• Diet Accountability Thread

    We can post our daily caloric intake + weight loss progress My first goal is to lose 5 lb and maintain a daily caloric deficit of 100 calories at least Currently at approx 60 calories from coffee creamer. Goal is to burn 2500 You can add me on fitbit as
  • How do you deal when loneliness hits

    I live alone . None of my friends are people I can lean on. I have two friends- one I’m not close to The other can only focus on about two things at once, at the moment, it’s her boyfriend and school So I feel alone a lot . My family are in a differe
  • Herbs and Natural Remedies

    What's your go to, or what have you found to help with something you may have suffered from? Any interesting ones you've heard of? I started drinking tea I'm making from Loquat leaves today. It's got an array of health benefits, vitamins, minerals and is
  • Holiday Seasons

    Do you or anyone you know get depressed around the holidays? I can already feel my friends depression leaking out
  • Anybody with a horrible habit of shaking leg or foot?

    I have this. I’ll be reading a book or concentrating on something and my leg will start popping away. It can really make my legs sore after a while but i can’t help but do it. I know of the name RLS (restless leg syndrome). Does anyone else have it an
  • Hypoglycemic Peeps

    Just found out recently through bloodwork my glucose was too low non-fasting, which makes sense why low carb or no sugar diets never worked for me. I’m a non diabetic hypoglycemic. I’m watching for cues when it starts dropping, and hoping I don’t pass out
  • The art of slowing down

    Do you have a morning routine If so what is it. Read morning routine is essential I’ve never had a routine I just do it Sometimes in a rush. having had shingles this week n not even noticing I was stressed I was forced to rest this week Even in rest I f
  • Quitting Smoking 🚬

    I recently started smoking cigarettes this summer. I think a large part of the habit starting was having a social circle that smoked, a huge amount of stress and lastly, just being interested in smoking in general. I have to admit that I actually enjoy
  • Odd thing that has been happening.

    Every morning I am awakened by a loud swooshing noise in my ears. Its way off beat so I hope it isnt my heart beat. Its only when Im laying down and waking up. Its very loud and concerning me. I've read about Pulsatile tinnitus, but this only happens in t
  • TMAU

    I feel bad about that body odor thread, so heres an awareness thread for a select few people who suffer from intense body odor. I feel bad for them. If u have go above & beyond to try contain the scent try ur best. Go the extra mile. Dont give up hope
  • Let's be real..

    Do you sleep with someone new before getting them tested for STDs? Is it a dealbreaker if they refuse to get tested?
  • Food problem

    I used to be overweight and ever since I have lost 100 pounds I have pain in my big toe before that started I got a steroid shot on the top part of my foot where you get Morton neuromas I think I spelled it right months later the side of my big toe is n
  • What are your anxiety coping mechanisms?

    What do you do to calm yourself when you are anxious or stressed about something? I always feel like taking time to myself, writing what i’m feeling in poetry and listening to music or singing is how I cope best when i’m anxious or stressed. Also, a cup
  • Need advice!!!!!

    I'm 27 and I already have a 10 year old and debating on should I take a plan b or not...please leave the negativity to urself. I'm a Pisces and he's a Gemini...I know that that shouldn't matter but I'm only saying that in case anyone else has experienced
  • Yoga Enthusiasts

    How do you develop practice? Do you focus more on breathing, mediation and then poses? Integrate all three pretty evenly? I’ve been doing yoga on/off for years but lately I’ve picked up a bug for it. I want to go full force into it, start doing handstand
  • Sleeping problems

    Any tips on getting to sleep??? Recently i haven’t been able to get to sleep until around 5am.