Gemini and Aqua and other placements

By IamThisJuly 18, 2017 8:11am — 13 replies
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hey guys my boyfriend isnt good at being emotional and opening up hes going through a bit of a slump with his company right now and has alluded to his unhappiness how do you pull a gemini out of depression he isnt a very sensual man i cant use
leo woman here - dont know my othe me replacements as im relatively new to this i was seeking a sort of fun fling for the summer ive been single for awhile and i was ready for something on the fun side so i naturally was attracted to the gem dude
is he running or is he distracted??
hey me again ive read all your replies to my previous post and they were really helpful my gemini friend with benefits has now suddenly stopped messaging me every day for 4 months every single day we would talk on face book and now for the las
why is my gemini man loving and attentive one day and the next day very distant
ive been married to my gemini man for 3 years and him being a gemini has been the biggest challenge not because im a scorpio jealous outspoken and very emotionally mature but because his mood changes so often and its hard to not let it affect you
More Gemini confusion.
so i kinda started seeing this gemini moon sign in taurus im a virgo with moon in sagittarius it was the usual blah blah blah crazy over you la di dah then they feel fenced in when you like them back and expect things blah blah blah i get all that
Gemini/Gemini moon - depression and anxiety
hey folks im a gemini moon scorpio sun and almost scorpio in every placement except for my darn moon placement and im super grateful for it cause it balances out my inner scorpio control freak it is the part of me that made me a writer and landed m
How faithful are Gemini men
libra queen here been dating my gemini man for 2 years hes great but sometimes i cant help but think hes playing me behind my back caught him texting his ex a few days ago he begged and plead for my forgiveness dont know to believe its
gemini man and being mean
i m friends with a gemini man for a long while now we always debate and talk non stop as a gemini woman i feel a bound between us that i cant explain the issue is when im talking to other guys he gets quiet and when i talk to him after he gets mean to me
Geminis i'm curious.
is it normal that a gemini never replies when i text her about random stuff but when i text her to set a date she becomes reactive confused
I'm not desperate
so is there any other gems who arent desperate but needing some grown attention lol the struggle is real ugh