How would you make this site better?

How about setting up a PayPal or Patreon so we can contribute to site running costs? If you also had some goals for what donations would be used for that would also be good. I'm not really interested in subscribing or buying points.
Could we have an option to add polls to threads? Would be good for the 'scientific research' topics we get every now and then.
Gonna need to know when fellow DXPers go outside. Take notifications to 3D level now. Just something like " @Scruffles has gone outside " thanks.
Duncan.... I get the subscription thing.....I do. But I never minded adverts and even clicked on a few. But this new layout is atrocious. I cannot scroll down a thread....I can't enter a post...and no matter which phone I use....I have THREE..
Hahaha OK I get it this is a fun site. And you have fun arguments over silly topics.. . Like all Aries men are like that.... Or all Pisces women are similar on this ..... It's funny but annoying :p
@Duncan you know like in case someone quote a user and that user is not available to take quote request let it be known that that user is off line, try again later. Just a suggestion. Nothing important. But I think it would be nice to have that opti
Not to solicit money or anything of the likes, but to discuss money and personal finances. Tips, advice, good ideas, bad ideas, etc. It's something that is important for every one of us, just like talking about our Health, which we do have a message bo
I think there should be a message board for working with crystals. There is a cat and dog board so why not a place we can go to talk and learn about how to use crystals?!?! Anyone else agree?
Why did all my pictures disappear when I uploaded a new one ? I don’t want this treetrunked up looking smiley face avi
Whenever I select images from my photos stored in my profile as my profile image, all of the photos including my user avatar image right now, has been changed into the iconic 'black texture smiley face' (better known as the 'empty' image). This happens
How about creating a DXP twitter account where you can post about downtime and likely time to come back online? What are your hosting costs like? Maybe have a paypal/patreon for members to contribute towards those costs?
I uploaded added a new topic and I can't find it anywhere?? Where did it go??? Can anyone even see it
... and an advanced holiday greetings to the moderators and owners. I understand that this time of the year may be busy for everyone, including you. But I would just like to inquire about the issue with our profile photos. Loading a new one appears to mak
I dont know how long this account will be invisible, but I wonder if theres a huge bug on this site that the new account stays invisible either short or forever. Where no one can't see my message. Is there a rules or a way to fix this?
That only certain threads appear if you are logged in? It's not due to blocking. Sometimes i can't see certain threads when I am logged out either.
Duncan dude why'd you get rid of the "load comment" function on the front status page? It was very convenient when you want to make a comment when a status goes sinking down below and disappear rather than going thru someone's profile history. Bring that
just wanted to let you know, that as of late ....when i go on dxp with my mobile phone (samsung android) i am redirected to some weird pages ...."hey you won 10.000000.00000 bitcoins" claim your win here! and there is no way to get back to dxp.
As first reported here if you upload a new photo, it will stay in your profile but all other previously uploaded photos will go blank. The photo entries will remain (uploaded w
If you expect people to pay for subscriptions, everything MUST be in working order first. It's been at least a couple months since the Big Bada Boom and the PM layout is stil
It’s not a big deal but I can’t upload a profile pic. And every time I post I get an error but I think my posts are visible? They are to me so yeah, pretty sure they are. It’s ok though. Glad you’re back dxp. Love, Livenluv
The new ad model and system is HORRIBLE on mobile. The website is slow and the ads appear 15 seconds later.. By the time I click on something, a new Giant ad appears on my face and the content of the website goes in the bottom of the page... I
Do I have to subscribe for likes or any other notifications other than some quotes?
On my iPhone, I’m having a major problem with a google ad that keeps popping up and redirecting DXP to another site to win a fake prize!! It’s happened 100 times. I can hardly use DXP. I have to keep refreshing. Most of the time, it doesn’t stop redire

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