• Did you know you eat Devils fart?

    Pumpernickel is a type of rye bread that is originally from Germany. The origin of the word is pretty entertaining: It’s a German word that comes from pumpern, which means to to break wind and Nickel, a take on the name Nicholas, which is associated with
  • Funny and serious

    Just wondering how come when tread made for pure fun and hilariouseness - there are always 2 people out of all who keeps carrying on answering it seriously when it’s RIDICOLOUS FUNNY tread but these 2 just oblivious to the whole world and keep on KILLING
  • Were you one of “those” kids

    Who would remove your loose teeth forcefully or let them dangle until the wind knocked them out?
  • It’s hilarious!

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  • Have you ever...

    ...walked in on your soul mate mating with another soul?
  • WTF is NEW YEAR resolution for?

    It’s the stupidest thing everrrtr! Like you are who is fat waiting for New Year to lose weight? Like yesterday was too early? Ok! Good luck. Monday will be just right? Welll... Those who want to stop smoking...there weren’t chance during the year? S
  • Culture magazine funny...

    this tickled me enjoy!
  • Comics

  • How

    Do I upload a pic for my default on here ?
  • Still surprised what i see on FB

  • Funny or not...

    A few weeks back my friend texted me and said he had a question he needed to ask me and he didn't want to offend me or make me upset. Blah, blah, blah... Had me thinking it was the end of the world and he was about to hand me my walking papers. Ok... Well
  • Bottomliners, Comic strips and Cartoonscapes :)

    I love these little bits in newspapers! :D ...share your favourites or ones you see in your newspapers today! :)
  • Funny Conversation between Virgo and Aries

    Ok,... something funny happened today. So, I thought I'd share anyway. My daughter is a Virgo (19 years old) My mother in law is an Aires They really can NOT stand one another! My husband has been in the hospital a lot. So anyway we are on our
  • Kohl's Slipping Under

    Seeing that nobody uses this forum and the news forum has been removed. I've decided to use forum to dump some news here. The retailer may hire bankers to help fend off potential activist investors Kohl’s (KSS 4.59%) board of directors fears the
  • Kinetic Sand

    Has anyone ever tried kinetic sand? It looks so amazing to play with; I want some! ^.^
  • Recent Topics

  • Intuition League Season 4 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • What it takes for a Virgo to be pushed too far ... agree or disagree my virgo's ?

    I am very patient tolerant and always have a solution for everything, i'm the ultimate optimist but once pushed too far i can become ruthless, careless i always try to avoid this side of me to come out because i do not want to be selfish or ignorant. The
  • S#itty Relationship Advice

    Post your $#itty relationship advice here, pleeeeease.
  • Why are some girls hook up material and some wifey

    Because I know some “hoes” who are in relationships
  • Hi!

    Just testing if this would work!
  • Maddie Poppe of Iowa

    She's sooo good she deserves winning! I'm a fan! :P
  • Pisces rising people-are there any here?

    We know that Pisces rising is one of the rare ones so just curious if there are people with it here? Been reading this text about it here and found some interesting and accurate things about it so would like to hear if others feel like this sometimes too.
  • My libra guy is still friends with his ex...what to do

    Me and my libra guy are approaching a year of being together and since the end of last year, there's been a slight issue with him still being friends with his ex. Now I know that it's common for exes to be platonic after years of not dating but it's been
  • Bubbly or Grumpy?

    So earlier at work, since i just got off I had a conversation with two co-workers but in a different department. They told me that no one liked one of the managers at work, because she's pretty much cheery and smiley. Which I cant even comprehend with
  • If a girl you're hanging out with.....

    says she's wanted to kiss someone ...but won't tell you who exactly it is does it mean she wants to kiss you and that she is indirectly letting you know to make a move?
  • Would a Pisces Moon cancel out a Libra Sun?

    Libras (in this case a libra woman) are usually known as flirtatious and social butterflies to an extent. Would a Pisces Moon cancel out this aspect of the sun (and further more would a Sagittarius Mars or Leo Venus have any impact on this)? I'm just tryi
  • Libra trying to be good lol

    Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes screws things up :) we planned date 3
  • DXPIL Season 4 Players Lounge This is the new thread for the new season to BS and what not The new DXPIL will work as follows: SCHEDULE Every team will play every other team in the league twice. For each match up you will get 3 quest