Permanent make up: Do or don't?

People say that permanent make up is a good solution for busy people who don't have time for doing their make up every d
People say that permanent make up is a good solution for busy people who don't have time for doing their make up every day.
I think permanent make up is a HUGE mistake because first of all fashion is always changing and what is 'in' today will be regarded as 'ridiculous' tomorrow. I also think that even in expert hands, the final results cannot be guaranteed to your entire satisfaction. So in my opinion it is easier to fix a bad makeup day than regreting for the rest of your life having messed up with your face.

However, I do believe permanent make up is a great option for people who have gone through some health issues (chemotherapy) and need this extra help.

So, what are your views on permanent make up? Would you tattoo your eyebrows, your lips...? Why?
I have a friend who does her eyebrows. It looks good and it's not technically permanent since it fades between 1 to 3 years. Also she says they draw it on first so she can see how it will look and then they tattoo over it. At her spa they also remove bad work that other people come in with and fix it. If I lived somewhere hot all year round I would do it instead of having melty drippy makeup. Plus since I only wear eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow I'd barely have to do anything to get ready if my eyes were already lined. So it would really compliment my laziness
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what the hell! I didnt know there was such a thing as "eye last extension"
wow things the world comes up with these days.
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I have a friend with permanent eyebrows. She had ZERO brows so I understand why she got it; she was literally bald. BUT, they look so horrible. Too black, too high, and they look drawn on - very theatrical looking. She loves them tho.

My gemini friend has those sharpie looking eyebrows too. smh they're not permanent though, she draws them on. She always looks surprised. lol
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OMG! I do not understand women who wear those sharpie eyebrows. I mean, I understand bright red lips, thick eyeliner, fake eyelashes BUT don't tell me men find sharpie eyebrows attractive? I mean, seriously?
lmao @ always looks surprised...
seen the tatt-eyebrow stuff, it's good if done right, lightly to blend in with skin tone, etc.
The lip liner one is another that is okay if again, the colour is done right, not the sharp black liner or deep red...aaawww!

The one I never understood is the tattooed on beauty spot/dot at the upper side of the lip --- mmmmm???

Just saw a piece on this on the news a few moments ago.

The ink used is said to be pretty safe but they suggest getting it done by a licensed cosmetologist versus some random tattoo artist for optimal results.

The procedure is also reversible but quite painful.

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