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Gemini man and Capricorn woman Experiences?
i met a gemini man that i dig he is not a douchebag like the sag can it be true im really feeling this guy he is super quiet and to himself meow yum
gemini and diet
im curious im pretty nitty gritty in what i eat also ive read some survey result which stated that people who suffer from eating disorders are born on may and june not that i am saying we have bad eatings habits but i notice this fixation on wh
a gem sun gem mars and myself gem moon asc mars have had an interesting convo yesterday about how neither of us can find a place state of mind person situation whatever that we can call home in terms of soul heart both are immigrants both have lived
What's up with Gemini and texting?
i recently met a gemini sun scorpio moon - he stops texting mid- conversation and texts back 10 to twenty minutes later i hate that i told him sweetie i cant tell a man what to do but i would like to request that when you text you give me please
Are all Geminis a little kooky?
i know three geminis one with terrible social anxiety one who is a social butterfly but gets himself into all kind of social predicaments and one who is nice but dull as a rock
Gemini years?
how old are you in gemini years lol i just feel like there should be such a thing because you guys are so child like if you are or know older gemini at what age did they slow or settle down
A weird misdirection
this is going to be as vague as it gets is there a reason a gemini would lie about being a lesbian
That Cusp of Magic...
so i was speaking to a co worker i pegged as a cancer and in our conversation told me she was a gem i was shocked because she exhibits cheifly cancer behavior i also know guy shering the same bday as the woman stated above an he too has many cance
Gemini man explain what happened from his point of view.
a very good-looking gemini man responded to my ad on a dating site he favored me and wrote am email that read i just wanted to stop by to say you are gorgeous i replied your pictures render me speechless so much so i think you are a catfish he pr
Are Gems good match with Cancers?
so maybe cancers and gems have a lot more in common then would seem we are both moody need space sensitive loving etc but also we are neighbors on the zodiac so have a lot of similar placements anyone experience the gem cancer relationship what