Best Finger Food!

I love those tiny sandwiches and crackers with cheese but lately I've been thinking a lot about celery. So how does cele
I love those tiny sandwiches and crackers with cheese but lately I've been thinking a lot about celery. So how does celery stalks with peanut butter and sesame seeds on top sound to you? Or maybe celery stalks with cream cheese and garnished with pieces of stuffed olives? Or perhaphs just some small slices of bread with pimento cheese spread baked in the oven?

Got any other ideas on easy and quick to make finger food?

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A thin slice of ham, cream cheese, green onion. Roll it up and cut in slices. English muffin with pizza sauce, fresh veg and parm cheese, in the oven or toaster oven. Celery, peanut butter and raisins. Apple slices dipped in honey or peanut butter.
Fresh vegetables dipped in drained plain yogurt ( sour cream substitute ) with a packet of dried vegetable soup tossed in and left overnight.
Bread buttered, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, cut into fingers and broiled.
Hollowed out potato skins with sharp jack cheese, bacon bits. Fresh chive on top.
@ deb963, the stuffing in that zuccini looks mouthwatering! Do you know what it is?

@ venusianbull, I love the idea of bread & cinnamon sugar, yum! Also the plain yogurt with dried vegetable soup, hmmm sounds interesting.
46 years old female from A Lush Meadow, US of A
" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
Good spread or dunk'em for raw veg or crackers.
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some of those I'd consider

graham crackers with goop



konnyaku jelly.. simple to prepare!
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my dons finesse it in Sweden
I 2nd the Ants On a Log love, except I use this Soy Energy Blend mix (soy nuts, almonds, & cranberries) they sell @ Costco

I also like
-crab rangoon (fake crab though, I'm allergic to real)
-frozen vodka grapes
-pizza rolls
-mini Jamaican patties
-Vietnamese spring rolls
-sushi & sashimi
-red velvet brownies w/ cream cheese frosting
-shrimp chickentail
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Everything looks so good!

I love celery with cheese whiz.
Kinda gross.
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That stuffed zucchini looks bangin. ANY kind of stuffed veggie is awesome IMO. I like to take bite sized peppers... doesn't matter what kind really - spicy or mild. Then I stuff'em with a little cheese and some meat... maybe a nice prosciutto? NOM NOM NOM.

Also, I def second the rangoons!

Additional chow fuel:


deep fried shrimp heads

sushi ... esp some eel.

samosa (
Check these out!

Don't they look just adorable! I think I would try adding a layer of greens and cherry tomatoes on the plate, just to add more color... but I don't know, they are penguins after all, lol.

Strawberries and Brie cheese. Phew, looks like hard work. Can we add any more flavor to this? Maybe something to dip this in, like melted chocolate!
kfc and fish and chips.

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