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alright ppls ive been cutting back on some meat intake ha ha ha not that way anywho ive been looking into some meatless recipes n whatnot n have come across mushroom burgers and im interested anyone have any recipes tips or tricks or idk
Chicken. Sandwich.
so i love chicken sammies and i just am curious what everyones favorite chicken sandwich is homemade or a version you make at home thats a copycat from a restaurant whatevs what kind of chicken do you like breaded grilled using a rotisserie et
Favorite homemade pizza recipe?
my favorite is pizza bianca anyone care to share their favorite pizza or homemade pizza recipe
What are you eating right now?
img https i imgur com duucisz jpg img img https i imgur com 58mgyof jpg img img https i imgur com r7886rh jpg img and in case you might be wondering what syrup im using img https i imgur com p19mfg4 jpg img
What’s your zodiac sign and your favorite food and alcoholic bev
i m hannah 28 from long island my favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is tito s mixed with grapefruit juice
Instant pot recipes
anyone have any good ones i m not having much luck with this thing
what did you have for dinner
this deserves a whole thread pictures and recipes are welcome
All about tea TEA TEA
coworker you re always walking around with that cup me if i m gonna be at work ima drink my tea realizing i actually get up like 20 times throughout the day to get hot water lol coworker how long do you steep your tea me it stays in th
Stuffing recipe please
i need with sausages and without thanks
Cooking a Steak
does anyone know how to cook a good steak everytime i try they get dry or tough i wanna know how you guys do it