It’s the stupidest thing everrrtr! Like you are who is fat waiting for New Year to lose weight? Like yesterday was too early? Ok! Good luck. Monday will be just right? Welll... Those who want to stop smoking...there weren’t chance during the year? S
A few weeks back my friend texted me and said he had a question he needed to ask me and he didn't want to offend me or make me upset. Blah, blah, blah... Had me thinking it was the end of the world and he was about to hand me my walking papers. Ok... Well
this tickled me enjoy!
Do I upload a pic for my default on here ?
I love these little bits in newspapers! :D ...share your favourites or ones you see in your newspapers today! :)
Ok,... something funny happened today. So, I thought I'd share anyway. My daughter is a Virgo (19 years old) My mother in law is an Aires They really can NOT stand one another! My husband has been in the hospital a lot. So anyway we are on our
Seeing that nobody uses this forum and the news forum has been removed. I've decided to use forum to dump some news here. The retailer may hire bankers to help fend off potential activist investors Kohl’s (KSS 4.59%) board of directors fears the
Has anyone ever tried kinetic sand? It looks so amazing to play with; I want some! ^.^

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all the women being confused by caps 😂
Hello all! Just wanted your take on a situation I have with a Libra female. She is a close friend. Lately things have not been great with her. I myself am I Scorp and I tend to find that I clash with Libra women (in opinion) almost all of the time. But
I was doing so well and 4 weeks later he messages me telling me that I’m beautiful and he just felt like letting me know. So we spoke, and of course didn’t last long — I’m convinced it’s not me now because I’m not doing ANYTHING wrong for him to keep ru
her placements: gem sun gem moon gem rising leo venus leo mars her boyfriend is a cancer sun and to get out of arguments with him.. she told me that she would pretend to feel lightheaded and faint sometimes.. i've seen her do it again just last
if so, what do you snack on? I like them nature box snacks but I can't trust myself w/ snacks often so I opt out usually yogurt is also good tho, I like coconut noosa
Help a girl out.. had a couple dates already and he seems pretty phenomenal.. positive, successful, funny, cute, romantic, smart... He did admit he had a drinking problem at one point so he doesn’t drink at all anymore, hasn’t in 10 years...but doesn’t
Period underwear.. I'm super confused as to how it works. Even after reading the "how it works" section. But I'm also kind of intrigued... Thoughts?
Ppl hate hella hard But I'm sure every one of us Leo moons have followers on dxp and real life So it makes me curious to see ppl hating on Leo moons like we bring nothing to the table yet being all over our ass otherwise
What up with the 12 dollar subscription to dxpnet The page get changing to that page No refunds lol The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
i know two happy couples who are Leo and Cancer. i kind of understand why it works esp leo men and cancer women. Leo needs encouraging love , support and loyalty , and nurturing at all times and i see cancer giving them that..alot... which makes
Anyone here have it? Can anyone tell me about this aspect? Any experiences with this aspect? I have this aspect very tightly conjunct, in the 12th house. It's my tightest aspect. From what Ive read and heard from people who look at my chart they sa
Hi Everyone, Please be kind to me, I'm completely new to this. I really need some advice... Leo Men, do you guys admit fault? Do you always only see things from your perspective or are you open to hearing another person out? My Leo man and I got into
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
When someone has his natal Sun in the 12th house, the light of the star will illuminate all that is hidden and may dissolve all possible fears. On the other hand, as the 12th house is ruled by Neptune and the sign of Pisces, the Sun is in a weak placement