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Hi all, Recently I had been talking to someone I was highly interested in and had gone on several dates with. Well one day he went cold... Never heard back from him until today... I thought him going cold was because he was a Libra and that's a comm
In the distant year of 2013 two financially well-off adult Asian males coming from prestigious backgrounds met on an astrology forum. In 2017 they're still discussing very important things such as which one of them really wants to suck off the other's "ch
And Gender fluidity Research thread
Or have a lot of intetesting experiences? More than the average person... I do. Im wondering if its astro related cause ive read that about this placement. Probably has nothing to do with astro tho but lets c.
And something about mystery, suspense, the occult, seances, the government, secrecy, and demons. Who knows what else..... Ladies, When are your fairytales going to end?
Can anyone who has their moon in the 8th house, tell me more about yourself. I am talking about your emotions. How do you actually feel, from time to time. I have a friend, who has his Libra moon in the 8th house, and he has a self-destructive behavior
Hey, I am a Libra man and had dated my Taurus boyfriend for two and a half years. Me and my boyfriend had a very happy relationship, we have a lot of trust built and had never really had any large arguments or big hurdles to get through. I used to be
I saw another thread that was asking about why Caps kind of panic after a fight and the ensuing silence at the 3-4 week mark. Then he comes back. That made me curious to know what are these Cap guys doing during this time? Since they come back, I assu
I've known this gemini male for 6 years going on and nothing has ever transpired, because he's always had a relationship and we live about 3 hours from each other. I should also mention he's one my best friends brother. I asked her if it would be okay tha
Last week, I woke up to a tickling sensation on my face. It was a brown recluse. I shot up out of bed and screamed and flailed, then it fell off my face and I killed it: [IMG][/IMG] I waited ~5 hours for symptoms an
Hello people :) I'm in such good mood, ah yes 🌜 Whatever, I want you to help me with this. I want you to guess the sign of a man I meet ...and oh He is just man I don't know anything about him.. I will try here to describe him a
Idk why we're awesome! Bday is on 04/30! Had to let y'all know. Haha.
All talk on the new DXPIL season is to happen here por favor. I will be starting season 2 in a couple of hours That thread will be for Game Picks only [IMG][/IMG]
and no I'm not a stripper.....: just out of curiosity ....? And when I say stripper, it's only naked show, there won't be touching or sexual contacts... thoughts and experiences? Thank you gentlements