I started with a roux, got to a perfect chocolate brown Added the trinity, onion , celery, bell pep and also garlic Chicken stock Season chicken, andouille , shrimp added okra as well Tony chachere , a lil worcheshire sauce, a lot of cayen
What's the strangest, weirdest, grossest, downright off the wall food you've ever eaten? How did it taste? Would you eat it again? For me it is probably a toss up between squid ink and jellyfish. The squid ink was pretty light in flavor and had an unde
This list comes from Kraft foods and they've come up with recipes for each sign. Of course you can come up with your own recipes and list but I thought this was a bit interesting. Aries http://assets.kraftfoods.com/recipe_images/opendeploy/116073_640x
Girls feel free to ask your guys! I was going for homemade lasagna, garlic bread and a nice side salad? I may bake a cake also if i'm feeling adventurous!
OMG they are so handy for curries, stews, slow cooker recipes etc I just made the best even Thai Red Curry DANG!! I do feel a lil trashy using them though? I have to extreme-ties, organic in one hand when/if i can afford to, then this?! WUTT!
that you decided never to eat it again ever? like you ate some sashimi and got food poisoning so you never eat those anymore or you ate some chicken that's still a bit raw on the inside.. and so you just swear those off... never eating them again
My co-worker just gave me a recipe for a energy ball. Its oatmeal, peanut butter, chi seeds, flaxseed, honey and a bunch of other stuff. Do anyone have any other healthy good food recipes?
Because i hate wearing the apron. Anyone uses a pressure cooker here too? How do you veggies tasty in the cooker?
so my mom's staying over probably coz she knows i'll disappear on february lol and she's been making baked apples i'm obsessed with all things apple-flavored is it possible to eat too many apples? this is better than chlorella srsly
I didn't even know this board exists but post your personal pics of brunch Brunch is my favorite meal. Coffee my favorite drink. Please do not post pictures you find on the internet. Thanx.
I'm just curious what everyone's favorite pizza/pizza toppings are. I have far too many favorites :P It also depends on if I'm making homemade pizza or ordering from somewhere. If I'm ordering from somewhere it's either a chicken/bacon/ranch, BBQ chic
https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/international-tumblr-recipes-1.jpg https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/international-tumblr-recipes-2.jpg https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2
What are some techniques you swear by when cooking or baking. Maybe its something you AWLAYS do, or maybe you prefer to cook a particular food a certain way. What method have you found makes your cooking/baking process either easier or more enjoyable?
What do you spend per week on food? Now many people are in your house? Thanks
That special someone is coming over for your first hot date. You want to impress them BUT, you only have an hour. Luckily you have all of your ingredients at your disposal. What would you make?
What are some of your favorite vegan dishes? Also if you have links to recipes feel free to drop them.
Post pics and info about the current beer you're obsessed with
Has anyone a recommendation for websites that calculate herb and spice flavor compatibility in charts that aren't convoluted as hell, please? I'm trying to get my nephew into cooking and he has better time understanding tables and spreadsheets, but I'm h
it's supposedly the next gadget.food craze https://www.babble.com/parenting/i-bought-into-the-instant-pot-craze/
Anyone order groceries online? What's your favorite service which you receive it that same day?
What did you do with your holiday leftovers? Did you make sandwiches, soups, etc? My family stopped doing with traditional Christmas dinner years ago, so now we do a seafood boil/BBQ/fish fry instead. Anyway, with the leftovers I made seafood tacos wit

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I am currently being stalked by phone by a Taurus I met online born 5/15 and I had to get the police involved. We had a couple of phone conversations before deciding to meet one day. When I met him it was less than 5 minutes. I looked down at his hand and
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I always loved this guy, but I actually made a conscious decision to say it....to him. Well I didn’t say I love you. That would’ve been too much in one day, but I told him all the sweet things that go on in my head that my pride wouldn’t let me say out lo
or name another sign/placement even pettier...
What was your crisis catalyst? How did your spouse/ ex, family or social networks respond to sudden growth? How are you now and would you encourage others to join you? What’s your personality type and sign. Thanks
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\(^~^) Would you feel some way if you tell your partner I love you but your partner doesn't say it back? Does or does it not affect you? I ask because I've been seeing this Cap for 5 months but been together for 1. Every month for the past 3-4 mont
A while ago I wrote I'm probably in love with my Aqua who has been my best friend for 12 years and was afraid of telling him. So we went to dinner last night, lots of fun as usual with lots of laughs, long deep stares into my soul and the occasional l
I'm still excited and I have all the feels. Sitting in my 2nd viewing and there was a line gathering at 9am in the morning. I haven't felt this much excitement over a movie in years. So excited for all the African themed So excited for all the
Seems it’s all about him.. okay I get there is stress but really does that make you not able to function? He’s had a lot going on, I try to be supportive and what I get is him only caring about him not “us”? Is this normal Cap behavior in an ongoing rela
Anyone else with 10th house siiiituationssss. What planets sign?
I’m wanting it 24/7 and it’s not happening. I need to make it happen
Hi, I get to observe several Taurus / Scorpio Relationships in my Social Circle. I noticed that the taurusses always end up calming down and nurturing the Scorpios, because they Scorpios typically get more worked up and emotional. They seem to
1) If someone is trying to make you jealous? 2) someone is trying to make you mad? 3) someone comes at you aggressively 4) someone ignoring you
Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho