I had this debit gift card for a well known US steakhouse chain. Went there Sat night - 2nd time I was there. Not usually into the chain type steakhouse joints, but both times I was persuaded. Ordered a T-Bone, she had a Rib-eye. Also ordered a baked po
Do ya like it bold and black up yer arse? French pressed? Americano? Straight espresso? Fluffy floofy sugar drinks? Wenis tea?
What foods/meals best represent each sign? Do one, do several, or do them all if you'd like. My Recommendations Aries - Spicy Pepper Mutton Curry (Tasty yet spicy. For brave souls only) Taurus - Red Wine Braised Filet & Mashed Potatoes (Flavorful, in
That special someone is coming over for your first hot date. You want to impress them BUT, you only have an hour. Luckily you have all of your ingredients at your disposal. What would you make?
Alright...what's everyone's favorite recipes? I have a few basic ones I stick to but I like switching it up. I like to keep things easy and cheap - I'm on a budget damn it lol. Anywho, I'm excited to see what ya'll like to make! :)
If you have been searching over the internet with a view to obtain a reliable site, that is related to healthy food or menus, then I have a great news to share with you. Here you will find numerous recipes, those are healthy, testy & mouth-watering. To le
*Do you prefer cooking or order take out? *What food would you'd rather make yourself? *What food would you'd rather order out? I'd rather cook since I enjoy it. I typically cook 3-5 times a week. I honestly can't bring myself to EVER purchase spagh
all you people who picked tacos over roses, and that thread made me crave tacos for the weekend. Also, hard tacos or soft tacos, your preference?
As long i remember - never cared for sweets, fruits and vegetables. People who go nuts over cake or cookie looks to me like nut cakes! Lol Like why have a cake if you can have a steak? Unless you can't have steak and there no other choices but cak
For whatever reason, it's your last day on earth. What would your last meal be? (I'll be nice and say that you get 3 courses for the indecisive folk.....like me...) *Appetizer - Lobster Bisque w/ oyster crackers *Entree - 2-3 Bacon wrapped filet migno
What are some techniques you swear by when cooking or baking. Maybe its something you AWLAYS do, or maybe you prefer to cook a particular food a certain way. What method have you found makes your cooking/baking process either easier or more enjoyable?
What's the strangest, weirdest, grossest, downright off the wall food you've ever eaten? How did it taste? Would you eat it again? For me it is probably a toss up between squid ink and jellyfish. The squid ink was pretty light in flavor and had an unde
What foods are guilty pleasures for you? Hold nothing back, even if it's gross. What foods hits you juuuuust right. I think at the top of the list is white cheddar popcorn. Pretty sure many of you know the one I'm referring to in the black bag. Doesn't
What food can you not eat? Do you have an allergy? Do you have dietary restrictions (possibly for cultural or religious reasons)? Is there just a food you don't like at all? What foods do you simply not eat? I eat practically everything and don't like
Other then beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb. Something that is killed in the wild and brought to your table. Such as Venison, wild boar, pheasant, frog legs, alligator. Stuff like that. What's your story and what did it taste like?
I use decaffeinated Earl Grey and Camomile. Its strong, sweet and fruity. Need some variety, what are other good combinations?
Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin So curious which is your drink of choice / how does it effect you? Scotch - im mello Whiskey - I'm extra sassy Only time I drink vodka is for a dirty martini - sleep in like 30 min I dont drink the o
How much heat can you handle? I love spicy food. Habanero Chicken Stir-Fry or minced heat into sushi. Personally I can tolerate Habaneros. But I am not afraid to go hotter.
Beef enthusiasts. This thread not meant for vegetarians or Taurians (Unless you're a cannibal :P ). Post Pics of steaks, roasts, hamburgers or anything that is beef. http://miamifoodpug.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IMG_4196-Edit.jpg http://w
what are your fav ingredients for easy crock pot pulled pork? i got a new crock pot over Christmas and want to break it in!
