do you ever feel an intense heaviness around someone with their bodies attacked by cancer? if you stay around half hour by the person or even an hour, you feel dizziness and feel like you are going to throw up and die yourself? it's like you can feel
A the moment i am just walking. Every day though. Eating normally ...a lot of refined carbs though. What helps you stay in shape and feel good :) ?
The Aries is a fantastic cook. I'm losing weight faster than I ever have in my life. She only cooks healthy. I never knew that just substituting things could make a huge difference
Sometimes I can eat some junk food and eliminate but I still feel like there's a lot of stuff still in the inside but today I had a salad and it really felt a very strong elimination - I thought lettuce was basically water? Does anybody know what is in le
Hi All, Just realized I have medically been on hormones replacement therapy for 1.5 years! I want to share this with you all because I know there are many supportive and sweet dxpnet members out there. *Positive and Friendly Comments are welcomed! *
Anybody else have a hard time not taking care of yourself? I keep trying to take a couple day break but can't really go a day without frustration.
Does anyone have this or know someone that does? I am at the hospital right now with my 16 year old son. He has been losing weight rapidly, sleeping a lot and just looking sickly. His regular dr couldn't see him until July 11 but today, he just didn't
Not sure where to put this topic. I'm growing 4 tomato plants and some other plants Concerned about the tomatoes though. 2 early girl and 2 sweet 100. Some of them are getting holes in the leaves and there's little black bugs. I need to save them and
So this comes and goes but for the last 3 days straight I've had the most intense symptoms and I'm too scared to go to the doctor. For the last 3 days I've continuously felt dizzy, lightheaded and almost like there's a sense of shock or like a buzz in
Anyone with asthma ever tried it? Does it have any medical use for asthmatics? {} do you need a friend right now? do you need a hug? do you need someone to tell you something beautiful? do you need someone to notice something about yourself that no one else does? do you need someone t
Anyone tried it for sneezing fits? Did it give any long term relief? Damn I'm allergic to everything and thus season is sucking the energy out of me. I'm just so exhausted sneezing 1000times a day and it is so awful I need help to take observations at
have you dealt with painful burning sensation in your stomach before? what did you do?
I trained as an aromatherapist some years ago and swear by the oils. Lately I have been using peppermint oil a lot for pain relief (i have neck arthritis which results in moderate to intense head pain most days). It helps to manage the pain and I rarely n
Why are therapists and or psychiatrists called Quacks? Those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to afford these expensive as professionals what happened in therapy and did it help you there's a psychiatrist actually perform therapy or do they just
I have PCOS and my doctor prescribed me Norethisterone 5 mg for 3 months. The course will be completed in a few days. I was wondering do/did you get your periods normal after completing the course or the periods get/got irregular again? Will I have to dep
You just don't have anymore fight in you left? I feel like as I get older, my depression and anxiety just get the best of me. I just don't know how to deal anymore. I just wonder why I was cursed with these mental illnesses. It's not fair.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Don't know where else to put it. For those of you who can relate, either as a drinker, or as someone who had to put up with someones drinking... Does a drunk mouth really speak a sober heart? Or, are the things
Saw this article the other day and thought it was worth sharing. I wasn't aware of higher risk with "textured" implants:
Sometimes even when life is so good, I feel so blah. I succumb to dark feelings/moods off and on and off and on, for most of my life thus far. Only around 5 years ago did I gain the awareness of what was going on. After a year long bout... most of which w
what are the craziest thing you heard grows your hair ...and have you ever tried them ..and which one should I try first! things I have heard ... Jamaican black castor oil the inversion method

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Example: today I was talking to the guy I was gonna buy a nice 97 vw from on the 7th, found out he sold it with out notifying me and so with in two hours I have found a new car, planned a date to buy it and now I'm set. I can network, make plans, even sc
I'm a cancer with sag moon, I was wondering what would make a Aquarius with a Sag moon stop speaking. We where talking fine and one day I didn't speak because I was having a bad day. And everything went downhill afterwards. I didn't see him for two days a
Explain your relationship to work. How has it impacted your personal relationships, if at all?
Yes I'm volunteering you. So my knees hurt. Every time i bend them. I have had one knee hurt and i thought it was from track in high-school...but that was very long ago...but now both hurt anytime i bend my knees. Like if i squat it's very painful.
Which man is better for compatibility with this woman? Woman: Sun: Gemini Moon: Taurus Mercury: Taurus Venus: Gemini Mars: Scorpio Man 1: Sun: scorp Moon: sag Mercury: sag Venus: libra Mars: libra Man 2: Sun: Virgo Moon: s
Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??
Some guys just go to the gym 20 hours per day talk like an person with dawn syndrome and looks like they fear like 'sensitive' things, also some of them looks like have an gay paranoia or something lol, but when they need to be an real man and solve probl
Like your Sun is in Cancer, their Jup in Cancer. Were they exhilirating? Did it feel like they expanded your energy ?
I bought one ..would you believe i broke the nozzle and now i can't get the product out of the bottle ..I keep doing this with bottles actually so annoying! Thanks for all replies :)
Ladies.. Create a dick code for the type of package you most desire and post it here. Build it and they will come.
My Knight In Shining Armor-Where is he?   As a Capricorn woman people expect us to be invincible, and it’s true we do have spines of steel and can handle anything you throw at us. We might take a few minutes to recoop and get our bearings, but you can
25, Female, queer. Birthday Jully 22nd 1991 Cancer Sun, Sag Moon....Ascending....?? Iv been following this forum for a few months, and it helped me to read everyone's stories. So thank you! I love hip hop. Writing. Falling in love. And treetrunking it up.
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Left seattle to go back to new york without telling me i guess she no longer see's us as friends. two things happened last year. 1) I yelled at her for not coming to my event on time, lots of miscommunication, she screamed and yelled at me, sweat
Pisces man 1 - Someone I adore and I feel connected to. We've been on many dates and have this magnetic attraction. Has goals and a decent career going. I am starting to develope feelings for. P-Man1 and I have not committed to each other. Pisces man