Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin So curious which is your drink of choice / how does it effect you? Scotch - im mello Whiskey - I'm extra sassy Only time I drink vodka is for a dirty martini - sleep in like 30 min I dont drink the o
Beef enthusiasts. This thread not meant for vegetarians or Taurians (Unless you're a cannibal :P ). Post Pics of steaks, roasts, hamburgers or anything that is beef. http://w
I just made some and would love to hear stories on your experiences
Please share one of your easiest dessert recipe
How much heat can you handle? I love spicy food. Habanero Chicken Stir-Fry or minced heat into sushi. Personally I can tolerate Habaneros. But I am not afraid to go hotter.
My wife's been having odd cravings for dragon eye, peanut butter sandwich and ginger tea which is also kinda normal too in a way I guess since we're expecting a child. She used to crave for watermelons when she was pregnant with our sons before. But isn't
Post foods that are not well known or foods that are related to your culture :)
Want to plan a fun meal for small dinner party. Any ideas? 1. fondue 2. homemade pizzas
Please someone explain i found this bread disgusting, but maybe i miss a point how to cook it ?
- Pineapple on pizza - Ketchup in mac n cheese State your sun & rising
I've encountered people who does not like milk chocolate or white chocolate, and I look at them with an expression with my eyes wide, jaw drop and an everlasting speechless horror feeling... And be all like [IMG][/IMG]
A macaroni and cheese and fajita steak stuffed chimichanga?
This package of gummy bears has an expiration date that was in march.... how concerned should I be?
I know vegan is a lifestyle and vegetarian is just a diet. But i find it hard to turn into vegan at once.So i am thinking of taking it step by step.Any advice on people who want to turn vegan for health and ethical reasons.Or even some more reasons to go
And what do you eat in a day? Do you monitor what you eat, or eat whatever you feel like? Do you even feel the need to eat much? Or is it all you ever think of? Are you overweight, healthy, or skin and bone? I'm just curious. I sometimes wonder i
What is your favorite brand of frozen store bought pizza? Stouffers? eh? Every once in a while I like to buy these things, they are so bad for you but so good, it's like an older person's ramen noodles guilty pleasure or something. So what is it?
Other then beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb. Something that is killed in the wild and brought to your table. Such as Venison, wild boar, pheasant, frog legs, alligator. Stuff like that. What's your story and what did it taste like?
This New Years? How much do you got and how much of it are you sharing? Decadently delicious.....

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she got married to a Financier, but there's no birthday on him. Maybe you all could clue in, with her placements, she has Aquarius sun/Capricorn Venus/Libra mars/Cancer moon. http://www.dailymail.
I was reading Dr. Phil McGraw's "Self Matters" (lol yeah i know my self-absorption is overflowing) and he wrote this: "“We all have a social mask, right? We put it on, we go out, put our best foot forward, our best image. But behind that social mask i
If applicable? I like drawing a timeline of all the hits, it shows a pattern, of how you evolved, and you can predict what the next one will be like. Pluto in Scorpio is ruled by strong emotions. Not only do they react according to their own emotions, but they can understand how others feel as well. The
Hi ....i posted a few months ago and i was told that i was too soon to give myself up the Cappy and there was no point in perusing this. So i told him that he has throws around his attitude and we should not make plans anymore. After a few days he msgs sa
I was first place in the office.. something I have to do at the store.. somehow I won and they gave me a crown either chocolate/peanutbutter/butters (either I though I tasted but something aint right). That crown if I remember correctly is something with as
Are Venus and Mars in Scorpio people possibly good lovers?
Hey, So I was born on the 20th of March around 6-7pm in Sweden. It was the night of a full moon. Thank you.
Hello, You can find my threads here about a Sag and I. But to cut a long story short: we dated 6 months, he was not ready for a relationship and I wanted more. So I stopped our 'relationship' beggining of January. On the last day we were together we
I noticed that I am attracted to air signs IMMEDIATELY (sun or moon placements) before I even know their placements. My Venus is in Libra, so Libras in particular have an odd way of grabbing my attention and vice versa. Even the ones I didn't really pursu
We met the beginning of February. The next day we went out. Wasn't sure if he didn't care of all the male attention I was receiving he kept saying he didn't but if a guy talked to me too long he would make his way to me. But never had a attitude with me
This topic bothers me. When you read topics about anitchrist, you will notice that the different religions of the world are literally claiming so-and-so religion as the true antichrist. I can't believe how bigoted some religions are. At least pay some
What the treetruk is going on, one of our clients is from my country, the first time i saw him i thought potential, he's highly educated, come to find out he was married to a woman not from our culture. I respect marriage and it was none of my business. any
Whatever it is i am loving it, my god so many guys expressing themselves to me, its cool...i feel wanted.
How do you describe what you feel when you have sexual tension with someone? Is it like you can't look at them without thinking of sex? Do you feel shy about it? My gfs say when I'm chilling with this one dude they feel the sexual chemistry between
friends for 15 years prior to dating, both openly stated loving one another. yet we are dealing with LDR until a few things get settled before she plans to move to me. what are the goods and bads and as questions for details...etc etc. FYI, im a can
I've been using Tinder and was checking out the profile of this guy who sent me an interesting opening line. His Instagram is connected to his profile so I click on it, and I find a post with his birthday. He's a Scorpio, so I get curious and search up hi