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expand button doesnt work
on chrome incognito mode
make it so everyone not just the creator of a post comment can see the likes dxpnet
Are Birth charts considered personal information?
dxpnet can you verify if posting a birth chart on an astrology website is considered personal information
You need to upgrade your site again Duncan
the quoting has gotten out of hand users quote to talk flirt to and with another user but you end up with pages of quotes and you lose the topic a simple user tag would tidy things up wouldn t it duncan can we also have some emoji buttons instead
Email verification troubleshooting
some of y all may be having problems verifying your email as the confirmation code never appears to be sent even to junk folder and the contact us if this doesn t work link gives you an email address that never responds i was able to get ahold of
Email verification
a friend of mine recently had to create a new account because her old account was blocked from posting in forums until she verified her email address which she had previously done already i can t view my messages until i do the same but i already veri
Disappearing posts Act
https media giphy com media 3oz8xa491g1vzfmrhk giphy gif i d really like to hear an explanation duncan
Add a dark mode
add a dark mode the white is a bit hard on the eyes late night browsing hurts my eyes it would be nice if you could change the colors for the ui like black and purple i think would be good ideas
i dont see the notifications anymore on the pc version of the website