I’m on Beyaz, but I don’t want to be on it anymore so I was doing research. Has anyone tried seasonale, Seasonique, or Lybrel? Do you recommend any of these?
My boyfriend and I are trying to be healthy and fit together. This has been an ongoing thing since we started dating and it just hasn't panned out very well lol. I don't know if it's our shared Pisces moon that continually takes us away from reality and o
All bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, or whatever you identify as 😂, I'd like to hear your story and some of your personal goals and records. Why/how did you find/get into your discipline? What are your heaviest lifts or craziest accompli
for a minute. My one coworker is obese She easily weighs in the upper 200's, if not 300 lbs She has complained to me that she can't lose weight "no matter what she does" She even tried some new laser weight loss thing and gained weight according
I've been trying dieting but it frustrates me. Before I gave birth to my daughter I would spend hours in the gym and eat as much food as I want. Can anyone recommend some home exercise videos? I don't have time for the gym anymore since I have a 1 year ol
do you enjoy smoking? are you trying to quit? how long have you smoked? if you're trying to quit do you have a quit date?
When you get anxiety do you ever get a hot tingly sensation In your face and ears? I have it now and it won't treetrunking stop! How do I make it go away?
Personally, Yes. I know a cancer and other people that shower once every 4-5 days ?? ( Gross! ) Title.. Discuss...
Kinda weird question to ask but i met this girl today who looked as though she had down syndrome, but kinda mild. She seemed kinda nervous, so I started conversation with her. She didn't act as though she had downs, she was a little awkward but didn't see
...just curious if anyone has ever had this, and what you did/how long it took for it to heal....have had cortisone shots, custom made orthotic inserts for my shoes, etc....nothing is really making the pain go away unless I completely lay off of it, but t
So are any of y'all females on here squirtes? (You know the gushing that is mistaken for puss sometimes during intercourse) If so are you ashamed of it and how do you control it ? Thanks ?
With Adrienne. Most of you probably don't give af but maybe it will spark interest in some. Yoga has saved me from my own self destruction time and time again. There is more power behind it than just stretching and nice, bent over booties. Trust me.
y'all, i need some tips from early risers. i have a call time of 6 AM, which means i need to be up & out of the house by 4:30. i usually wake up between 7-8 AM but 4:30 is brutal. aside from coffee, what can i do to make sure i wont crawl back into bed
...with drug addictions. Any of you experience this? I have great support from my hub and others but I am curious about other people who have grown up with someone close to them deteriorating over time or relapsing over and over again. I am so sad for my
Anyone here practice it? What has it done for you? Tell me about it.
I know that it's possible to be scared of being emotionally attached to people. So can you also be emotionally scared to be detached from people, is that a thing? Like not fear of abandonment but like fear of losing the ability to emotionally connect with
Your marker or your mouth? I was talking to this guy about ATM sex and I was like I'd never do that because we all have E. coli growing in our butts and that's nasty to me to put in your mouth. Then he was like "treetrunk that it's not safe to introduce the
Anyone ever tried this? Basically a massage table with transducers and an amp hooked up to it, that sends vibration through your entire body. My friend bought one, after going for several sessions of music therapy, and I tried it last night. Was prett
Has anyone here quit drinking alcohol after drinking it on a regular basis? Positive changes? negative ones?
Wha kind of things do you eat? What made you want to make that switch? https://youtu.be/7mLLvDQOZnE Here is s cool video I found on what this family eats in a day to help with their lifestyle.

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I met this Gemini who wants to bond before jumping into the sheets. Just wondering if it’s worth it. I could be interested in a long-term relationship if I know it’ll be worthwhile. Here’s our synastry chart: [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/5a19bc.jpg[/IMG]
Because... No one here cares what you think and you won't change anyone else's mind. https://i.imgur.com/FmROE5Z.jpg Post your unpopular opinion on something. Then quote the person who posts something you strongly agree or disagree with, WITHOU
So on the way back from upstate NY we had to come through to catch our flight to London from JFK. We had a major delay and they put us on a morning flight. Around midnight we headed to the BA terminal, it was pretty dead as first flight check in opened 4:
It seems Virgo Moons are rarely discussed, so I'm making a topic just for us. Not sure how many of us are ative after the DXP hiatus. Anyway, what are you pet peeves? What are the things that either people do or YOU do yourself that irritate you to no end
I’m graduating with my associates next year and I don’t really want to go. I don’t see a point until I get my bachelors
So before I go tha treetrunk asleep. I got an idea. Post what your "qualifications" for dating would look like in "resume" form. For example: Requirements to Date: Unacceptable: Pros: Cons: So for instance mind would be like; Requirements to Date: Ho
I don’t want to read too much in to this but recently in the past year my ex has reached out to me (Aries female), as friends she has said. Not that it matters I’m 34 and a guy lol she’s 27,I’m a Gem. There is some history between us. We dated back in
Read em and weep cookiemonsteres. I'm the most scorp mother treetrunker here. YEAH BOIIII, SUCK MAH DICK, SUCK MAH DICK, SUCK MAH DICK!!!!!!! https://i.imgur.com/zVjiVih.png
Gifs and art welcome. Leo and Aquarius https://i.imgur.com/EJ6Xvq0.jpg
What about this placement? Venus in Virgo - 9th house Sun in Scorpio - 10th house Moon in Leo - 8th house
And now i can't sleep. That butter happens like never. Only my kid can wake me up, asking for water or something and after i'm asleep within seconds. And now this butter it's 5 45 am, i have to wake up at 7am don't know what to do.
Who would you be? Me? Hands down Uma Thurman's "Bride" in the Kill Bill movies. She is *the* Scorpio personified. Passionate, sexy, intelligent, tricky. She's a Phoenix rising from the ashes of her tragedy, seeking revenge and justice. Ma girl.
So bored on this Friday night And what is your birth chart like? My celebrity crush is Jeremy Allen white Sun- Aries Moon- Capricorn Mercury- Aries Venus- Pisces Mars- Aquarius Jupiter- Virgo Saturn- Aquarius Uranus- Capricorn Nept
I want to get into gardening, flowers, veggies, fruit. All ideas are welcome. I’m a complete newb and have never grown anything in my life, so we will see how it goes. If you have any pictures you’d like to show off of your gardening, feel free to pos
I always see different answers... Some say look at the woman’s venus and the mans mars Some say a mans moon and a woman’s Jupiter I always hear different answers I always felt like it was sun vs sun (example an Aries woman with a leo man) Then moo
Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https://youtu.be/gRuggMzH3Gw https:/
Can I do this by myself for someone? Someone who is too prideful to agree to go the therapist. He told that he is suffering from depression for along time. Tell me a positive stories please.
I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.