getting a scorpio to forgive you?

Hey all you gems, A scorpio friend (female) of mine is mad at me, but I'm not sure why.

Maybe because I called her on her secretiveness and the fact that she never shares her feelings and blows hot and cold.

Anyway, now she refuses to speak to me. I have been a loyal, open, honest, responsive, and caring friend to her.
So, it's not that I've done anything bad to her. But I think she may be hurt because maybe she thinks I don't appreciate
what she has given in the friendship.

Anyway, I need help on how to get back in her good graces. Has any other gemini been in a similar situation and successfully
saved the friendship? What do I need to do? It's been 11 days of hell for me. I've e-mailed her almost daily apologizing, but nothing seems to work.
yes, I have been there. Well, the friendship is already somewhat unusual. I had a friend that was scorpio and she got really offended by something i did. You have to be aware that they take things twice as serious as we do. Everything is taken to the third degree, regardless of what it is. You have to ask them for forgiveness and admit your fault. That should work. They want you to sort of surrender to their needs. Sounds like a a lot huh? They like you to kiss ass, which we geminis really can't do. Having been friends with 3 scorpio women, you have to accept them for their faults, but other than that, they can be much like us with their ambition, and outspoken attitude. Hope that helps!
I've apologized forever. She told me to quit bugging her (more or less) I said I wouldn't e-mail, but that I'd be available to talk when she's ready and then I apologized again...anything else I should have done or should do???
Is there a reason you feel compelled to continue with this??

Are you worried about this person? or is it because you want something from thema and they don't want to give it to you now?

If it is because you are worried about them or something and it is bothering you, I would tell them that! Then again, there is nothing you can do that you haven't already done! So there is no failure on your part.
scopios definitly will make you suffer, i think they get off on it.
I would say it depends on the realtionship!

If it is a close one(friend or family or like family), then you will be forigive; do not expect it to come without a tag. (explantion)and won't be a-- oh! don't worry about it! Like it was no big deal. It may have very well been a big deal to them! Even if you didn't think so. Hard to forget injuries and dwell on them too much!

Scorpios protect their feelings because when wounded they feel it maybe more than most and it takes longer to heal. Not a good idea to hurt one intentionally!

If it is a relationship where the trust was not yet established or was green, then you will most likely either be cut off completely or will be paid back. Depends on the level of maturity in the individual!?

Good Luck!
By the way, I personally don't resort to paybacks any longer. I have learned that karma will take care of whatever offense was committed and I really don't hope that it happens to someone! We all make alot of mistakes. If someone is real and sincere or if they never ever come clean, I will still forgive and move on for my own health and happiness!!!
Listen, as having quite a lot of experience with scorpios I think you should wait for a while with this scorpio fem and give sometime because you have explained everything to her and appologised 100 times so now give it a break and let her figure things out, basically u have kissed her a** and thats no good.
Scorpios like to have control and if you give in to them they might crash you even more or keep playing with ur feelings I had the same experience and it didnt feel so good. But if u back off and start keeping distance they'll come back and wonder why ur not lickin they're a** any longer as someone said that above!
I've had similar experience but not as passionate as urs because I didnt have such feelings for my friend it was mostly based on friendship and love,we still both love each other to bits but I had to maintain my friendship and it wasnt easy with scorpio, many times came to conclusion to break my friendship because it was both too much love and too much pain at the same time so I just told myself f*** everything I want to live my life and why I should I suffer over someone so much?? So I just changed my whole attitude to my friend and now I cant be bothered and believe me makes things better to breath.
Not sure if that helps,
take it easy hun..
if u want to ask specific question feel free to ask ok
ur gem..
Scorpio's are highly emotive. They also don't like fuss..which is what you are doing with your daily emails. If you value the friendship, you must acknowledge the hurt you have caused but also tell her to get over it. You're a Gem, so use your intellegence and logical way of thinking to get her back into your good books.
Alot of insight there!!! Back off, OK!
Lots of Love and hope everything will be fine!
Thanks for all the feedback. I haven't e-mailed since I said I wouldn't
until she's ready to talk (if or when).
Basically, I haven't ever experienced a complete cut-off from anyone before.
Generally, if someone's mad at me, stuff is aired out through communication, and
things move on. I don't really know how to deal with someone who refuses to talk after I've
sincerely apologized and have encouraged discussion of what might be wrong.
So, it's weerd for me. But, I do think that my friend won't e-mail me back on her own.
I'll probably have to keep the distance for a few months and then try again.
I think it sucks that scorpios are so into honesty, but then can't even share their own feelings or
be up front about what's wrong. It's like they expect you to read their mind. It's all so secretive and
ambiguous - strange relationship.
I am a scorpio woman. Scorpio's need alot of time to cool down and they do hold a grudge for a long time. It seems like everything that is said to a scorpio is taken the wrong way. I am a mature person and I dont hold grudges and I do talk about problems but there are times in my relationship that there is something said and it is not to be little me it is joking etc etc and I get upset, but then I talk it out. A lot of scorpios are not that open. I dont know the situation that you are in or how to fix it but the best thing to do right now would be to give her time and space and see if she will come around. Scorpios are weired they dont like to admit that they are wrong and they are the people that do not realize that something that they had was good untill it was gone.
-Scorpio woman-
i would forget about her! Scorpio play too many games with the mind! She just wants you to beg and make you sweat! FOrget her!
i would forget about her! Scorpio play too many games with the mind! She just wants you to beg and make you sweat! FOrget her!
I agree with the last response. I had a scorpio girlfriend and I gave her a chase. She wanted me, but I made it very clear that I had others. SHe was determined to get me and she did. Once I was in the relationship she was completely jealous. I'm a GEM and I flirt adn with scorpio you can't do that. She wanted to change my character and I refused. The challenge was there and now she won't leave me alone. Scorpio women want to posses and control. us gems don't like that. They are too private and us geminis are to open. Not a good pair at all.

But to your problem stay away from her, believe me she will come around. Never give in to a scoprio woman they will suck the blood out of you...
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