013/06/bobby_heenan_today.png
So i asked guys who I'm in a fb group with (it's a sports group) who watch sports 24.7, what they thought about this: Winning two 5 game two 6 game two or three 7 game five 8 game and one 10 game parlay in one week and they called him a ge
I'm a Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, she is a Pisces Sun and Taurus Moon. We had a few bumps where there were periods where we were just arguing over silly things but after convincing her to give it another shot we continued to have a good relationship.
And why is there an option to 'purchase' them? What the devil is this duncan?? Is dxp becoming candy crush now?
or brag about your prowess with the people you're interested in? honestly there's only been one time i trolled a girl about my sexuality and it was like "i'm a ninja" because i was out marsing her. but it wasn't serious and i didn't do it to try to
I did a 2 card reading on someone's thoughts and feelings for me. I have had a thing for the guy for awhile & sometimes I think it's reciprocated & other times I'm unsure. Anyway, I'm relatively new to tarot & especially new to reversals, of which both tu
Specifically with other women. Men... Reasons or thoughts why you would/have or why you wouldn't?