Covid vaccine booster shots

By SassyKiwiNovember 20, 2021 5:14pm — 18 replies
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i have my first session on saturday i ve never tried anything like it i m curious to hear about others experiences
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you can also donate through my fundraiser page https runsignup com abbynormal916 i ve signed up and am going to do my first official 5k this week end now you can do whatever distance you like at whatever pace you like because you do it from whe
Covid vaccine experiences 💉
which one did you get did you experience any side effects do you have any stories of being in a covid positive situation after being fully vaccinated im about to get my second dose i will also forever be wearing a mask in certain public situations m
Chemotherapy + COVID vaccine
do you or someone you know have first hand experience of what it s like to get the coronavirus vaccine while undergoing chemo i got the first dose of moderna yesterday and it has beat the shit out of me i am not on chemo but my dad is and he is exp
how many minutes hours do you spend on exercise a day i ve downloaded an app which records brisk walking steps and i m averaging between 45-60 mins a day brisk and regular combined just wondering what other people do thanks
Turmeric or Glucosamine?
which ones better i tried taking glucosamine years ago but i was younger and probably didnt need it then but i have been hearing a lot about turmeric and trying to take that now but wondering if i should take both or not any suggestions
Are you taking them jab?
looks like america is starting to vaccinate this month so who is getting in to have it why why not
this 6 minutes video will turn you into a vegan activist!
https www youtube com watch v mkqdvifnhnc happy thanksigiving lol
What do you do when it comes to dental care?
ever since i got my braces off earlier in the year ive been way more diligent in taking care of my teeth ive tried everything from oil pulling brushing with activated charcoal water flossing etc i heard cod liver oil can reverse tiny cavitites
Effects of Covid-19 on Local Lifestyles...
now that covid-19 has been around long past any logical quarantine known to mankind the current circumstances in the u s and great britain seem to be much worse than we thought possible this doesn t seem to be about a virus it seems more like the fall