Whats your ultimate all time ever fave food to eat.
all you people who picked tacos over roses, and that thread made me crave tacos for the weekend. Also, hard tacos or soft tacos, your preference?
I'm a happy drunk. Like an excited puppy. And kind of annoying. And sometimes my Sag Moon comes out and become way too honest for people's liking. It really sucks. Your turn. :D Oh and during my dark days when I was going through a lot I was like a
Post pics and info about the current beer you're obsessed with
it's supposedly the next gadget.food craze https://www.babble.com/parenting/i-bought-into-the-instant-pot-craze/
Lately I have been addicted to this tea 🍡 https://shop.celestialseasonings.com/img/product/cel-000089.png It gives me that tingly fresh breath feeling and helps me focus. 😊
I'm creating a family cookbook and the company that I'm doing it with allows 100 recipes for $19.99 bind over cover...so mom's recipes take up 1/3 of the book so far. The rest of the pages i'm trying to fill with recipes that I know of and are good/simple
We need to start one to save those that need to be saved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fju1S3036nM
What do you love to eat when you have a date with mary jane?
I wouldn't even consider consuming at least 75% of them, but the link is very interesting to read. http://www.mrgamez.com/dangerous-foods/
I'm in charge of the booze for my sister's baby shower this sunday. I've never made sangria before and i'm fishing for ideas. I'm looking to use red wine and throw some fruits in there... unless you got some fancy recipe to elevate it.
What would you say is the most versatile food? There's no right or wrong answer here. What food goes a really REALLY long way? There are a lot of obvious answers here, so I'm going to go with tomatoes. Tomatoes are incorporated into lot of dishes inclu
So who here enjoys a good BBQ? or Braai as we call it in South Africa. Post your BBQ recipes, tips, and pics.
My co-worker just gave me a recipe for a energy ball. Its oatmeal, peanut butter, chi seeds, flaxseed, honey and a bunch of other stuff. Do anyone have any other healthy good food recipes?
Anybody have any good experience making sourdough starters? I'm trying an experiment with my beer brewing right now, attempting to catch some wild yeast and bacteria that abound in the air... to use for fermenting a wild fermented sour mash beer. (S
I'm just curious what everyone's favorite pizza/pizza toppings are. I have far too many favorites :P It also depends on if I'm making homemade pizza or ordering from somewhere. If I'm ordering from somewhere it's either a chicken/bacon/ranch, BBQ chic
Alright...what's everyone's favorite recipes? I have a few basic ones I stick to but I like switching it up. I like to keep things easy and cheap - I'm on a budget damn it lol. Anywho, I'm excited to see what ya'll like to make! :)

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