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Other updates in settings
how do i alter this i have vb appearing on this page and i think everywhere she has been onsite i dont know how she go
DxpGod ....
this will be my first post to you of such content in the four years ive been here ive never asked such a questio
ummm the new format is well its new thats for sure umm its okay but if you changed it again i wouldn
completely computer illiterate when it comes to programming codes etc but is there any way to have the inbox remain w
Deleted threads
maybe there could be an option to close threads rather than just delete them maybe its just me being nosey but i hate b
Thank you ....
this is cool i like how we can see the first sentence or two of the op and the avatar of who started the tread i
Out of memory?
anyone else get this when they click on a thread or forum it will say compilation error or out of memory
Blocked users
how about when you block a user it automatically makes them block you too kind of like the way facebook does theres no
Quote notifications
some threads seem to blow up over night and when there is 50 new pages since you last logged in and youre skim reading