Hi folks, I need some help for a project. What's a cool and attention-getting name for an outdoor beachside concession/cafe? Thanks :)
Guessing everyone here is a foodie. What recipes are the most complex you've had to prepare? Feel free to throw in recipes that may not be inherently complicated, but demanded more time because you made the ingredients from scratch (i.e. spaghetti when yo
Please share one of your easiest dessert recipe
Ok so I need some help, I'm with my little sister and I'm getting ready to make dinner... BUT she's a picky eater, what should I make for dinner tonight? List of things she doesn't/can't eat: -Fish -Pork -Peas (especially in rice) -Cheese (it has

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Can anyone who has their moon in the 8th house, tell me more about yourself. I am talking about your emotions. How do you actually feel, from time to time. I have a friend, who has his Libra moon in the 8th house, and he has a self-destructive behavior
What's your perspective on friendships and (figuratively) burning bridges? When / what circumstances do you find yourself cutting someone out of your life? My Saturn in the 7th, a lot of the articles I read are about high expectations in romance and
http://i.imgur.com/NqMOH3v.png What can you tell me about this man?
In the distant year of 2013 two financially well-off adult Asian males coming from prestigious backgrounds met on an astrology forum. In 2017 they're still discussing very important things such as which one of them really wants to suck off the other's "ch
Or have a lot of intetesting experiences? More than the average person... I do. Im wondering if its astro related cause ive read that about this placement. Probably has nothing to do with astro tho but lets c.
I guess that's a win, win! No? What is the best compatibility for a #1? And when I find her.. will I know she's the one!?
How come a lot of people say that they have houses in their chart or how does someone go about reading that deep into it? All I know is.. I'm a Taurus Born on 04/30/92 But how does someone know natal charts and what house is in what!? What!?!?
I need some advice. This guy I like who is a cancer zodiac came to my town yesterday and messaged me that he would love to see me tomorrow if I'm not busy. I said yeah would be nice to see you. He said same. Then he messaged me early in the morning like
BRING ON THE BULLIES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKY0FsUEMyw
Any advice on a creative yet sincere way to make peace/apologize to a cancer? We had a bad fallout. Although I'm still disappointed and upset, I cherished the person he is and don't want to be shelled out his life. He's like my best friend. I reached o
Hey, Stumbled across this site when trying to figure out this man I'm sort of seeing. I'm not sure if I fully understand astrology but I do find it interesting. I've discovered the typical scorpion traits define my personality and wondered how my leeb
Hi everyone! So this cancer man I'm crushing on hard is in town and would love to see me. I told him yeah would be nice to see each other. We left on a note of sleeping together but not treetrunking fyi. So he tells me to come stop by if I'm not busy ...Tod
I'm creating this post for you fine upstanding citizens of dxp to roast me. I promise you I'll enjoy it. So roast away. Take your guns off safety for those of you from Texas. From those of you from Arkansas...stop treetrunking your cousins for a moment and
I can not feel gratitude for people fighting wars, I know that we are free because people died for us, but I don't think our governments do enough to keep us safe and I feel our governments think our men are expebdable so they create one treetrunking day to r
Firebunny [img]http://i.imgur.com/R3MXGLU.jpg[/img] Baby Dastardly [img]http://i.imgur.com/Z3dMdr7.jpg[/img] Cloudy [img]http://i.imgur.com/oqynAdC.png[/img] The Ands [img]http://i.imgur.com/E5hKHAc.jpg[/img] Remix [img]http://i.imgur.com
I've known this gemini male for 6 years going on and nothing has ever transpired, because he's always had a relationship and we live about 3 hours from each other. I should also mention he's one my best friends brother. I asked her if it would be okay tha
It means stuff, astrological stuff. Posting here on the astrology forums to signify. Hope it turns out well for you.
@Scruffles Sign me off the mafia. I'm not gonna post anymore but I won't delete either because: 1. I would still PM copperdove about my Callanetics progress and 2. it would erase the assmaxing thread and I don't want that because a lot of people took a
I want to see how taurus i really am lol ... too much air in me its crazy !! thank you
Finished studies = check High-paying cushy job = check Maturity = check I'm ready to fall in love. :)