I'm new to this site, is it normal for your post to be ignored?

By allrounderJuly 2, 2021 11:57pm — 11 replies

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i m new to reading birth charts and pointers you can give to learning this i m trying to predict pregnancy in my future
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ive tried posting other images to be my profile pic but it wont work has anyone had success posting more than one picture as their profile pic my face is the only picture that will do this but i dont want to see that all the time
From Notifications page to the LAST topic page
i would really like to get through notifications page to the last page of any topic which i am subscibed on now dxps machine throws me to the first page all the time and i have to turn pages to the last it annoys me
Temporarily disable your account
please add this option it would be very useful for many of us
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dxpnet can you please fix the comment section so that the comments dont skip a whole day after you scroll to the bottom and it has to load
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how do i make this stop i know i made a thread i dont need dxpnet to remind me
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go back to the old format i still hate this scrolling bullbutter thank you for your time have a nice day
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love that you can edit your posts now duncan i always push send too quickly without proof reading and when i read it wonder what the heck i was trying to say would still love a lol button but i guess the like will have to do
expand button doesnt work
on chrome incognito mode