I'll go, i'm partial to a Galaxy. And Haribo sports mix. :-D
What do you spend per week on food? Now many people are in your house? Thanks
Well? it's REALLY expensive, like $1.50 instead of 0.$25 here a gallon....Worth it? Is it really healthy at all? Anyone use it and feel better or anything?
Time to get down to the real issues! What's your favorite sandwich? If your favorite sandwich is unique, what's in it? This is very difficult...but I'm going to have to go with my trusty modern club sandwich in all of it's layered glory. Why? I have a
Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin So curious which is your drink of choice / how does it effect you? Scotch - im mello Whiskey - I'm extra sassy Only time I drink vodka is for a dirty martini - sleep in like 30 min I dont drink the o
Why do people still drink them when they know they have bull sperm in it? Nasty.
Anybody have any good experience making sourdough starters? I'm trying an experiment with my beer brewing right now, attempting to catch some wild yeast and bacteria that abound in the air... to use for fermenting a wild fermented sour mash beer. (S
For whatever reason, it's your last day on earth. What would your last meal be? (I'll be nice and say that you get 3 courses for the indecisive folk.....like me...) *Appetizer - Lobster Bisque w/ oyster crackers *Entree - 2-3 Bacon wrapped filet migno
I have no idea what to cool guys :) All I know is that I'm hungry! Any suggestions?
What is your favorite type of sushi? Raw salmon is my first love, as opposed to baked salmon or salmon skin. Both baked salmon and salmon skin rolls are fine, though I prefer baked salmon over salmon skin. Raw salmon, such as salmon nigiri is just fant
I am running out of ideas. Let's hear it people how do you like your veggies ?
all you people who picked tacos over roses, and that thread made me crave tacos for the weekend. Also, hard tacos or soft tacos, your preference?
I had this debit gift card for a well known US steakhouse chain. Went there Sat night - 2nd time I was there. Not usually into the chain type steakhouse joints, but both times I was persuaded. Ordered a T-Bone, she had a Rib-eye. Also ordered a baked po
Ok, Ive gotten into sous vide and bought the joule, anyone else do this method? Have any tips or tricks?
What foods/meals best represent each sign? Do one, do several, or do them all if you'd like. My Recommendations Aries - Spicy Pepper Mutton Curry (Tasty yet spicy. For brave souls only) Taurus - Red Wine Braised Filet & Mashed Potatoes (Flavorful, in
That special someone is coming over for your first hot date. You want to impress them BUT, you only have an hour. Luckily you have all of your ingredients at your disposal. What would you make?
Alright...what's everyone's favorite recipes? I have a few basic ones I stick to but I like switching it up. I like to keep things easy and cheap - I'm on a budget damn it lol. Anywho, I'm excited to see what ya'll like to make! :)
If you have been searching over the internet with a view to obtain a reliable site, that is related to healthy food or menus, then I have a great news to share with you. Here you will find numerous recipes, those are healthy, testy & mouth-watering. To le
*Do you prefer cooking or order take out? *What food would you'd rather make yourself? *What food would you'd rather order out? I'd rather cook since I enjoy it. I typically cook 3-5 times a week. I honestly can't bring myself to EVER purchase spagh
As long i remember - never cared for sweets, fruits and vegetables. People who go nuts over cake or cookie looks to me like nut cakes! Lol Like why have a cake if you can have a steak? Unless you can't have steak and there no other choices but cak
What are some techniques you swear by when cooking or baking. Maybe its something you AWLAYS do, or maybe you prefer to cook a particular food a certain way. What method have you found makes your cooking/baking process either easier or more enjoyable?
What's the strangest, weirdest, grossest, downright off the wall food you've ever eaten? How did it taste? Would you eat it again? For me it is probably a toss up between squid ink and jellyfish. The squid ink was pretty light in flavor and had an unde
What foods are guilty pleasures for you? Hold nothing back, even if it's gross. What foods hits you juuuuust right. I think at the top of the list is white cheddar popcorn. Pretty sure many of you know the one I'm referring to in the black bag. Doesn't
What food can you not eat? Do you have an allergy? Do you have dietary restrictions (possibly for cultural or religious reasons)? Is there just a food you don't like at all? What foods do you simply not eat? I eat practically everything and don't like
Other then beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb. Something that is killed in the wild and brought to your table. Such as Venison, wild boar, pheasant, frog legs, alligator. Stuff like that. What's your story and what did it taste like?

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I always find conflict in me between the two, the aquarius in my chart is too strong so sometimes overwhelms my sun
Or breast reduction? If so, how did it impact your life?
Or would a sag run if a woman told him exactly what she wanted to tell him all this time. I feel like he knows... Im beating around the bush.✌ but he doesnt like texting. He has AHDH, always busy. See him once a week. And thats on the work floor... Surr
I found this in a forum which was originally taken off of REDDIT before she deleted it - "TLDR - Before my vacation i [F24] asked my boyfriend [M25] to open our relationship temporarily. Now hes regularly having sex with some girl in our apartment a
So sag guy sure knows how to keep me on my toes. First he was al over me in real life and no answering my texts. Now he is so distant in real life but answers back in every text i send. Just when i thought i knew him. Im beginning to feel the urge to disa
So sag guy sure knows how to keep my own my toes. First he was al over me in real life and no answering my texts. Now he is so distant in real life but answers back in every text i send. Just when i thought i knew him. I beginning to feel the urge to di
I wanted to say my goodbyes to the nice people on here who have been kind to me and helped me. Ive decided to delete this account. Farewell to you all and wish you well (: Special thanks to If there is anyone I forgot to mention Im sorry I cant remem
How do you guys feel about your partners opposite sex friends? My partner met my web designer who's also my friend at a lunch meeting and smiled at him, then asked if he could make his own website too. (was probably upset saying that) But he knows
Which signs usually have the best taste in music? To me: Pisces Sagg Gemini Virgo Aquarius
somebody explain why they have Caps listed in the feminine energy category? The Feminine Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces The Masculine Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Is this normal? I love this man to death, but I'm not ready..blah blah How can I make him understand this? He is gemini.. And yes, does this happen to you sag women? Men always talk about marriage to u even if u don't want that?
wow this is sooooo good. great for those who are religious too, and about a selfish egotistical husband who won't even give some extra money to his wife's sister who has a husband who doesn't work and they are struggling, while he makes ALOT of mone
Any tips to improve health can be posted here.
...and flat butt...what do you say? Pretty?
I use Placidus for 2 years now Most astrologers i have seen use Placidus But i found a really good astrologer and psychologist that uses equal house system and i liked her descriptions So i checked equal house too Some things fell into place with tha