Any other big fans out there? I love Resident Evil and grew up with it! Own video's. And some cool stuff!
Are You excited for Switch :) Why or Why Not? What type of games do you play? What sign is your 5th house? What sign is your moon?
NOSTALGIA TIME! What games did you play as a kid? And what consoles? :)
In this game two teams will vie to accomplish different tasks among the DXP Boards The game is meant to be fun ....tho you may have to throw someone under the bus at some point. From the team that loses, someone will be fired. I need at least
Time yourself. How long did it take you to find the face in the beans?
I have one judge, but I need a second judge for a new dxp game Sorry but will accept Air Suns or Air Moons only in the extreme vetting process
What games do you like to play? Do you make Youtube videos or twitch? or just love playing games? I love Ark its one of my favorite games. I started playing 7d2d. That is one game that can get crazy. lol
Are you a streamer on twitch or just happen to be a person that just watch streamers? Do you know of a good streamer?
I'm bored so let's play a game. Google your first name and post the first one or few images that show up :)
I just finished the game, Pretty fun game, my special mention is that they talk about astrology in the game! Like what! AAA quality big production game and they have astrology signs everywhere.. Right in the beggining, you have to climb a tower and ju
I think she is secretly arrogant and plays if off like she is humble
Hi guys:) Can you tell me the names of some coolest games that i can play on my cell phone? If you can describe why thos
is that COD, bad asf this video is so funny lol Animation-wise, feels like Mass Effect 2.
A game for people who like water. This game would make you or want to see or feel a deeper meaning. People can say it is just a video game. Yea they are right. I think the game is amazing though.
This is what im looking forward to in 23 February 2017
It's been years since I played DnD. But it was one of the things I enjoyed in my past. Kick back with your group of friends and play knights or whatever you love to play as. We never really used the board, just use our imaginations and what not.
I just placed my order for a red Nintendo 3DS XL! 🙈 I am feeling really anxious about it because it is one of those things that I don't need but want. 😳 I plan to go to Gamestop to get a few games. I would like to get them pre-used since it is less exp
Am I the only loser on here that's stuck in the past? PS1, 360. Love them with every fiber of my being. My man has a PS4 and Xbox one and they are great. But I can't seem to get into either as much. They make me feel like my pea brain will explode. Especi People bring up a lot of controversy over this game. A lot of criticism and ridicule. Most of it is from people who only read the articles about the game and have not played the game or even witness it being played.
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i know there's been loads of posts but i dunno if anyone figured out her chart or not... but here ya go...
Zodiac : Tropical Sun Aries 26°59' Moon Taurus 0°53' Mercury Aries 22°44' Venus Gemini 12°03' Mars Aquarius 6°38' Jupiter Taurus 8°50' Saturn Capricorn 2°32' R Uranus Capricorn 0°59' R Neptune Capricorn 10°12' R Pl
Will the retrograde effect starting a new job seeing how it has to do with money and beginning something new?
you just can't WIN or have things the way YOU WANT them? State your Sun&Moon and their houses. Scorpio Sun in 10th Aries Moon in 3rd and if this doesn't make you upset--what does make you cry?
I have a Virgo on my tail. My thing is why do earth signs like me. I have four Leo placements and I'm crazy. Stable but very opinionated and open funny. I don't get it. I've only dated earth and Scorpio. One leo
Go to this link and post your results Symbol Meaning: The Mayan zodiac sign Keh is the sign of red storm and the deer tend to be the totem animal. The people who are born under this sign tend to
Go to this link and post what you got ;) Your African Astrology Sign Is: The Wealth of Amber and Silver T Element: Air Sense: Sight Favorable Day: Wednesday Lucky Months: February and June S
Go to this link and post your results :) About You Your Ezyptian God Is: Isis ( The god of discipline. ) Your Lucky Touchstones are: Luck Herb: Tarragon Lucky Stone: Lapis Lazuli. Lucky Tre
So I've been or had been with my love for a little over a year, we were actually celebrating our anniversary that night before we got into a fight. It's always typical that he brings up things that are bothering when we're drinking or about to head out so
I've been pretty sick the past few days and the Aqua has not left my side. No seriously...he's stuck up my butt. I'm not someone who likes to be waited on. Not even when I'm sick. But he's been there. I know Aqua get a lot of crap for not being demonstrat
If Pisces(Neptune) can create an ilusion or an image what the other person wants to see while Scorpio create physical magnetism...Is Neptune more powerful when it comes to persuasion?
Looking for experiences from having gastric sleeve (not lap band) surgery. Physical effects and difficulty. Mental and emotional challenges.
A May 7 Taurus here. I am deeply in love with a Cancer guy. He sees me only as a friend. He asked me to move on and hence we are not meeting from past few months. I asked him to meet me as I really want to see him. He said we could definitely meet
Who's next? Harrison Ford? Stallone? Schwarzie? Time frlies so fast...since the late 90's l havent counted's just like"a few years after the butterty 2000 mark....a few more...and a few more...l didn't realise it's a completely different world an
Is it really as good as what some astrologers online say about the Leo Aries match, especially the Leo female Aries male match? What are they Really like, the pros and cons? Will it work out or not? Longterm?
Only alphas allowed :)) you need to have a golden dick though
astrolgers like to put 11th house peeps and aquarius stelliums or whatnot are humanitarians. let's look at the most current humanitarians. are there Uranian aspects to the 11th house? or Aquarius tendancies?
Hi. I was in a relationship with an aquarius for a few years. I fell for him pretty hard, but his aquarius ascendant and venus sort of made it hard to feel as if I was 'close' to him. He never liked making plans; I tried to adapt to his way of doing thing
Have you ever been in 'I don't want anything' zone? Like I don't want travel, don't care about shows, movies, Academy Award, meeting with friends, going out... You name it - I don't want it !!! And how long it lasted if you've been there?
could we change the man cave into the bro cave?:))