How would you make this site better?

Do I have to subscribe for likes or any other notifications other than some quotes?
On my iPhone, I’m having a major problem with a google ad that keeps popping up and redirecting DXP to another site to win a fake prize!! It’s happened 100 times. I can hardly use DXP. I have to keep refreshing. Most of the time, it doesn’t stop redire
Hello admin, I'm new here, and I seem to have a problem with my topics. None of them seem to show up. Is there a setting that needs adjusting, or what do I need to do to fix this? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance if you any clue! LaBellaDo
I’m having problems with posting. If I’m writing a pm, and then click on the word I misspelled, it automatically jumps to the link saying not a subscriber? And then everything I write disappeared, Does that mean if I subscribe I won’t have issues with
The menu on mobile is blocking the headers ever since the Subscribe was added. It's still set to the old menu height when going responsive.
If you expect people to pay for subscriptions, everything MUST be in working order first. It's been at least a couple months since the Big Bada Boom and the PM layout is stil
Since the incorporation of the "Like button" on this site along with the frustration of being unable to deliver the appropriate level of response I would like the Punch in the face button and technology or establishment to accommodate such request. Since
Dear DXP, I find it really rude to lock @CopperDove out of her DXP account for several days and for NO reason. In addition, it’s her birthday. She is the only true person on DXP that brings positivity to this place. Have some heart and FREE COPP
So now you need to pay to be able to check your likes, among other things? Really? Sure, it's not a life or death feature, although it's fun to have at times, but I really don't like being limited in that way. Bad service and just darn greedy. So disappoi
Clearing cache/history couldn't log in afterwards firstly on phone then desktop. R.I.P old account. Anyone else?
then this butter appear.
It’s not a big deal but I can’t upload a profile pic. And every time I post I get an error but I think my posts are visible? They are to me so yeah, pretty sure they are. It’s ok though. Glad you’re back dxp. Love, Livenluv
I need a couple of shirts with some of the "Best Post Of The Day" Qoutes. And please don't do it yourself outsource that butter.
I'm sensitive to the fact that the owners/admins are working to get the site back to 💯 However I am not receiving notifications for front page posts at all. Only receiving notifications for likes and those are sporadic at best. Zero notifications for p
Instead of having to make a new account and coming up with a name, why not give us the option to be able to change it.
Do we need to rollback to prehistoric browsers if we want to upload an avatar now? It's 2017, get with the new technology, sailor.
You brahmaparusha!!! If something ain't broke, DON'T TOUCH IT!!!
Good Afternoon, Would you be able to add which forum the threads in the front page are located? Ex:
I don't know how the threads are classed now but the threads with lots of posts in it aren't visible anymore like the chill music thread.
Is there any way to delete threads I have started and comments?
For the past couple days my posts have been receiving likes that don't show up in my notifications. I thought maybe the site was glitching or something but it's been happening regularly since the day Vageenka showed back up. Notifications show one part

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I’ve never heard of this. Article says 5% of the population experiencing limerence. I am trying to evaluate myself. Although it can be difficult to objectively evaluate the signs of limerence when you’re in this altered state, Tennov identified the
I was ignored by someone when I really wanted to give a good advice at work. I invited her for a coffee (to say it) but she refused. Then I gave it anyway in a written form, but it was soon deleted. Probably I tried too hard. But she will suffer the c Crown alleges after Laura Babchicken was killed, her body was burned in July 2012 Shannon Martin - CBC News The ex-girlfriend of accused killer Mark Smich told jury members at the Laura Babchicken murd
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Him Asc: leo or virgo (not sure) Virgo sun Capricorn moon Mercury virgo Venus libra Mars sagittarius Her Asc : gemini Leo sun Scorpio moon Leo Mercury Venus libra Mars in capricorn What is the compatibility of the two?
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
So I am a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Aries Venus. Most people will mistake me for a Scorpio but I am far too empathetic and sensitive to others pain. I'm a real softie but a badass at the same time. At first I was resisting his advances. He asked me out thre
So I have made a post of this before. The post was about a really bad arugement i had with my brother. In my post I made a rant how my brother told me I’m a nobody and how my family doesn’t even care about me. He told me I’m lazy, yet I go to school full
So I had a “what are we talk” with my Aries guy last week. He let me know that though he likes me, but he’s seeing other people and we’re just chillin. I let him know that if that’s the case, we should just reach out to each other when we want to have sex
.....for anyone who thinks differently, this is grounding to read .... “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back,
Hypothetically of course, please feel free to share. I've notice that there's a difference between when people are initially crushing on someone than actually developing feelings for them.
Hi Virgos I m a male Taurus, I like this virgo girl, I'm 96% sure she likes me. We work in the same company, but not in the same dipartment. The attraction has been going on a long time, and I found out she fancied me about 6 months ago. We did spe
How much of women's friend's opinion matter in initial stages of relationship , friendship ? I think men have to be likeable to their friends as well ?
The truth is all this time when I realised I came from an abusive family and beat the odds, I knew I could turn it around but I just needed to find real good people in my life. So now I've finally realised I'm at a point in my life where
Hey my empathetic fishies! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Post your pics.. Curious to see what's happening in the world..Location/no matter, maybe caption for context or not.
It's official I cannot stand my Pisces cousin and want nothing to do with her I have to apologize in advance for the negative things I've said about Pisces it's all because of her and the way she is. I have a cousin who I try to be supportive of b