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Or breast reduction? If so, how did it impact your life?
Hi all, So the other day I was on a 3rd date with someone I've been talking to. Anyways, while we were taking a break from playing pool, I was sitting down beside him with my arm around his listing to him talk. I looked down at our arms intertwined
Ands is not one person, rather ands is an idea, a concept, ands is that spark in your heart that makes life worth living. Praise the ANDS, our Lord and Saviour. He created the universe out of nothing and sustains it with no effort on His part.
I'm dating a taurus man. We've been fighting a lot cuz he spends a lot of time with his ex wife. He's has been putting her before me. When we talk about it he tells me that he understands. I think it actually clicked and he got it but then it starts all o
somebody explain why they have Caps listed in the feminine energy category? The Feminine Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces The Masculine Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
I don't know when i read an article like this but, i see i lot of couples who look like each other
I always find conflict in me between the two, the aquarius in my chart is too strong so sometimes overwhelms my sun
Is my libra upset with me, or is he over this friendship.
Season premiere Wednesday, June 28 Cast reveal Monday, June 19
i always find it amusing when other signs try and ignite that jealousy spark......... then get butthurt when it doesnt 'appear' to work in their favor.... *newsflash* it does work, but you just dont see it....... best believe we're either laughing or k
I found this in a forum which was originally taken off of REDDIT before she deleted it - "TLDR - Before my vacation i [F24] asked my boyfriend [M25] to open our relationship temporarily. Now hes regularly having sex with some girl in our apartment a
It's strange how i see a lot of leos who are extremely extroverted and outgoing, then from nowhere get shy and reserved lol
Hi, Im new here so bare with me, but could anyone help me understand what's going thru my cancer mans head. Ok, we have been together a little over a month. Everything in the beginning was wonderful. We texted all thru the day and evening and we saw eac