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  • Death from common cold

    What is the death rate from the common cold? I think I’m dying. Is an urgent care clinic appropriate? I had a cold all week last week but it cleared up this past weekend. Today I woke up with a soar throat and progressively the pain has taken over my
  • Do you allow people to let off their frustrations on you ?

    So I don’t know if this is normal in other people family I was raised by a single mom .... and when she gets mad , have migraine , gets headache , is sick , late for somewhere or whatever ... my whole life she lets it off on me. She’ll blow up becaus
  • Why am I always cold?

    I always feel cold and I find it hard to get warm. This started at the beginning of fall. By October I was wearing all of my usual winter clothes when I was going outside, I got a personal space heater for my bed room and desk, and I started sleeping with
  • Ways to gain weight

    Looking for healthy ways to gain weight. I've been a constant 120 for years and I'm just really tired of people calling me skinny. Doesn't really help my confidence. I just want to get to a healthy weight. Any advice? I see that protein shakes w
  • Do you get bruises/cuts you don't remember how you got?

    i just noticed i've got this long cut on my left palm not deep but it's long and it looks fresh yet i can't remember how i got it nor is it painful and my bf found a small bruise on my back and i can't remember how i got that one neither
  • Vitamin Suggestions

    I am really open to trying vitamins and so far I have tried, Probiotics, Apple Cider, Hand Skin Nails, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Multivitamins, prenatal Vitamins Etc. but I haven't found one that gives me the energy I need. Any Suggestions Greatly Apprecia
  • How many hours a day do you sleep?

    if it's not the weekend? do you think it could be okay to sleep around 3-4 hours a day?
  • Physical Training Goal

    I just finally came back to working out again after 5 years... LONG ASS time... Any recommendations for eating healthy food to eat? And what to drink besides water. I know I should stay away from soda and spicy food + junk food.
  • any women ever tried female Viagra ?

    so i am wondering what does it do to a woman and how long does it last
  • Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?

    when did you have them removed? what if the pain just disappeared but you kinda ignored it? do you still have them removed when they're not painful anymore?
  • Effective Teeth Whitener

    Looking for something that works on really bad yellow stained teeth. I mean like the last time I went to the dentists they said they couldn't get all the stains out. Please only post things you've actually tried and worked for you. Thanks!