Ok no bs time wasters. Give me a name of a loved one who has left their body. Ask me a question. You can DM me if you rather. I’ll try and help out. For this to work you must not give me bs info or it’s your ass I’ll block. If you should know I do t
Last night when I laid down to go to bed I was in that point where I'm about to fall asleep but still awake when I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone whispering my name into my ear. It wasn't a startling thing. It was a very calm thing but I could fee
https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-claims-she-apos-had-001911083.html A woman in Bristol, England, really likes spirited lovemaking ― and only ghosts need apply. Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old “spiritual guidance counselor” says she’s had sex with at l
I've this when I'm very tired or stressed out (from my own observation..I kept a record of its frequency and the circums
Have anyone on here ever been haunted by a ghost or demon?? Had a scary emcounter at work about a month ago where som
I saw this on telly its an american show it was interesting the group taps debunks ghost
I've always wanted to talk with spirits! Wouldn't that be awsome?! Who here has tried it? And what happened? Details
Does being ghosted count in the ghost forum cuz I've been ?? which means I'm being ignored ..it's almost as bad as cheating & lying to me ??
Have any experience with seeing their dog or cat that has passed on in ghost form? I read that they come back to visit their owners sometimes.. They can do little things that only u as the owner would know to get your attention such as leaving a depressio
These jackasses are running around Houston dressing like scary clowns. They are all up in people's yards and one of them took a bullet to the head. Reportedly there have been dozens of sightings and altercations.
I'm guilty of not reading all the posts for this answer, but has anyone ever SEEN a ghost? I know a couple of people who
Yes, a mouse trap and a block of cheese.
THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES: PART TWO VIRGO: Stop texting me and yes you hurt me and second you intentionally tried to slam my door cause you was upset. My door wouldn't have swung back at all. So am done this is my last text so I have officially delet
Ghost cams websites where you can look for casper live updates every 30 seconds, no archives. live updates every minute until 6 am GMT, 3 days of archives to filter through, more activity.
ever think that maybe we are the dead ones? lol
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My amazing Pisces sent a text about 2 weeks ago in the middle of the day telling me he loves me. I never expected it because he's never really made a bold declaration. I was surprised but I thrilled. I told him a while ago and let him know there was no pr
I'm watching the interview of Maame Bibey and the Nigerian women Bob sled team And everyday I'm just so proud to be African. They really do inspire me. They're everywhere doing everything. Last week i went to Elliot Bay books and on staff favorite
and....goooooo..... what are your experiences? opinions? thoughts? anything :D
Seems it’s all about him.. okay I get there is stress but really does that make you not able to function? He’s had a lot going on, I try to be supportive and what I get is him only caring about him not “us”? Is this normal Cap behavior in an ongoing rela
Hi all, I am a Taurus woman with moon in Scorpio (if that is relevant). I have dated a lot of Pisces in the past, and had a couple of very long-term relationships with Pisces. I tend to find Pisces very attractive, but I noticed I end up getting tired
besides always trying to outwork each other and being massive flirts? #mercurypeeps
I've always thought based on appearances and research, water signs seem to have the most trouble with weight. Cancers and pisces are either fat or just bloated looking/round faces and bodies. Scorpios I feel just fluctuate between muscular and stocky/stou
I notice everytime they talk to each other they both make a lot of eye contact and sometimes when he walks into a room she'll touch or lightly fix her hair. My best friend is a Leo. My girlfriend is a gemini. Am i over thinking?
I'm a taurus man and I want to know how to tell if a cancer girls is interested?
This isn’t the best place to discuss religion but does any one on here believe in God? Good and evil? Heaven and hell? In the devil? For the purpose of the thread just participate ONLY if you actually do believe in these things cause I know many don’t
Leo- Ascendant, Moon Taurus- Venus, Sun, MC Aries- Mercury Mars Jupiter- Virgo
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Stay clear of DXP today. Y'all on the hot seat right now. Just chill and get back to work (why are you on here anyway). Check back later this evening and the dust will probably be settled. Don't say any cross words to your girl, she probably on here ranti
1) If someone is trying to make you jealous? 2) someone is trying to make you mad? 3) someone comes at you aggressively 4) someone ignoring you
Hi, I get to observe several Taurus / Scorpio Relationships in my Social Circle. I noticed that the taurusses always end up calming down and nurturing the Scorpios, because they Scorpios typically get more worked up and emotional. They seem to
I know the first sentence will be 'she won't forgive you' or something. I know scorpio always remember these kind of things but what basically happened is; we ran into a conflict which wasn't really so dangerous it is just that we both had a strong person