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By natural25July 18, 2013 7:48pm — 8 replies

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i would...
have a games board where you can actually play games not just thread games lol
Is it Just Me? Page Numbers at the Top of Threads
i am unable to see the pages numbers at the top of threads to select them is it just me
Profile Pics
hi i have recently changed my profile picture earlier this morning the new profile pic appears on my profile but not
why when i click on settings and go to post i have made i get no record returns
ive tried several times to upload a pic it says it has been but then nothing is showing up please duncan can you fi
for too long the 1 have been in control letting the other 99 suffer at their aristocracy on this site every member ha
kicked off
some times when i try to move around within the site i am kicked off the enternet why is this
put me back incharge of who gets to stay and who has to go believe me there will be far less people on here when i get
sort it out Duncan
driving me crazy your frozen front pages cant see whos commenting on what topics
An online now page
most of the time im here its after hours for everyone else theres a time in my morning that i might get to see and